Echidna (mythology)

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Echidna ( Greek  Ἔχιδνα ) is a figure in Greek mythology who became the mother of numerous monsters.

There are different accounts of their ancestry. Accordingly, she was the daughter of Phorkys , an old man of the sea, and Keto , a sea ​​monster , or of Kallirrhoë and Chrysaor , who had sprung from the body of his mother Medusa when Perseus beheaded her, or of Gaia and Uranus .

As “an unspeakable monster, half beautiful-eyed girl, half gruesome snake, huge, speckled and voracious” ( Hesiod , Theogony 295-332), she was apparently not only a terrible but also a fertile monster. Typhon - whom Gaia had received from Tartarus to take revenge on Zeus, so that here, if it is the same monster, a sibling might possibly be concluded - with her fathered the two-headed Orthos , the three-headed hellhound Kerberos and the hydra , the also known as the "Lernaean Snake".

Typhon also fathered the Chimaira , the Sphinx , the Nemean lion and the Phaia with her , as well as Aithon , a huge eagle.

Heracles begat with her after Herodotus Gelonos , Agathyrsus and Scythes .

In English echidna named after Echidna.


Individual evidence

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