Tour de France 1950

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37th Tour de France 1950 - final result
Route length 22 stages, 4774 km
Tour winner Ferdy Kübler 145: 36: 56 h
(32.785 km / h)
Second Stan Ockers + 9:30 min
Third Louison Bobet + 22:19 min
Fourth Raphaël Géminiani + 31:14 min
fifth Jean churches + 34:21 min
Sixth Kléber Piot + 41:35 min
seventh Pierre Cogan + 52:22 min
Eighth Raymond Impanis + 53:34 min
Ninth Georges Meunier + 54:29 min
Tenth Jean Goldschmit + 55:21 min
Mountain scoring Louison Bobet 58 P.
Second Stan Ockers 44 P.
Third Jean Robic 41 P.
Team evaluation Belgium
Ferdy Kübler

The 37th Tour de France ran from July 13 to August 7, 1950 on 22 stages over 4,775 km. Last year's winner Fausto Coppi was unable to start after an injury sustained at the Giro d'Italia . 116 racing drivers took part in the tour, 51 of which were classified.

Race course

In the first week of the tour none of the riders was able to break away clearly, and the Frenchman Bernard Gauthier , who wore the yellow jersey for a few days , was not a candidate for the overall victory with a lead of nine minutes. Already on the first stage of the Pyrenees he lost over 20 minutes on the top and fell back.

On the eleventh stage to Saint-Gaudens attacked Gino Bartali , tour winner in 1938 and 1948 . Although he won the stage and his team-mate Fiorenzo Magni was the overall lead, the two Italian teams gave up after this stage in protest. On the Col d'Aspin , Jean Robic caught up with Bartali who had previously run away, but aggressive fans toppled both drivers. Even after the fall, Bartali was further harassed by the partly drunk fans and gave up the race in frustration after his stage victory.

Fearing protests from Italian fans, the tour management relocated the route of the 15th stage, which was supposed to end in Aosta , Italy , to Menton just before the border with Italy. With the withdrawal of the Italian teams, the Swiss Ferdy Kübler , who had already won the individual time trial on the sixth stage, got into the leading position, which he did not relinquish until the finish in Paris. However, on stage 12, he refused to wear the yellow jersey. It wasn't until the following day that someone wore this jersey again. With his further stage successes in Nice as well as in the second individual time trial, he extended his lead.

Kübler fended off the attacks of the second and third placed Stan Ockers and Louison Bobet . Bobet, who also won a mountain stage, at least won the mountain classification.

On the 13th stage, a story occurred that tour commentators will still be happy to tell in the 21st century: The Algerian Abdel-Kader Zaaf consumed two bottles in the scorching heat of the Languedoc when he tried to break away together with the eventual winner of the day Marcel Molinès Wein, then took a short nap on the side of the road and, after the spectators had woken him up, cycled back towards the starting point of Perpignan .

The stages

The Belgian team won the Nations Cup and received this trophy.
Stages Start finish km Stage winner Yellow jersey
1st stage Paris - Metz 307 Jean Goldschmidt Jean Goldschmidt
2nd stage Metz - Liège ( BEL ) 241 Adolfo Leoni Jean Goldschmidt
3rd stage Liege (BEL) - Lille 232.5 Alfredo Pasotti Bernard Gauthier
4th stage Lille - Rouen 231 Stan Ockers Bernard Gauthier
5th stage Rouen - Dinard 316 Giovanni Corrieri Bernard Gauthier
6th stage Dinard - Saint-Brieuc 78 ( EZF ) Ferdy Kübler Jean Goldschmidt
7th stage Saint-Brieuc - Angers 248 Nello Lauredi Bernard Gauthier
8th stage Angers - Niort 181 Fiorenzo Magni Bernard Gauthier
9th stage Niort - Bordeaux 206 Alfredo Pasotti Bernard Gauthier
10th stage Bordeaux - Pau 202 Marcel Dussault Bernard Gauthier
11th stage Pau - Saint-Gaudens 230 Gino Bartali Fiorenzo Magni
12th stage Saint-Gaudens - Perpignan 233 Maurice Blomme Ferdy Kübler
13th stage Perpignan - Nîmes 215 Marcel Molinès Ferdy Kübler
14th stage Nîmes - Toulon 222 Custodio of the rice Ferdy Kübler
15th stage Toulon - Menton 205.5 Bim Diederich Ferdy Kübler
16th stage Menton - Nice 96 Ferdy Kübler Ferdy Kübler
17th stage Nice - Gap 229 Raphaël Géminiani Ferdy Kübler
18th stage Gap - Briançon 165 Louison Bobet Ferdy Kübler
19th stage Briançon - Saint-Étienne 291 Raphaël Géminiani Ferdy Kübler
20th stage Saint-Etienne - Lyon 98 (EZF) Ferdy Kübler Ferdy Kübler
21st stage Lyon - Dijon 233 Gino Sciardis Ferdy Kübler
22nd stage Dijon - Paris 314 Emile Baffert Ferdy Kübler

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