Tour de France 2006

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Tour de France 2006
Host country FranceFrance France Belgium Germany Luxembourg Netherlands Spain
Competition period July 1st to 23rd, 2006
Stages 20 stages
overall length 3657.1 km
Overall rating 1. Óscar Pereiro 89:40:27 h 2. Andreas Klöden + 0:32 min 3. Carlos Sastre + 2:16 minSpainSpain 
Team evaluation GermanyGermany Team T-Mobile 269: 08: 46 h
Scoring jerseys
Yellow jersey Yellow jersey SpainSpain Óscar Pereiro
Green jersey Green jersey AustraliaAustralia Robbie McEwen
Dotted jersey Dotted jersey DenmarkDenmark Michael Rasmussen
White jersey White jersey ItalyItaly Damiano Cunego
Tour de France 2006 map
2005 2007
93rd Tour de France 2006 - final result
Route length 20 stages, 3657.1 km
DSQ Floyd Landis 89:39:30 h
Overall rating Óscar Pereiro + 0:57 min
(40.782 km / h)
Second Andreas Klöden + 1:29 min
Third Carlos Sastre + 3:13 min
Fourth Cadel Evans + 5:08 min
fifth Denis Menshov + 7:06 min
Sixth Cyril Dessel + 8:41 min
seventh Christophe Moreau + 9:37 min
Eighth Haimar Zubeldia + 12:05 min
Ninth Michael Rogers + 15:07 min
Tenth Frank Schleck + 16:49 min
Scoring Robbie McEwen 288 P.
Second Erik Zabel 199 P.
Third Thor Hushovd 195 p.
Mountain scoring Michael Rasmussen 166 P.
Second David de la Fuente 113 P.
Third Carlos Sastre 99 P.
Young talent evaluation Damiano Cunego 89:58:39 h
Second Markus Fothen + 0:38 min
Third Matthieu Sprick + 1:29:12 h
Team ranking Team T-Mobile 269: 08: 46 h
Second Team CSC + 17:04 min
Third Rabobank + 23:26 min
Most combative driver David de la Fuente

The 93rd Tour de France started on Saturday July 1, 2006 in Strasbourg and ended on Sunday July 23 on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris . It was driven counterclockwise, first through the Pyrenees , then through the Alps . The total length of the route was 3657.1 km and was thus slightly longer than in 2005 . After the exclusions before the start of the tour, 176 racing drivers took part, of which 139 were classified. The American Floyd Landis was chosen as the overall winner in Paris . The Tour de France 2006 was overshadowed by two doping scandals, in which Floyd Landis was involved. On September 20, 2007 Floyd Landis was stripped of the tour victory.

The overall winner of the 2006 tour is the Spaniard Óscar Pereiro .

Starting position

For the first time since 1999 , there was no team time trial on this edition of the Tour . Stages abroad were Esch-sur-Alzette in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg , Valkenburg in the Netherlands , Huy in Belgium and the Val d'Aran ( Pla-de-Beret ) in Spain . On the 1st stage, the tour also made a short detour to Germany (not a stage location).

In addition to the 20 UCI ProTeams seeded , two wild cards were awarded to Agritubel (France) and Comunidad Valenciana (Spain) from the UCI Continental Tour .

However, the latter was excluded on June 12th due to involvement in the Fuentes doping scandal in Spain, which could be done without approval from the UCI, as the team was not a member of the UCI Pro Tour and was only allowed to start on the basis of the wildcard. After the names of the suspected drivers in the doping scandal surrounding the Liberty Seguros-Würth team became known , the current successor team, Astana-Würth, was no longer able to participate in the 2006 Tour, as it had to suspend five of its nine drivers, and thus no longer according to the Tour regulations was eligible to start. Würth then ended the co-sponsorship of the cycling team.

