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Federal Information Processing Standard ( FIPS ; German  Federal Standard for Information Processing ) is the name for publicly announced standards of the United States . These are established by the US federal government and are used by all civil government agencies in the United States and their contract suppliers. These standards are based on modifications of commonly used standards established by ANSI , IEEE , ISO and similar organizations, some of which have been developed by the government, such as the key codes for states, regions and other entities or standards for data encryption such as such as the Data Encryption Standard (FIPS 46) or the Advanced Encryption Standard (FIPS 197).

In the field of cryptography , these two FIPS are also known:

FIPS are regularly made the basis of tenders in the technical delivery terms of all government organizations in the United States. As a result, they have a considerable influence on information technology , because manufacturers try to meet these standards with their products in order to win public contracts.

Other FIPS examples are:

These are similar to the nomenclatures of ISO 3166 or the NUTS of the European Union .

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  1. FIPS 46 (PDF; English; 468 kB)
  2. FIPS 197 (PDF; English; 1.2 MB)
  3. FIPS 140-2 (PDF; English; 1.5 MB)
  4. FIPS 186-3 (PDF; English; 1.2 MB)

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