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Erika Endesfelder (born Thürmer , born July 3, 1935 in Berlin ; † January 28, 2015 there ) was a German Egyptologist .

After graduating from high school, Endesfelder first did a banking apprenticeship. Since 1954, she studied with Fritz Hintze at the Humboldt University of Berlin Egyptology and was founded in 1962 with the work of the workers of the Theban necropolis during the New Kingdom doctorate . In the winter of 1963/64 she took part in an ethnographic research trip to Ghana . She then worked as an advisor to the Rector of the Humboldt University Karl-Heinz Wirzberger and then worked with her husband at the GDR embassy in Cairo. In 1972 she returned to East Berlin. The dissertation B followed 1980. assessors were again Hintze and Roland Felber and Horst Klengel , theme was observations on the formation of the Egyptian State (the work was published in 2011). In February 1981 Endesfelder became a university lecturer in Egyptology at the Asian Studies section at Humboldt University. In September 1984 she was appointed full professor of Egyptology. In the course of the structural changes at the Humboldt University, Endesfelder was newly appointed to the professorship for Egyptology at the Institute for Sudan Archeology and Egyptology , which she held until her retirement in 2000.


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