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A cycling team (formerly a racing team ) is an organizational unit consisting of cyclists and coaches, the purpose of which is to take part in cycling races as a team .

Road cycling teams

Due to the sport-specific tactical cooperation and specialization, team structures are particularly important in road cycling . International one-day races and stage races are held exclusively in teams according to the regulations of the World Cycling Federation UCI .

Groups of amateurs or hobby riders who come together informally to participate in public races and cycling marathons can already be described as cycling teams . In competitive sport, there are structures made up of club , regional and national teams to which the drivers belong due to their membership in the relevant clubs and associations. Commercial men's teams reserved for certain international races are registered by the UCI as UCI WorldTeams , UCI ProTeams and UCI Continental Teams . The same applies in women's cycling with regard to the UCI Women's WorldTeams and UCI Women's Continental Teams . At the national level there are racing communities in which riders from different clubs start together in a joint cycling team with the approval of the cycling association.

Teams in other disciplines

In addition to the informal and the association oriented teams there are also mountain bike - Track Cycling and Cyclocross increasingly commercial structures with the UCI as a UCI MTB Team, UCI MTB Elite teams and UCI Track Team as and since 2017 UCI Cyclo-Cross teams registered become.

Composition of a professional team

In addition to the cyclists, numerous other employees contribute to the success of the team, including

  • Team manager , with overall responsibility for the team, in particular for contact with sponsors , the UCI, organizers and the authorities ,
  • Athletic leaders who u. a. determine the team tactics in the race,
  • Coaches who train the drivers,
  • Team doctors responsible for the health of the drivers,
  • Physiotherapists , responsible for special forms of training, prevention and regeneration,
  • Soigneurs , also grooms , who support the drivers as masseurs and for food, clothing, etc. a. are responsible and
  • Mechanic responsible for maintaining the racing bikes and repairing defects during the races.

Some of these functions are reserved for persons specially licensed by the UCI. The tasks overlap and are interpreted differently from team to team. Like other companies , professional teams have accountants , press officers, and numerous other employees. Some teams even employ their own chefs.

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