In the run-up to the tour

Up until the day before the tour started, the experts were pretty much in agreement. In the first year after the Armstrong era , the German Jan Ullrich from Team T-Mobile and the Italian Ivan Basso from Team CSC were the most popular favorites. Ullrich wanted to get rid of the unlucky image of the past few years and after three second places during the Armstrong era and two further second places in 1996 and 1998, he wanted to repeat his tour victory in 1997 . In the last two years Basso has attracted more and more attention; Not only did he show himself to be an exceptional talent on the mountain (in the past two years only he was able to keep up with Armstrong on the mountain over the entire tour), but also had excellent individual time trial qualities. In relation to the last two years, Basso were given the greater chances, but the former time trial world champion Ullrich benefited from the fact that there was one less mountain stage at the 2006 tour, but one more individual time trial.

The Kazakh Alexander Vinokurow and the two Spaniards Francisco Mancebo and Alejandro Valverde belonged to the extended circle of favorites ; Andreas Klöden was second in the overall ranking of 2004, even ahead of Basso. In addition, there were good chances for Floyd Landis , George Hincapie and Paolo Savoldelli , the former noblemen of Lance Armstrong. The extended circle of favorites also included Iban Mayo , Haimar Zubeldia , Jaroslaw Popowytsch and Damiano Cunego .


Fuentes doping scandal

Banner at the prologue of the 2006 tour

On June 29, 2006, two days before the start of the tour, the Spanish media reported on a doping scandal in which international cycling in particular, but also sports such as tennis and football, are involved. The main character is the then team doctor of the Liberty Seguros cycling team , Eufemiano Fuentes . As part of a large-scale raid by Spanish police Guardia Civil blood bags, doping substances and a list of suspected code names of cyclists were seized.

The following day the list of 58 names was published. A large part of the world's elite is on this list: Jan Ullrich , Ivan Basso , Francisco Mancebo , Óscar Sevilla and Joseba Beloki are the most famous names. On the same day, the T-Mobile team suspended its two top drivers Jan Ullrich and Oscar Sevilla. A few hours later, the Tour de France race management disqualified the remaining top favorites Ivan Basso and Francisco Mancebo. In addition, they announced that they would not allow any of the suspected drivers to start unless they could expressly distance themselves from it. After a joint crisis meeting, all team bosses declared almost 24 hours before the start of the tour that not a single driver who was on the doping list would start. There will also be no subsequent nominations. Since the Astana-Würth team had to suspend five drivers, this team with only four remaining drivers (including Alexander Vinokurow ) was no longer eligible to start and was excluded from the 2006 Tour de France.

The outsiders were now the favorites. New top favorites were Alejandro Valverde and Floyd Landis , but Levi Leipheimer , George Hincapie , Gilberto Simoni , Damiano Cunego , Paolo Savoldelli , Cadel Evans , Carlos Sastre , Denis Menschow and Andreas Klöden were also to be expected. But it could also be the chance for a driver that almost nobody had on the bill before.

Floyd Landis doping case

Floyd Landis was seen as a worthy overall winner, especially due to his solo ride on the 17th stage . However, three days after the end of the tour, the Phonak Hearing Systems team confirmed that Landis had tested positive for testosterone in an A-sample after this stage .

On August 5, 2006, it was announced that the B sample was also positive. Landis was therefore likely to be disqualified. Floyd Landis , on the other hand, protested his innocence and attributed the excessively high testosterone level to cortisone , which is on the doping list but which he was allowed to use because of a hip problem. On September 20, 2007 Landis was stripped of the 2006 Tour victory by the American Arbitration Association, and Landis was banned retrospectively for two years until January 20, 2009. Instead of Landis, Óscar Pereiro, who was now more than half an hour behind in the overall standings, was declared the winner of the 2006 Tour de France. The International Court of Justice for Sports (CAS) confirmed the judgment against Landis on June 30, 2008 in the final instance.


Overall rating

The overall standings were fought to the end, and an extraordinary number of drivers were able to wear the Maillot jaune . Due to the topography of the race, the jersey stayed in the hands of the sprinters, especially Tom Boonen, during the first week of the tour . With his victory in the 1st time trial, Toursenior Serhij Hontschar was able to win the yellow jersey, while all favorites except Levi Leipheimer kept their chances. In the Pyrenees, the jersey went to Floyd Landis not unexpectedly , although he had lost valuable seconds in the prologue because he started too late due to technical problems. His team Phonak Cycling Team did not want to defend the jersey at the time. So it happened that the overall lead was passed to Óscar Pereiro , who finished a transfer stage in an escape group with 30 minutes (!) Ahead of the field, which in retrospect deprived Andreas Klöden of the possible tour victory.

