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The sporting director , also sporting director , is a UCI- licensed member of a cycling team in road cycling who leads a team during a race . He is also involved in the preparation for the season and the planning of training and races. Former professionals can often be found in this role.


Often the sporting director's role overlaps with the team manager's position, who is responsible for administrative tasks and has overall responsibility for the team. It can be observed that some team managers take on the role of sporting director themselves at important races and are supported by other sporting directors. Even a specialization among the sporting directors for certain racing situations such as mountain stages or final sprints has shown to be promising.

Since the 1990s, the area of ​​responsibility has changed due to the use of new communication technology. He receives the necessary information from TV, tour radio, radio with the drivers, GPS and laptop in order to assume responsibility for the teamwork and the implementation of the racing strategy . The sporting director receives all intermediate times during the races, determines the position of his drivers and competitors and gives his instructions to the drivers. These new technical possibilities have made teamwork and racing tactics even more important. During the UCI races, the sports director follows the field of participants in the car and communicates by radio with his drivers, team helpers and the race management. He informs his drivers about the current racing events, danger spots or weather events. As a rule, the vehicle crew includes not only the sports director, but also a mechanic and an inventory of spare machines, wheels and spare parts. Drinking bottles, food, clothing and shoes are also carried for the drivers.

Well-known sporting leader

The names of some sporting directors will always remain associated with their drivers who promoted them. The fellowship between Patrick Lefevere and Johan Museeuw , Cyrille Guimard with Bernard Hinault , Greg LeMond and later Laurent Fignon ; Jean de Gribaldy with Sean Kelly and Joaquim Agostinho , Rudy Pevenage with Jan Ullrich and Johan Bruyneel with Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador are just a few well-known examples.

Individual evidence

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