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A development engineer here at work on the computer ...
... and here during the metrological check of an electronic circuit .

Development engineer (seldom also written: development engineer ; in jargon for short: developer ) is the job title for an engineer , i.e. a specialist who has studied or even obtained a doctorate in a field of technology , such as electrical engineering or mechanical engineering , who mainly deals with design , the implementation and realization as well as the manufacturability of technical devices, machines or systems.

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One of the tasks of a development engineer is to come up with new products. For this it is necessary that he / she always keeps up to date with the latest research , even after completing his studies . He develops technical concepts, on the basis of which he, mostly together with colleagues, plans the technical implementation and finally carries it out. At least one first device is created, called a development sample ("E-sample"), and then one or more prototypes . This is used to check the functionality of the newly implemented product. In this way, possible errors or weaknesses can be identified and, if necessary, corrected before series production begins.

Development engineers work closely with colleagues from construction and production . As soon as the product they have developed is ready for the market, they also support marketing , for example through customer visits.

A concise short definition of the job description is: “Development engineers are problem solvers. They clarify why something is not working and make things work. "

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