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Drug Baron is the slang term for a person who controls a drug cartel and is involved in the illegal drug trade . Drug barons often escape prosecution, as they typically work in a division of labor and operate in business-like structures with a network of employees in order to conceal their specific contribution to the crime. Another reason is corruption . The evidence is therefore usually the result of carefully planned infiltration, with informants from within the company often being used.

Since the 1970s, criminological research on organized crime (and in a broader sense also on drug lords) has developed, where first the importance of the human capital of drug lords (e.g. individual characteristics) was emphasized, but then their social capital (e.g. B. Information and resource brokers, social status, access to information) has moved into focus.

Internationally known examples are the Colombian Pablo Escobar or Joaquín Guzmán alias " El Chapo " from Mexico.

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