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Jan Ullrich Road cycling
Jan Ullrich (2014)
Jan Ullrich (2014)
To person
Nickname Ulle
Date of birth 2nd December 1973 (age 46)
nation GermanyGermany Germany
discipline Street
Driver type Tourists, time trialists
height 1.83 meters
Racing weight 73 kilograms
End of career 2007
6-month suspension, amphetamines implicated
in Fuentes doping scandal
until 1987
SG Dynamo Rostock
SC Dynamo Berlin
SC Berlin
RG Hamburg
Team (s)
Coast / Bianchi
Most important successes
Grand Tours
Yellow jersey Tour de France 1997
Golden jersey Vuelta a España 1999
Olympic games
gold Olympic champion road race 2000
silver Olympic time trial 2000
World championships
Jersey rainbow.svg World champion amateurs 1993
Rainbow jersey Time trial world champion 1999 , 2001
German champions
MaillotAllemania.svg German road racing champion 1997, 2001
MaillotAllemania.svg German champion - individual time trial 1995
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Jan Ullrich (born December 2, 1973 in Rostock ) is a former German cyclist .

Ullrich was the first and so far only German to win the Tour de France in 1997 . In addition, he was five times second and once fourth in the Tour, amateur world champion in road racing , twice world champion in individual time trial and winner of the 2000 Olympic road race .

Due to his involvement in the Spanish doping scandal "Fuentes" he was excluded from the Tour de France 2006 and his contract terminated without notice. After years of proceedings, the International Court of Justice (CAS) found Ullrich guilty of doping in the last instance in 2012 and canceled his successes since May 1, 2005.

On February 26, 2007, Ullrich declared his active cycling career over.

Athletic career

The early years

Ullrich came into contact with cycling in his early childhood. At the age of nine he won his first school race and in 1983 his first race for SG Dynamo Rostock , where Peter Sager was his trainer, on a borrowed bike in sneakers. In 1985 he won a bike race in Warnemünde and a cross-country race through the forest on the "Sonnenberg" in Parchim . Ullrich was promoted by the GDR competitive sports system and, after victories in the Spartakiade in 1986, at the age of 13 (after having met his future coach Peter Becker shortly before), he went to the children's and youth sports school (KJS) of SC Dynamo Berlin . Some of his physiological requirements also contributed to this: he had a resting heart rate of 36 beats and a lung volume of approximately six liters. In 1987 Ullrich was GDR student champion in the track four and in 1988 GDR youth champion in road cycling in the youth class B, in 1990 GDR youth champion in points racing.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, his trainer Peter Becker took him to Hamburg to join the newly founded Panasonic Hamburg team. In 1992 Ullrich u. a. at the North German Road Championships for Amateurs.

The following year, 19-year-old Ullrich won the World Amateurs Road Championship in Oslo. He was elected German cyclist of the year 1993 and won the overall World Cup for amateurs and the cycling league that year . Ullrich achieved round trip victories in 1993 in the Czech Bohemia Tour and the Pacific Power Commonwealth Bank Cycle Classic (Australia).

Ullrich took third place in the 1994 World Time Trial Championship , which was open to both amateurs and professionals for the first time, and won the cycling Bundesliga again. He won u. a. at stages of the Rapport Toer, where he also won the sprint, the Lower Saxony Tour , the Pacific Power Commonwealth Bank Cycle Classic (Australia) and the Tour o'Hawaii.

After these successes, he was signed by the Telekom team and moved to his girlfriend in Merdingen in southern Baden, where he lived until 2002. There a street was named after him.


Ullrich at the 1997 Tour de France on a postage stamp from Uruguay, issued on November 19, 1997

At his first Tour de France in 1996 , Ullrich achieved, in addition to his first stage win in the last time trial, second place behind his Danish team-mate Bjarne Riis , who announced in May 2007 that he had "achieved the 1996 Tour victory by unauthorized means". Ullrich was also accused of having doped at that time, which he denied. Critics accuse Ullrich of being incredulous because of the lies that have since been proven in connection with the Fuentes scandal. Ullrich also won the junior competition .

