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Regional court in Vaduz, Spaniagasse - seen from the east.

The Princely Regional Court is a court in the Principality of Liechtenstein . In the Liechtenstein court organization , it is the first instance in civil and criminal matters, and it is also a juvenile court. The court is equipped to deal with individual and collegial court cases. Infringements and offenses are tried before a single judge, crimes are reserved for a criminal court. Further competences of the court are the issuing of notarizations and extracts from the criminal record as well as the execution of the courts and the execution of sentences .

The seat of the regional court is Vaduz . The district court building also houses the upper court with three senates as the second, and the supreme court as the third instance of ordinary jurisdiction.

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  1. The jury's courts were abolished on January 1, 2012, see LGBl. 2011.593 and 2011.596.