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Elsterkröpfer, red

The Elsterkröpfer is a domestic pigeon breed and belongs to the pouter pigeons .


The breed was bred in central Germany. Elbe boatmen brought the Elsterkröpfer from Bohemia to Germany, where it was further bred in Silesia , Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt . Today it is mainly spread throughout Germany, but also abroad, such as Poland, Denmark, Austria, Holland, Scotland, France and the USA.


The Elsterkröpfer has a lively temperament. He is a stretched, medium-sized pitter pigeon with an upright posture and medium high stance. 2/3 of the body size is in front of the legs and 1/3 behind the legs. The plumage lies tightly over the entire body.

The head is smooth and oblong with a medium-long, bright beak that rests on the goiter . This is large and pear-shaped and clearly set off from the chest. The back is straight sloping, the tail is not too long, narrow and closed and does not reach the ground. The wings cover the back almost to the tail end and do not cross. The legs are featherless, medium-long and straight with light-colored claws.


Possible colors are black, red, yellow, blue and red-pale. All colors are pure, even, rich and shiny. In the magpie drawing, the head, wings, thighs and belly are white. The rest of the plumage is colored. The red pale have a uniform red neck and chest color, as well as light shoulder and tail plumage. The ring size is D 8.


  • Association of German Poultry Breeders ( BDRG ) (Hrsg.): German Pigeon Standard

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