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Sausage salad cover with onions, pickles and a glass of wheat beer
Sausage salad with cheese strips

Sausage salad is with vinegar , oil and onions sour is arrant Salad of sausage , usually cooked sausage as Lyon , city sausage or Regensburg . It is a traditional snack in southern Germany , Alsace , Switzerland (with cervelat ) and in Austria , where it is also called sour sausage and vinegar sausage , made from cracked sausage or extra sausage .

According to the German food book , guidelines for delicatessen salads , the starting material is sliced ​​sausage, also mixed with different types of sausage, cucumbers and / or onions and other seasoning ingredients .

For preparation, the sausage is cut into thin slices or strips and briefly marinated with raw onion rings or cubes in a simple vinegar-oil marinade , lightly seasoned with salt and pepper . Common additions are finely chopped radishes , parsley, or chives . Sausage salad is usually served with bread or fried potatoes , in the area around the Electoral Palatinate or in Saarland also with French fries .

Well-known variants are the Swabian sausage salad , half of which contains blood sausage , and especially the preparation known in Germany as Swiss sausage salad , also known as Strasbourg or Alsatian sausage salad , with a portion of Emmental cheese. The so-called cross - border commuter is an Upper Swabian combination of both.

In Switzerland, a variant with cheese is common, but there it is called "sausage and cheese salad". Cervelat is usually used for this. The type of cheese can vary, depending on whether a milder or spicy cheese is preferred; two different types of cheese can also be used. Most often you will find recipes with Gruyere , Emmental and Appenzeller .

Related dishes are ox mouth salad , Nuremberg gwerch , meat salad and cheese salad .

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