Tour winner Pereiro in the yellow jersey

As planned, Floyd Landis was able to recapture the jersey in the Alps - namely in the 1st Alpine stage on the ascent to Alpe d'Huez . However, in the final climb to La Toussuire on the king's stage that followed , Landis collapsed unexpectedly and lost a lot of time, so that the top spot went back to Pereiro. Landis was able to massively reduce the gap to Pereiro again with a tough ride on the 3rd and final stage of the Alps , and with his 3rd place in the time trial right before the final stage, Landis was able to regain the yellow jersey.

With the exception of Andreas Klöden (2nd place) and Carlos Sastre (3rd place), the other drivers who were considered favorites for the overall victory remained well below expectations. Alejandro Valverde gave up the tour early after a fall and was therefore unable to show his skills.

Mountain scoring

Michael Rasmussen was the favorite in the mountain classification . He lived up to expectations with his solo ride on the queen's stage and defended the dotted jersey to Paris. One could still expect an attack from Óscar Pereiro from Caisse d'Epargne , who, however, no longer targeted the dotted jersey due to his overall chances of victory. As expected, the German Fabian Wegmann from the Gerolsteiner team , Christophe Moreau and Michael Boogerd tried again and again, as in previous years, to collect as many points as possible in the mountain classification. David de la Fuente , who wore the jersey for a long time, was able to fend off these attacks well and only had to admit defeat to Rasmussen towards the end.


With Tom Boonen , Robbie McEwen and Thor Hushovd , there were some contenders for the green jersey after Alessandro Petacchi canceled his tour start due to his fall at the Giro d'Italia . Early on, however, McEwen showed his competitors the champion and won the jersey with ease. Boonen gave up the race during the 15th stage. Erik Zabel and Stuart O'Grady did not get beyond an outsider role .

Young talent evaluation

In the battle for the white jersey for the best young professional in the overall standings, the drivers who otherwise have no captain for the overall standings were able to calculate good chances. These included Damiano Cunego , but also José Rujano , Thomas Lövkvist , Andrij Hrywko and Maxim Iglinski had a free hand. Markus Fothen was also able to calculate his chances, especially after his captain Levi Leipheimer failed in the first time trial. This year 24 men are competing for the extra prizes in this category. In fact, Fothen wore the jersey for most of the stages, but in the end he was narrowly defeated by Cunego.



Thor Hushovd just before his prologue victory

The prologue already ended with a surprise, with Thor Hushovd winning a sprinter and not one of the time trialists as expected.

The first six stages were characterized by escapes by individual lesser-known drivers who ran away shortly after the start, but were caught up again shortly before the finish. So the stages ended in the sprint. Most experts expected a duel between the top sprinters Thor Hushovd and Tom Boonen , but they had to admit defeat to other sprinters: Jimmy Casper won in the first stage and Robbie McEwen the next day . In the 3rd stage, an all-rounder fooled the sprinters; Matthias Kessler ran away on the incline shortly before the finish and won solo. The 3rd stage was overshadowed by several falls, including the overall winner Alejandro Valverde had to give up with a broken collarbone. In the 4th stage , Robbie McEwen was able to sprint himself the day's victory like two days before; However, he also benefited from a fall a few meters from the finish line. Óscar Freire won the sprint of the 5th stage . In the 6th stage , Robbie McEwen was able to realize his third stage win of this year on the Tour, which also safely defended his green jersey. Instead of stage wins, however, Hushovd was able to slip on the leader's yellow jersey at the beginning and Boonen up to the first time trial.

Serhij Hontschar won the first time trial by a large margin and also took over the yellow jersey. Of the overall winner favorites only Floyd Landis convinced with his 2nd place, all the others lost several minutes on Honjar. In the 8th stage , an outlier won solo for the first time with Sylvain Calzati . He had withdrawn from a six-man escape group 20 km from the destination. The 9th stage went back to a sprinter with Óscar Freire, after the race was again marked for a long time by an ultimately unsuccessful escape group.

