Professional association for steam boiler, container and pipeline construction

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Professional Association of Steam Boiler, Container and Pipeline
Construction eV (FDBR)
purpose professional association
Chair: Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Klasen (board member)
Establishment date: 1946
Number of members: > 180 companies
Seat : Dusseldorf

The Professional Association of Steam Boiler, Container and Pipeline Construction (FDBR) is a professional association in which more than 180 companies from the power plant and chemical plant construction sector are united . In the meantime the designation is Fachverband Anlagenbau - Energie. Environment. Process industry. , FDBR for short .

The association serves the exchange of information among the members, information, training and advice. The association also conducts public relations and political lobbying.

The FDBR works with the creation and maintenance of national and international standards and issues its own recommendations and guidelines, which are widely recognized as standards in the field of plant construction at national level.

The FDBR offers all members a broad, systematic forum of bodies, committees, information events and much more. Here the FDBR mediates z. B. current information and technical knowledge about new technologies, laws or market developments. Furthermore, the members can exchange ideas directly and constructively.

The steering committee for all working groups are the departments in the FDBR:

  • Department 1: Boiler construction
  • Department 2: Environmental Technology
  • Department 3: Process engineering systems
  • Department 4: Pipelines and fittings
  • Department 5: Plant Service
  • Department 6: Container and apparatus construction

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