Udo Bölts leads Ullrich in the 1997 Tour de France over the Vosges.
Ullrich's racing bike from 1997

In the 1997 Tour de France , Ullrich also started helping his captain Riis. When he was able to put on the leader's yellow jersey for the first time after a stage win in the Pyrenees at a mountain finish in Arcalis ( Andorra ) , a kind of “tour fever” arose in Germany, and the French sports newspaper L'Équipe ranked him with the headline “Voilà le Patron ”in the greats of the cycling world, while the Italian Gazzetta dello Sport wrote “ Ullrich il Kaiser ”on the cover the next day, giving him his nickname, which is common in Italy. Ullrich won yet another stage and finally, as the first German and at the age of 23 as one of the youngest drivers, the overall ranking and thus the junior ranking for the second time. He wore the yellow jersey of the front runner for a total of 18 days.

His victory made Ullrich the most popular active athlete in Germany within a very short time; he was voted athlete of the year in 1997. However, the new Radstar could not meet the high expectations of the public (which was hoping for a series of tour victories) in the next few years.

Since 1998, Ullrich has regularly experienced a weak spring, characterized by poor fitness, overweight, illnesses and injuries. Despite this, he finished second behind Marco Pantani in the 1998 Tour de France and won three stages. On July 24, 2013, the French Senate announced that he was doped with EPO . A year later, a fall on the Germany Tour in 1999 prevented his start in the Tour de France. Ullrich won the Vuelta a España and the World Time Trial Championship at the end of the season .


At the Tour de France 2000 Ullrich met Lance Armstrong for the first time and was relegated to second place by him. A few weeks after the end of the tour, Ullrich won the road race at the Summer Olympics in Sydney and also silver in the time trial - ahead of Armstrong. After these successes, Ullrich became the first German to take the lead in the UCI cycling world rankings .

He finished the 2001 Tour de France again in second place behind Armstrong. In autumn of the same year, Ullrich won the time trial world championship for the second time .

In the spring of 2002, Ullrich caused a night car accident in Freiburg under the influence of alcohol. Just a few weeks later, he tested positive for amphetamines while in a rehabilitation clinic . Ullrich said he had taken "pills" from strangers in a discotheque. He was banned for six months. According to later NADA / WADA codes, this would not have been the case, since amphetamines are now only forbidden as social drugs in competition.

In the same year, Ullrich and his mentor Rudy Pevenage moved from Team Telekom to Team Coast . The team, sponsored by a medium-sized textile entrepreneur, ran into financial difficulties in the spring of 2003 and was suspended twice by the UCI . Finally, team manager Pevenage was able to convince the previous co-sponsor Bianchi to take over the cycling team .

Ullrich during the 12th stage (time trial) of the 2003 Tour de France

After some good placements in the Germany Tour 2003 and the Tour de Suisse , Ullrich finally contested his sixth Tour de France in the Bianchi jersey , where he was initially plagued by food poisoning but was able to limit his deficit in the Alps. On July 18, 2003, Ullrich won the 12th stage of the tour, the individual time trial from Gaillac to Cap'Découverte, with a lead of over a minute and a half over Lance Armstrong. It was Ullrich's first stage win on the Tour since 1998. Although Ullrich was able to keep the fight for the yellow jersey open until the last time trial, Armstrong finally prevailed and celebrated his fifth Tours de France victory in a row. Despite a fall in the time trial, Ullrich finished second for a fifth time, 1:01 minutes behind.

After the 2003 Tour de France, Ullrich was awarded the fair play plaque of German sport by the German Olympic Society (DOG) because he did not take advantage of Armstrong's double fall to attack, but continued at a slower pace until his opponent opened up again would have.

In December 2003, Ullrich was voted Sportsman of the Year for the second time by German sports journalists .


Ullrich at the Germany Tour 2004

Back under contract with Telekom, Ullrich left the Ardennes classic La Flèche Wallonne early in 2004 . Four weeks later he returned to racing on the Germany Tour and came second in the first stage, an individual time trial. He finished the mountain stages in the front ranks. In mid-June 2004, Ullrich won the Tour de Suisse for the first time in his eighth participation , in which he also won the first stage and the final time trial.

On July 3, 2004, Ullrich went to the start of the Tour de France 2004 in Liège, Belgium, as one of the contenders for overall victory , but already lost 15 seconds to defending champion Lance Armstrong in the prologue. Due to a cold, Ullrich lost another five minutes on the two Pyrenees mountain stages and with it every chance of overall victory. After his commitment in the last week of the tour in the Alps and in the two remaining time trials, in which he only had to admit defeat to Armstrong, he finished fourth in the overall standings.

At the 2004 Athens Olympics , Ullrich competed in the road race as the 2000 winner with the aim of winning his second gold medal. The course in downtown Athens ended with the victory of Paolo Bettini . In the individual time trial, Ullrich was only seventh.


