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Ernest Richard Hughes (born January 5, 1883 ; died 1956 ) was a British sinologist and missionary . He was a reader for Chinese philosophy and religion at Oxford University (1934-1942). From 1911–1931 he served as a missionary in China.

He translated the work The Spirit of Chinese Philosophy by the Chinese philosopher Fung Yu-lan into English.

Publications (selection)

  • The Invasion of China by the Western World. 1937 digitized
    • French transl. L'invasion de la Chine par l'Occident. Introduction historique - L'influence des missions - L'influence de l'esprit politique occidental - La destruction de l'ancienne éducation - Science occidentale et médecine - La nouvelle littérature - La Chine d'aujourd'hui. Payot, Paris, 1938 (Traduction de Suzanne Le Quesne. Bibliothèque Historique )
  • Chinese Philosophy in Classical Times ( Everyman's Library ). Littlehampton Book Services Ltd, 1950 digitized
  • (with Katherine Hughes) Religion in China (Hutchinson's University Library). Hutchinson , 1950 digitized
  • Art of Letters: Lu Chi 's "Wen Fu," AD 302, A Translation and Comparative Study ( Bollingen Series , No. 29). Pantheon Books, Copyright 1951
  • Two Chinese Poets: Vignettes of Han Life and Thought. 1960 ( partial online view )
  • (Translator) Fung Yu-lan: The Spirit of Chinese Philosophy. 1947 digitized
  • (Trans.) The Great Learning & the Mean-in-Action . Newly translated from the Chinese, with an Introductory Essay on the History of Chinese Philosophy. London: Dent, 1942
  • (Preface) O. Brière; Laurence G. Thompson (transl. From the French) Fifty Years of Chinese Philosophy 1898–1950. 1956 digitized version (translation from: "Les courants philosophiques en Chine depuis 50 ans. (1898–1950)", Bulletin de l ' Université l'Aurore , Série III, X. (1949), 561–654)

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