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Single refers to a game variant in several ball sports in which a single player competes against another single player. The concept of the individual distinguishes it from the usually only other variant of the sport in which two cooperating players compete against two other players ( doubles) .

The most popular of these sports are four setback sports that are played with rackets:

  • tennis
  • Table tennis
  • badminton
  • squash

The singles are generally more important in these sports than the doubles, it is played more often in both popular and competitive sports, and in top-class sport it generates significantly higher media interest and higher prize money.

Exceptions and variants to the single-double term

There are a number of sports that show variations from the typical single-double concept. These include many lesser-known racket sports as well as other ball and ball games.

Examples: In addition to singles and doubles, American handball also has the variant with three single players playing against each other.

In addition to singles and doubles, football tennis also has the triple version with three players on each side.

In table football , which is not a setback sport, the game variants are also called singles and doubles.

In the ball sports, none of which are setback sports, e.g. B. bocce , exist z. Sometimes foreign language terms for single and double in the German-speaking area, e.g. Sometimes we speak of singles and doubles here too. In these sports, however, a distinction is made between players who play individually and players who do not cooperate at the same time.

Single term in contrast to the team competition

In other sports, individual or individual competition is sometimes used in contrast to team competition, although the team competition in these sports consists of combined individual fights without the cooperation of team members, e.g. B. in fencing .

Even in the actual singles and doubles sports, competitions in the disciplines of singles and teams often take place. Team competitions in tournaments as well as in league operations consist of different combinations of several single and double games added together. For example, the single and team of 3 competitions (previously singles and doubles) have been held at the Olympic Games in table tennis since 2008.

Competition terms in combination with the word single

In some sports terms are used in combination with the word individual, e.g. B. Individual time trials in cycling and individual skating in figure skating.

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