Tour de France 1987

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74th Tour de France 1987
Route length 25 stages, 4,231.6 km
Tour winner Stephen Roche 115: 27: 42 h
(36.649 km / h)
Second Pedro Delgado + 0:40 min
Third Jean-François Bernard + 2:13 min
Fourth Charly Mottet + 6:40 min
fifth Luis Herrera + 9:32 min
Sixth Fabio Parra + 16:53 min
seventh Laurent Fignon + 18:24 min
Eighth Anselmo Fuerte + 18:33 min
Ninth Raúl Alcalá + 21:49 min
Tenth Marino Lejarreta + 26:13 min
Green jersey Jean-Paul van Poppel 263 P.
Second Stephen Roche 247 P.
Third Pedro Delgado 228 P.
Dotted jersey Luis Herrera 452 P.
Second Anselmo Fuerte 314 P.
Third Raúl Alcalá 277 P.
White jersey Raúl Alcalá 115: 49: 31 h
Second Erik Breukink + 31:46 min
Third Gilles Sanders + 59:08 min
Team evaluation Système U 346: 44: 02 h
Second Cafe de Colombia + 38:20 min
Third bra + 56:02 min

The 74th Tour de France took place from July 1 to July 26, 1987 and ran over 25 stages or a total of 4231 km. It was the last edition of the Tour of France, which was over 4000 km long. Stephen Roche was the first Irishman to win the Tour's overall ranking. In the same year he also won the Giro d'Italia and the road world championships and was the only cyclist besides Eddy Merckx to achieve this rare triple. 207 racing drivers took part in the tour, of which 135 were classified.

Race course

The race was started on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of Berlin in the western part of the city . After the prologue, a short stage within the city or sector boundaries and a team time trial, the tour entourage was flown to Karlsruhe , where another two stages took place on German soil. Then the French hexagon was driven counter-clockwise.

The two protagonists of the last two events in 1985 and 1986 respectively did not take part: Bernard Hinault had ended his career, Greg LeMond was seriously injured in a hunting accident in America.

The 1987 tour was varied and exciting: the yellow jersey changed a total of nine times, a record in Tour history. At the end of the race, third-placed Jean-François Bernard was only a good two minutes behind, whereby he lost four minutes on the 19th stage due to a defect and thus his yellow jersey and probably also the tour. There were even only 40 seconds between the winner Stephen Roche and the runner-up Pedro Delgado - the third-tightest result of the tour. Roche only overtook the Spaniard in the last time trial.

The German Rolf Gölz won a stage on his first tour.

The stages

Stages Day Start finish km Stage winner Jersey yellow.svg Yellow jersey
prolog July 1 West Berlin ( DE ) 6.1 ( EZF ) Jelle Nijdam Jelle Nijdam
1st stage 2nd July West Berlin (DE) - West Berlin (DE) 105.5 Nico Verhoeven Lech Piasecki
2nd stage 2nd July West Berlin (DE) - West Berlin (DE) 40.5 ( MZF ) Team Carrera Jeans
Rest day
3rd stage July 4th Karlsruhe (DE) - Stuttgart (DE) 219 Acácio da Silva Erich Mächler
4th stage 5th July Stuttgart (DE) - Pforzheim (DE) 79 Herman Frison
5th stage 5th July Pforzheim (DE) - Strasbourg 112.5 Marc Sergeant
6th stage July 6th Strasbourg - Épinal 169 Christophe Lavainne
7th stage 7th of July Epinal - Troyes 211 Manuel-Jorge Dominguez
8th stage 8th of July Troyes - Épinay-sous-Sénart 205.5 Jean-Paul van Poppel
9th stage July 9 Orléans - Renazé 260 Adri van der Poel Charly Mottet
10th stage 10th of July Saumur - Futuroscope 87.5 (EZF) Stephen Roche
11th stage July 11th Poitiers - Chaumeil 255 Martial Gayant Martial Gayant
12th stage July 12 Brive - Bordeaux 228 Davis Phinney
13th stage July 13th Bayonne - Pau 219 Erik Breukink Charly Mottet
14th stage July 14th Pau - Luz-Ardiden 166 Dag Otto Lauritzen
15th stage 15th of July Tarbes - Blagnac 164 Rolf Goelz
16th stage 16th of July Blagnac - Millau 216.5 Regis Clère
17th stage 17th July Millau - Avignon 239 Jean-Paul van Poppel
Rest day
18th stage July 19 Carpentras - Mont Ventoux 36.5 ( BZF ) Jean-François Bernard Jean-François Bernard
19th stage 20th of July Valréas - Villard-de-Lans 185 Pedro Delgado Stephen Roche
20th stage 21 July Villard-de-Lans - L'Alpe d'Huez 201 Federico Echave Pedro Delgado
21st stage 22nd of July Le Bourg-d'Oisans - La Plagne 185.5 Laurent Fignon
22nd stage July 23 La Plagne - Morzine 186 Eduardo Chozas
23rd stage 24th July Saint-Julien-en-Genevois - Dijon 224.5 Regis Clère
24th stage July 25th Dijon - Dijon 38 (EZF) Jean-François Bernard Stephen Roche
25th stage July 26th Créteil - Paris 192 Jeff Pierce

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