He (bible)

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He ( Hebrew עֵר) is a son of Judah , brother of Onan and Schela in the Tanakh and in the Old Testament ( Gen 38,3–7  EU etc.) . His wife is Tamar . His death is justified with the displeasure of YHWHes . He died childless and Tamar was married to Onan. According to Rashi , He tried to prevent Tamar from having a child because he feared for her beauty.

In the 1st book of the Chronicle He is mentioned as the son of Schela and father of Lecha ( 1 Chr 4,21  EU ). Possibly the different allocation of Schela and Er (brothers according to Genesis / father and son in the book of the chronicles) can be explained by the fact that "Er" was the name of a clan that initially enjoyed the same reputation as the Schela clan, but later had to subordinate the Schela clan.

Individual evidence

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