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Fermasee, Neuburgweier
Geographical location Rheinstetten - Neuburgweier in the district of Karlsruhe , Baden-Württemberg , Germany
Tributaries Tank ditch (also called tank ditch )
Drain Ditch to the old Rhine Neuburgweier
Coordinates 48 ° 58 '46 "  N , 8 ° 16' 32"  E Coordinates: 48 ° 58 '46 "  N , 8 ° 16' 32"  E
Fermasee (Baden-Württemberg)
length 1 km (estimated)

The Fermasee is originally a Altrheinarm who long considered Stretch was used. It belongs to Rheinstetten - Neuburgweier in the Karlsruhe district and was created when gravel was needed for the Siegfried Line.

Large parts of the banks are now part of the Altrhein Neuburgweier nature reserve and are closed to visitors and bathers. On the east side, which is accessible by car from Neuburgweier, there is a small car park and a bay. The DLRG local group Südhardt provides a water rescue service on Sundays and public holidays . The tank trench also flows into the lake to the east .

other names

The Fermasee is also called "Kiefersee", "Kiefer Fermasee" or "Stolzsches Gewässer".

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