Ullrich after the Germany Tour 2005 in Bonn

At the Tour de Suisse 2005 Ullrich was third in the overall individual standings, behind Aitor González Jiménez and Michael Rogers . This placement was stripped from him by the Cas International Sports Court in early February 2012 because of his doping affair.

The Tour de France 2005 was the last opportunity for Ullrich to compete against Lance Armstrong, as he had already announced his retirement from cycling before the start of the tour. Nevertheless, with third place in the overall standings behind Armstrong and Basso , he missed the Tour victory. Third place was stripped from him in 2012.

The result in the 55 km individual time trial on the penultimate day of the tour (20th stage), in which Ullrich only needed 23 seconds more than Armstrong, and the podium place gave him a positive balance.


On November 1, 2005, Ullrich began preparing for the 2006 season with the aim of winning the Tour de France for the second time. As in 2003 and 2005, he wanted to start his racing season at the beginning of April with the four-day Sarthe Tour . After repeated knee problems, however, he did not intervene in the race at the Tour de Romandie until the end of April .

After the Tour de Romandie, Ullrich started at the Giro d'Italia . In the eleventh stage, an individual time trial over 50 kilometers, Ullrich was able to generate appreciative attention for the first time this season when he won this race against the clock. Because of back pain, he gave up the Giro during the 19th stage. As the last race before the Tour de France, Ullrich contested the Tour de Suisse . In the final individual time trial to Bern, he was able to push the Spaniard Koldo Gil to second place and thus achieve his second overall victory after 2004. This victory was canceled by the CAS in 2012 because of Ullrich's involvement in the Fuentes doping scandal.

On June 26, 2006, five days before the start of the Tour de France 2006 , rumors in connection with the doping affair surrounding the Liberty Seguros team surfaced again. According to the Spanish newspaper El País , there were indications of a possible entanglement of Ullrich is said to have given. After the tour organizers had requested a statement on the allegations from the T-Mobile team , talks took place between the tour organization ASO and T-Mobile, whereupon the ASO announced that there were no valid reasons for Ullrich's participation to question. On the morning of June 30th, Ullrich was excluded from participating in the Tour de France after the team management, along with his supervisors Rudy Pevenage and Óscar Sevilla, had now inspected the files .


At a press conference on February 26, 2007, Ullrich announced the end of his career as an active professional cyclist. From then on he wanted to work as a consultant, representative and advertising medium for the Austrian Volksbank team. However, the Volksbank team suspended the start of Ullrich's activity until further notice after the doping suspicion had been confirmed by the clear allocation of the blood products seized in Spain to Ullrich.

Ullrich and the Fuentes doping scandal

The suspension was due to new evidence in the doping scandal involving Eufemiano Fuentes . Ullrich and Sevilla had always denied an entanglement. However, the Spanish judiciary had handed over documents that, according to the T-Mobile management, raised serious doubts about the truth of the two drivers' pledges of innocence. However, there is no indication that Ullrich and Fuentes had a personal meeting, according to head of communications Christian Frommert . In addition, according to the Spanish investigative authorities, indications of the illegal use of growth hormones have emerged, which, like all other allegations, have so far not been judged or otherwise officially published and thus verifiable.

The Olaf Ludwig Cycling GmbH as operator of the T-Mobile team said on July 20, 2006, the extraordinary termination of the driver's contract with Ullrich because despite contrary announcements in their view Ullrich no proof of his innocence had set out towards his employer. Instead, Ullrich's legal advisor pointed out the lack of a corresponding contractual obligation.

At this time, Ullrich announced on his homepage that he wanted to continue his career and compete in the 2007 Tour de France again. In this context, he also said that if he won a tour he would then withdraw from active competitive sport. The organizer of the Tour of Spain Vuelta excluded Ullrich from participating in 2006.

Ullrich accepted T-Mobile's termination at the end of August. The reason for this was a statement by his manager, which deprived Ullrich of the basis for his financial claims against the team. His manager explained that Ullrich would no longer drive for T-Mobile, even if the termination was withdrawn, but Ullrich would have had to continue to offer himself for racing so that he would have been entitled to a salary or severance payment.

In October 2006, Ullrich resigned from the Swiss Cycling Federation, which, however, cannot prevent legal consequences for him in Switzerland. However, the Austrian Cycling Association (ÖRV) responded to its intention to obtain a license in Austria in a press release with the words that the association “does not need any additional challenges or tasks in connection with the Ullrich case” and it also has “no invitations or Offers by the ÖRV to Mr. Ullrich to apply for a residence and a license in Austria ”.

