Fathi Arafat

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Fathi Arafat ( Arabic فتحي عرفات, DMG Fatḥī ʿArafāt ; * January 11, 1933 in Cairo ; † December 1, 2004 ibid) was a Palestinian doctor and co-founder of the Red Crescent . Fathi was the brother of Yasser Arafat .


Fathi Arafat, a doctor by profession, lived in Egypt , Kuwait and Jordan . He was a member of the Palestinian National Council and Honorary President of the Palestinian Red Crescent . In 1968 he was a co-founder of the Red Crescent. Fathi Arafat built a health system for the Palestinians dispersed in the Middle East. In 1994, after the Oslo Agreement , he moved to the Gaza Strip and from then on worked for his brother's newly created Palestinian Authority . In 2001 he resigned from office as President of the Palestinian Red Crescent after a serious illness.

Fathi Arafat died of stomach cancer on December 1, 2004 at his home in Cairo.