Tour de France 1958

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45th Tour de France 1958 - final result
Route length 24 stages, 4,319.5 km
Tour winner Charly Gaul 116: 59: 05 h
(36.924 km / h)
Second Vito Favero + 3:10 min
Third Raphaël Géminiani + 3:41 min
Fourth Jan Adriaensens + 7:16 min
fifth Gastone Nencini + 13:33 min
Sixth Jef Planckaert + 28:01 min
seventh Louison Bobet + 31:39 min
Eighth Federico Bahamontes + 40:44 min
Ninth Louis Bergaud + 48:33 min
Tenth Jos Hoevenaers + 58:26 min
Green jersey Jean Graczyk 347 P.
Second Jef Planckaert 406 P.
Third André Darrigade 553 P.
Mountain scoring Federico Bahamontes 79 P.
Second Charly Gaul 64 P.
Third Jean Dotto 34 P.
Team evaluation Belgium

The 45th Tour de France took place from June 26 to July 19, 1958 and ran over 4,319 km over 24 stages. 120 racing drivers took part in the tour, of which 78 were classified.

Race course

As in the previous two years, the 1958 Tour de France began with a stage win for Frenchman André Darrigade . After the yellow jersey changed its wearer several times in the first week, after a second stage win by Darrigade, it ends up back with the driver of the French national team.

In the Pyrenees, the Italian Vito Favero took over the overall lead, which he lost again to the French Raphaël Géminiani in the mountain time trial on Mont Ventoux . Charly Gaul from Luxembourg attacked on the last difficult mountain stage in the Alps and drove out a 12-minute lead over Géminiani on a solo trip, the yellow jersey went back to Favero, who had also made up time on Géminiani. On this stage from Briançon to Aix-les-Bains the weather was cold and it was raining, Géminiani, who drove for the regional team "Central Midi ", later complained about the lack of support from the French national team.

Gaul, who had already won the first two time trials in addition to the mountain stage, also won the last time trial. As a result, he ousted Favero and Géminiani and took over the yellow jersey on the penultimate stage. For the last time trial, last year's winner Jacques Anquetil did not compete after stomach problems, up to this point he had occupied seventh place in the overall standings and could no longer intervene in the battle for the Tour victory.

The last stage was overshadowed by the death of an official in the Parc des Princes after a collision with André Darrigade, who won a total of five stages in the 1958 Tour. The green jersey was won by Frenchman Jean Graczyk , while Federico Bahamontes won the mountain classification for the second time since 1954 .

The stages

Stages Start finish km Stage winner Yellow jersey
1st stage Brussels ( BEL ) - Ghent (BEL) 184 André Darrigade André Darrigade
2nd stage Gent (BEL) - Dunkerque 198 Gerrit Voorting Jos Hoevenaers
3rd stage Dunkerque - Le Tréport 177 Gilbert Bauvin Wim van Est
4th stage Le Tréport - Versailles 205 Jean Gainche Wim van Est
5th stage Versailles - Caen 232 Tino Sabbadini Gilbert Bauvin
6th stage Caen - Saint-Brieuc 223 Martin van Geneughden Gerrit Voorting
7th stage Saint-Brieuc - Brest 170 Brian Robinson Gerrit Voorting
8th stage Circuit de Châteaulin 46 ( EZF ) Charly Gaul Gerrit Voorting
9th stage Quimper - Saint-Nazaire 206 André Darrigade André Darrigade
10th stage Saint-Nazaire- Royan 255 Pierino Baffi André Darrigade
11th stage Royan - Bordeaux 137 Arrigo Padovan André Darrigade
12th stage Bordeaux - Dax 161 Martin van Geneughden André Darrigade
13th stage Dax - Pau 230 Louis Bergaud Raphaël Géminiani
14th stage Pau - Luchon 129 Federico Bahamontes Vito Favero
15th stage Luchon - Toulouse 176 André Darrigade Vito Favero
16th stage Toulouse - Beziers 187 Pierino Baffi Vito Favero
17th stage Béziers - Nîmes 189 André Darrigade Vito Favero
18th stage Bédoin - Mont Ventoux 21.5 (EZF) Charly Gaul Raphaël Géminiani
19th stage Carpentras - Gap 178 Gastone Nencini Raphaël Géminiani
20th stage Gap - Briançon 165 Federico Bahamontes Raphaël Géminiani
21st stage Briançon - Aix-les-Bains 219 Charly Gaul Vito Favero
22nd stage Aix-les-Bains - Besançon 237 André Darrigade Vito Favero
23rd stage Besançon - Dijon 74 (EZF) Charly Gaul Charly Gaul
24th stage Dijon - Paris 320 Pierino Baffi Charly Gaul

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