Remote duel

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In team sport, a long-distance duel is a situation in which a team is dependent on the result of another or even several other matches.

Long-distance duels occur most often at the end of the season when the important decisions are pending: the fight for the championship , for the places that qualify for the start in the European cup competitions , and for promotion to the next higher or relegation to the next lower league . But also when it comes to advancing into the next round in (inter) national cup competitions and European or World Championships , long-distance duels can occur.

The drama of these long-distance duels is often used for conference calls that appeal to the listener or viewer particularly strongly because of their immediacy.

Decisions of the above type in which the counterparty directly meet are, but - - regardless of whether it is an actual finals finals called (see phrases like. Final of the championship or relegation playoff ).