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The FIDE album is a FIDE release that portrays the best chess compositions in chess . The album is released every three years. The number of publications in the Fide album determines the title allocation for composers.


There are eight sections in every FIDE album:

Recording a chess composition

An announcement is made in good time before a new album is released. Interested composers then apply with their chess compositions for the respective department.

For each department there is a four-person committee that evaluates the submitted chess compositions. This commission consists of a director and 3 judges. As a rule, all committee members are " International Arbitrators for Chess Composition ". Each judge evaluates all submitted tasks with a score from 0 (= bad) to 4 (= good).

If a chess composition receives a total of 8 or more points (possibly also 7.5 points, if the number of selected compositions with eight or more points in the department is below a certain percentage), then it is included in the FIDE album.

Awarding of titles for composers

For every task that is included in a fide album, the composer receives 1 point. For endgame studies there are 1.67 points. If there are several authors of an assignment, the points are shared. Depending on the number of points achieved, titles are awarded to the composers:

  • 12 points: FIDE master
  • 25 points: international champion
  • 70 points: grandmaster

A total of 18,751 compositions were reprinted in the first 19 FIDE albums (up to album 1998–2000). Petko Petkow led the list of points with 333.50 points, ahead of Hans-Peter Rehm (202.70 points) and Michel Caillaud (200.92 points).

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