elex - magazine for leisure electronics

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Logo elex
description Electronics trade journal
language German
publishing company Elektor-Verlag GmbH
First edition 1983
attitude 1986
Frequency of publication per month
Editors-in-chief PV Holmes

Ernst Krempelsauer (from 8/1985)

editor Elektor Verlag GmbH
ISSN (print)
Logo elex from 1/86

elex - magazine for leisure electronics was a specialist magazine for electronics , technical informatics and applied computer technology . The name is a combination of the words El ektronik and ex perimentieren together. It has been published regularly in German since December 1982 ( zero number ) and from March 1983 onwards by Elektor-Verlag GmbH in Aachen (in the early years in Gangelt ). After issue 12/1986 the magazine was discontinued and the successor magazine ESM - Elektronik Selbstbau Magazin appeared.

elex was seen by the publisher as the little sister of Elektor magazine and should convey the many facets of modern electronics in an effortless and appealing way. The magazine was aimed primarily at beginners. Contents were simple circuits, which were often built on a specially developed experimental board or strip grid boards, and basic articles. The quality and appearance of the drawings and circuit diagrams corresponded to the high level of Elektor and show the same handwriting.