On April 3, 2007 it was announced that the blood products found could be clearly assigned to Ullrich after a DNA comparison. The Bonn public prosecutor's office therefore investigated Ullrich for “fraud to the detriment of his former employer” and against his advisor Rudy Pevenage for “aiding and abetting and violation of the Medicines Act”. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) reacted to the avalanche of confessions from former professional cyclists of the former Team Telekom and in May 2007 appointed a disciplinary committee. The committee, chaired by the Swiss Denis Oswald, is supposed to investigate possible doping violations at previous Olympic Games. With that, Ullrich threatened to withdraw his gold medal from the 2000 Games in Sydney.

On April 14, 2008, the Bonn public prosecutor closed its investigation against Ullrich because of the fraud allegations made by his former employer, Team T-Mobile. Ullrich had to make a payment "in the six-figure amount to non-profit institutions and the state treasury", for which no lawsuit was filed. Chief Public Prosecutor Fred Apostel said: “Our investigations over 21 months have shown: Ullrich doped.” Last but not least, the decision of the public prosecutor's office was based on Ullrich's subjective attitude that he had not done anything wrong, as “when Ullrich was active, there was a widespread doping mentality ". Legally, Ullrich is now considered innocent in the sense of the fraud allegation, but the decision has no effect on ongoing civil law proceedings, for example between Ullrich and the molecular biologist Werner Franke or between Ullrich and his former team manager Günther Dahms . Ullrich commented on the attitude on his homepage: “The payment is not an admission of guilt. [...] There could also be no confession because there is no one who has been deceived. "

In the run-up to the 2008 Tour de France , Ullrich repeated that he had "never cheated on anyone" in his career. Ullrich also complained of a lack of support from BDR President Rudolf Scharping after the suspicion of doping emerged.

After years of legal dispute over the “Spanish doping affair”, the International Court of Justice (CAS) saw Ullrich's guilt as proven in early February 2012 and condemned him. This went hand in hand with the cancellation of all Ullrich's successes since May 1, 2005, including third place in the Tour de France in 2005 and victory in the Tour de Suisse in 2006 . The CAS rejected an application by the UCI World Cycling Association to ban Ullrich for life from all cycling activities. After the judgment, Ullrich publicly admitted that he had had contact with Fuentes, which he had previously denied.

In June 2013, in an interview with Focus magazine, Ullrich explicitly admitted for the first time that he had doped with the help of Fuentes. He did not use any doping substances other than his own blood. He rejected allegations of fraud because he hadn't taken anything “what the others didn't also take.” “For me, fraud begins when I gain an advantage. That was not the case. I wanted to ensure equal opportunities. "

Exclusive contract with ARD

As the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported on September 5, 2006 , there was an exclusive contract between Ullrich and ARD . The contract had existed since 1999 and guaranteed Ullrich Gelder to appear on ARD broadcasts and to be available for interviews. Ullrich most recently received 195,000 euros per year and could have topped this up with further bonuses. There would have been an additional 20,000 euros for a Tour stage win and an additional 65,000 euros for the overall victory.

Due to the doping ban that resulted from the positive doping test in 2002, the ARD terminated the contract, but a new contract was signed on January 1, 2003. This contract was terminated at the end of 2006 because of Ullrich's involvement in the Fuentes doping scandal.

Jan Ullrich in the mirror of public opinion

During the years of his active cycling career, Ullrich's chances, his skills and his level of training have regularly been the subject of lively discussions among journalists, cycling experts and fans. For example, the sports journalist Oskar Beck wrote: "For a short time all of Bicycle Germany had to fear that he would ruin himself with these escapades - too many cakes in winter, ominous pills in the disco, knocked down bike racks and similar mishaps."

Ullrich was also often accused by critics of not having the toughness, the absolute will to win or the meticulous preparation for the season. For example, Eddy Merckx said: “If Ullrich had grown up in Belgium, he would have won the Tour three times. It's all not on the body, but on the head. ”In this context, the multiple Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong was often referred to, although years later systematic doping was proven and his victories were denied .

Successes (selection)

Victories subsequently revoked are listed separately.

