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As a team sport (including team sports ) is a kind of sport called, in which no single individuals, but in a certain way structured groups , called teams compete in a competition against each other. This sport is also called a team game, which differs from a party game mainly because of its greater differentiation .

These are mostly complex sports (often ball sports ), in which it is not just a simple test of strength in the sense of faster, higher, further . Rather, in team sport, in contrast to individual sport, teamwork and tactics are decisive for success. The togetherness of the team is usually achieved during the competition / game by uniforming the clothing (especially the color of the jerseys ), the differentiation of the individual players takes place via shirt numbers and name lettering. The visual recognizability was especially important before the time of video screens and cubes, because either the playing field is very large for the viewer, e.g. B. football or the speed of the game, such as ice hockey .

The teams are usually organized in leagues to hold championships .

In addition, there are sports that are viewed more as individual sports, but which are often played as a team and / or in which there are double games as a variant in which two players compete against two others. Well-known examples with doubles and teams are tennis , badminton, and table football ; Examples with teams but without doubles are chess and skat .


Overall, the division into team sports and individual sports is not always unproblematic, as there are different combinations in the individual sports. There are the following types of team sports.

Pure team sport

This includes sports that can only be played as a team sport. The number of team members is fixed for the team. In order to be able to participate successfully in championships and tournaments, teams need a squad that is considerably larger than the number of players starting the game. In soccer , for example, a team consists of ten field players and one goalkeeper . In total, a maximum of three substitute players from a squad may be substituted on if necessary in order to replace exhausted or injured players or to make tactical changes.

Teams of two people are the rule , for example in dance sports or beach volleyball . No substitutes are used here either. The two partners are absolutely dependent on each other. The loss of one person here means the loss of competitiveness. A team sport with three people is the versatility test (fishing)


In addition, there are sports in which different formations are played that work together cooperatively, such as tennis or pétanque . While tennis is mainly played singles, there are few tournaments in pétanque for the (not popular) single formation " Tête à tête " (for more information see ball sport ). In these formations, common tactics, teamwork and agreements are crucial for success. There are also different formations when rowing, such as one, two, four and eight. The most important thing here is smooth movements and a common tactic. This also applies to the team time trial in cycling, while cycling tours and one-day races have different tasks for the team members of a cycling team .


In some sports relays are held, which can be differentiated from pure team ratings by a common racing tactic and compliance with change regulations.

Team ratings

In most sports , especially in league operations, there are team ratings in which the results of individual athletes or formations are added up.

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