Uncapping knife

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Removing the wax lid from a honey-filled honeycomb with an uncapping fork

The uncapping knife is a beekeeping equipment , with the beekeepers that applied by the bees wax cover of honeycomb with ripe honey removed. For the same purpose, the uncapping fork . For large apiculture there are decapping machines in which rotating knives separate the wafer-thin wax layer from the honeycomb. In the beekeeping language, this process is called “uncapping”. The honey can only be separated from the uncapped honeycombs using the centrifugal force of a honey extractor .

The uncovering work is made easier if the forks or knives are immersed in warm water. As with the entire process of harvesting honey, it is beneficial if the honeycomb and tools are close to the temperature of the beehive of around 35 degrees. Otherwise the honey will become viscous and difficult to work with.

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