Tour de France 1954

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41st Tour de France 1954 - final result
Route length 23 stages, 4,865.4 km
Tour winner Louison Bobet 140: 06: 05 h
(34.728 km / h)
Second Ferdy Kübler + 15:49 min
Third Fritz Schär + 21:46 min
Fourth Jean Dotto + 28:21 min
fifth Jean Malléjac + 31:38 min
Sixth Stan Ockers + 36:02 min
seventh Louis Bergaud + 37:55 min
Eighth Vincent Vitetta + 41:14 min
Ninth Jean Brankart + 42:08 min
Tenth Gilbert Bauvin + 42:21 min
Green jersey Ferdy Kübler 215.5 p.
Second Stan Ockers 284.5 p.
Third Fritz Schär 286.5 p.
Mountain scoring Federico Bahamontes 95 p.
Second Louison Bobet 53 P.
Third Richard van Genechten 46 P.
Team evaluation Switzerland

The 41st Tour de France took place from July 8th to August 1st, 1954 and covered 23 stages over 4,669 km. For the first time, the tour did not start in France: the 110 participants started in Amsterdam , 69 of whom arrived in Paris. Italy did not provide a team after disagreements with the tour management.

Race course

Wout Wagtmans from the Netherlands won the first stage and took over the yellow jersey . After a stage win on the second stage and a good team time trial , last year's winner Louison Bobet took over the overall lead.

However, Wagtmans regained the lead when he crossed the finish line with a breakaway group on stage 8. But already on the first mountain stage in the Pyrenees he lost the yellow jersey to the unknown Gilbert Bauvin , who two days later had to pass it on to his French compatriot Bobet.

As in the previous year, Bobet attacked at Col d'Izoard and won after a solo escape. With this he laid the foundation stone for his tour victory, he made his second tour success in series with the victory in the individual time trial.

Even if the Swiss team around Ferdy Kübler , Hugo Koblet and Fritz Schär put Bobet under pressure and at the end of the tour took the other two podium places behind Bobet, the lead of over a quarter of an hour testifies to Bobet's dominance, even if the co-favorites Koblet and Jean Robic had to give up after falling.

Kübler, second overall and two-time stage winner, won the green jersey . The mountain classification was won by the Spanish climbing artist Federico Bahamontes .

Report on the Tour de France 1954 starting in Amsterdam (Dutch)

The stages

Stages Start finish km Stage winner Yellow jersey
1st stage Amsterdam ( NL ) - Brasschaat ( BEL ) 216 Wout Wagtmans Wout Wagtmans
2nd stage Beveren (BEL) - Lille 255 Louison Bobet Wout Wagtmans
3rd stage Lille - Rouen 219 Marcel Dussault Wout Wagtmans
4th stage (a) Rouen - Circuit des Essarts 10.4 ( MZF ) Team Switzerland Louison Bobet
4th stage (b) Rouen - Caen 131 Wim van Est Louison Bobet
5th stage Caen - Saint-Brieuc 224 Ferdy Kübler Louison Bobet
6th stage Saint-Brieuc - Brest 179 Dominique Forlini Louison Bobet
7th stage Brest - Vannes 211 Jacques Vivier Louison Bobet
8th stage Vannes - Angers 190 Fred De Bruyne Wout Wagtmans
9th stage Angers - Bordeaux 343 Henk Faanhof Wout Wagtmans
10th stage Bordeaux - Bayonne 202 Gilbert Bauvin Wout Wagtmans
11th stage Bayonne - Pau 241 Stan Ockers Wout Wagtmans
12th stage Pau - Luchon 161 Gilbert Bauvin Gilbert Bauvin
13th stage Luchon - Toulouse 203 Fred De Bruyne Gilbert Bauvin
14th stage Toulouse - Millau 225 Ferdy Kübler Louison Bobet
15th stage Millau - Le Puy-en-Velay 197 Dominique Forlini Louison Bobet
16th stage Le Puy-en-Velay - Lyon 194 Jean Forestier Louison Bobet
17th stage Lyon - Grenoble 182 Lucien Lazarides Louison Bobet
18th stage Grenoble - Briançon 216 Louison Bobet Louison Bobet
19th stage Briançon - Aix-les-Bains 221 Jean Dotto Louison Bobet
20th stage Aix-les-Bains - Besançon 243 Lucien Teisseire Louison Bobet
21st stage (a) Besançon - Épinal 134 François Mahé Louison Bobet
21st stage (b) Épinal - Nancy 72 ( EZF ) Louison Bobet Louison Bobet
22nd stage Nancy - Troyes 216 Fred De Bruyne Louison Bobet
23rd stage Troyes - Paris 180 Robert Varnajo Louison Bobet

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