Deli salad

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According to the definition of the German food book, delicatessen salads are "ready-to-eat products made from ingredients of animal and / or vegetable origin in a sauce that is tailored to the taste ."

The sauce is usually mayonnaise-based , except for low-fat products.

A distinction is made in detail:

  1. Salads with meat and / or meat products (such as meat salad , sausage salad )
  2. Salads with meat from fish, crustaceans and / or molluscs (such as herring salad , crab salad )
  3. Vegetable, mushroom, fruit, cheese, egg and other delicatessen salads.

For the first and second group of delicatessen salads, the guiding principles list some common sales names, the characteristic ingredients and their minimum and maximum quantities. The following generally applies to the last-mentioned salads: The fixed portion must be at least 40%; the name-giving ingredient must be at least 20%.