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As exposure DIN EN defined in building 1991 on the structure acting force - and deformation parameters , which in the design loads in the structural analysis are considered. A force acting on the structure is one of the direct effects and a deformation, e.g. B. as a result of settlement of the structure, to the indirect effects.

The effects are divided into, among other things, permanent and variable effects , with the latter being divided into favorable and unfavorable .

  • Permanent influences are, for example, the dead weight (effect of gravity) of the structure or attachments such as extensions, installations etc. In most cases they have an unfavorable (stressful) effect on the structure. A favorable effect exists if the load-bearing structure is relieved in certain areas.
  • Variable effects are snow and wind loads , ice pressure , water pressure , buoyancy , payloads (people, vehicles, overpressure in tunnel construction sites, mobile cranes in factory buildings, etc.).

Individual evidence

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