Ullrich (r.) At the race around the Hainleite 2004 in Erfurt
One day race
Gold medal.svg Olympic road race 2000
Silver medal.svg Olympic individual time trial 2000
Rainbow jersey World Champion - Road Races (Amateurs) 1993
bronzeBronze 1994 UCI Road World Championships - Individual Time Trial
Rainbow jersey World Champion - Individual Time Trials 1999 and 2001
MaillotAllemania.svg German champion - road races 1997 and 2001
MaillotAllemania.svg German champion - individual time trial 1995
HEW Cyclassics 1997
Coppa Agostoni 2000
Giro dell'Emilia 2001
Around Cologne 2003
Coppa Sabatini 2004
Round trips
Yellow jersey Tour de France 1997
White jerseyTour de France junior ranking 1996 , 1997 and 1998
Golden jersey Vuelta a España 1999
Golden jersey Tour de Suisse 2004
Stage wins in round trips ( number of stages / year )
7 stages Tour de France : 1/1996, 2/1997, 3/1998, 1/2003
2 stages Vuelta a España : 2/1999
3 stages Tour de Suisse : 1/1997, 2/2004,
Germany's Sportsman of the Year 1997 (individual ranking and team of the year) and 2003 (individual ranking)

Grand Tour placements

Grand Tour 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
Maglia Rosa Giro d'Italia - - - - - - 52 - - - - DNF
Yellow jersey Tour de France - 2 1 2 - 2 2 - 2 4th 3 -
Golden jersey Vuelta a España DNF - - - 1 DNF - - - - - -
Legend: DNF: did not finish , abandoned or withdrawn from the race due to timeout.

Wins denied by the CAS

Round trips
Tour de Suisse 2006
Stage victories in tours
Giro d'Italia : 2006
Tour de Suisse : 2005, 2006
Germany Tour : 2005


2002 drove Ullrich in Freiburg with his sports car in inebriated condition a bike racks around, committing a hit and run . He was fined for this offense .

Jan Ullrich (2016)

Jan Ullrich was married to Sara Steinhauser, the sister of his former training colleague Tobias Steinhauser , since September 2006 . With her, Ullrich has three sons and a daughter with a former partner.

In August 2010, Ullrich declared that he had burnout syndrome , shortly before Christmas 2010 he said that he had recovered from it. From August 2011 he took part again in everyone's race, among other things for charitable purposes. In 2011 and 2014, for example, he took part in the Ötztal Cycle Marathon .

On the evening of May 19, 2014, Ullrich caused a serious traffic accident under the influence of alcohol in Mattwil in the Swiss canton of Thurgau, with two injuries and property damage of tens of thousands of Swiss francs. Among other things, Ullrich declared that he had "slipped off the brake pedal." On September 14, 2017, Ullrich was sentenced to 21 months' probation and a fine of CHF 10,000 for the accident by the Weinfelden District Court .

In August 2016, Ullrich moved with his family from Scherzingen in Switzerland to Establiments in the north of the Mallorcan capital Palma .

At the beginning of June 2018, Ullrich announced the separation from his wife Sara. She moved back to Germany with her three sons.

On August 3, 2018, Jan Ullrich was arrested by the police in Mallorca after he allegedly rioted on the property of his neighbor, the actor Til Schweiger , in an intoxicated state and threatened his guests. Ullrich reported on his problems with ADHD . After the incident, he announced that he would go into therapy and traveled to Germany for this purpose a few days later.

On August 9, 2018, the police temporarily arrested him at the Villa Kennedy luxury hotel in Frankfurt am Main. He is said to have choked an escort lady under the influence of alcohol and drugs until she went black. After his release from police custody, he was temporarily admitted to a mental hospital due to an unspecified incident. Then he went to a rehab clinic. Because of the incident, the Frankfurt District Court issued a penalty order against Ullrich for assault and attempted coercion in the amount of 7200 euros (180 daily rates at 40 euros), which he accepted. According to the prosecutor, the victim had shown no further interest in prosecution after Ullrich apologized and paid the woman financial compensation.

On September 26, 2018, a catering employee filed a criminal complaint against Ullrich for assault because he is said to have pressed his larynx with his thumb at Hamburg Airport . Corresponding proceedings by the Hamburg public prosecutor's office were temporarily suspended in February 2019 with regard to the higher penalty he was facing due to the incident in Frankfurt.

In July 2019, Ullrich reappeared for the first time in a long time with a comment on the Tour de France 2019 . As early as June it became known that Ullrich was on the mend. He says he is "clean". He now lives in Merdingen again and has regular contact with his family.


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