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The eps transfer (Electronic Payment Standard) is an online payment method developed by many Austrian banks and the Study Society for Cooperation in Payment Transactions (STUZZA) for purchases on the Internet as well as for paying fees and charges to authorities and public institutions in Austria.

Functions of the eps transfer

Customers choose a product or service in a web shop . The customer selects the eps transfer payment system via a button and is forwarded to a central bank selection list. After selecting his bank, the customer is connected to the corresponding online banking . After successful registration and approval via TAN or electronic signature , the amount due is transferred from the buyer's account to the retailer's account.

Since July 1, 2014, the German giropay system and the Austrian eps system have been directly connected to one another via a common interface. Customers can use the above-mentioned central bank selection as before (largely) to select all Austrian banks, but now also all those German banks that support giropay, and have a direct connection to the respective online banking (provided the webshop has the corresponding merchant agreement with its House bank). This means that German customers of Austrian web shops can pay just as easily and securely as Austrian customers.


In contrast to other online payment methods, no sensitive data of the buyer is disclosed with eps transfer  . The payment process in the web shop is strictly separated from the payment process in online banking.

Advantages for web shop operators

If web shop companies offer their customers the eps online transfer payment method , retailers receive an immediate payment confirmation from the issuing buyer bank when they sell their products and services, stating whether the payment has been made and no longer have to wait for the payment to be received. In this way, the delivery of goods or the download can be initiated or made available as quickly as possible.

Tax office

In the first half of 2016, the tax offices in Austria switched from payment slips or the transmission of receipt data by the banks to payment transactions via eps.

Brands and Services

STUZZA holds 3 word and figurative marks for 3 services. A common element is the padlock, similar in color to magenta, with a white "e" inscribed in the body with a horizontally extended smear. A lock shackle hovers over this square body with rounded corners. To the right of the "e" are two more lowercase letters in gray. Underneath in smaller italics - also gray - an explanatory word.

  • eid identification
  • eps transfer ("electronic payment standard")
  • ems direct debit (e-mandate service)

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