The first preliminary decisions were made in the two stages of the Pyrenees . In the 10th stage , a leading group soon formed a leading duo: the Frenchman Cyril Dessel and the Spaniard Juan Miguel Mercado . Mercado finally won the stage a good seven minutes before the field in the sprint before Dessel. With this escape, Dessel became the new leader in both the overall and mountain ratings . Of the possible favorites, Iban Mayo and Levi Leipheimer reported bigger problems. In the 11th stage , which led over five demanding mountains, the favorites were eliminated on the last mountain. The stage winner Denis Menschow could only be followed by the new overall leader Floyd Landis and Levi Leipheimer, with Cadel Evans and Carlos Sastre a few seconds behind . Andreas Klöden lost 90 seconds. Iban Mayo gave up the tour. Dessel lost the yellow jersey to Landis and the dotted jersey to David de la Fuente .

The following three stages before the second rest day with their undulating terrain were made for outliers, and so Jaroslaw Popowytsch won the 12th stage (solo as the top rider in an escape group), the next day Jens Voigt (ahead of the new overall leader Óscar Pereiro 30 minutes before Field) and the 14th stage Pierrick Fédrigo (a few seconds before the approaching field).

The following three stages through the high Alps brought important preliminary decisions and made the starting position for the 2nd time trial very exciting: The 15th stage up to the legendary Alpe d'Huez was won by Fränk Schleck , who emerged as a soloist from an initial 25-strong breakaway group asserted. Floyd Landis recaptured the yellow jersey. With Tom Boonen , Robbie McEwens' worst competitor for the green jersey gave up the tour. On the following royal stage to La Toussuire , Óscar Pereiro was able to take over the overall lead again. Landis suffered a slump and lost over ten minutes to the Danish winner of the day Michael Rasmussen , who also won the dotted jersey with his solo trip. With a long escape, Floyd Landis returned the favor for his break-in the day before and won the 17th stage with ease. With this escape, he reduced his gap to the leader Óscar Pereiro to 30 seconds, who was able to defend his yellow jersey with a 12-second lead over Carlos Sastre. Markus Fothen had to hand over the white jersey to Italian Damiano Cunego , five seconds behind . Michael Rasmussen definitely secured the mountain classification.

The 18th stage won Matteo Tosatto in the sprint of a leading group. The decision finally followed in the time trial of the penultimate stage . Four drivers still had a chance of overall victory. Serhij Hontschar won the time trial with a clear lead over Andreas Klöden , who was able to overtake Carlos Sastre in the overall standings. Floyd Landis , who was later disqualified for doping, ended up ahead of Óscar Pereiro in the overall standings , who therefore only subsequently became the tour winner. Markus Fothen could not recapture the white jersey from the strong Damiano Cunego against expectations. The victory in the final stage was secured by Thor Hushovd, the same driver who had already won the prologue. Hushovd clearly beat the green jersey winner Robbie McEwen .

Rest days

The Tour de France 2006 had two rest days . The first was on July 10, 2006, the second on July 17, 2006.

The rest day is mostly used to cover long distances within France from one destination to the next starting point (by plane or TGV ). On the first day of rest, a distance of 520 kilometers was covered from Lorient to Bordeaux . The teams updated their respective objectives in press conferences. Furthermore, the day is used differently by the drivers.


Stages Day Start finish Distance
Stage winner Time
(km / h)
Yellow jersey
prolog Sat, July 1st Strasbourg 7.1 Thor Hushovd 00:08:17 51.428 Thor Hushovd
1st stage So July 2nd Strasbourg - Strasbourg 184.5 Jimmy Casper 04:10:00 44.280 George Hincapie
2nd stage Mon, July 3rd Obernai - Esch-sur-AlzetteLuxembourgLuxembourg 228.5 Robbie McEwen 05:36:14 40.775 Thor Hushovd
3rd stage Tue 4th July LuxembourgLuxembourgEsch-sur-Alzette - ValkenburgNetherlandsNetherlands 216.5 Matthias Kessler 04:57:54 43,605 Tom Boonen
4th stage Wed July 5th BelgiumBelgium Huy - Saint-Quentin 207 Robbie McEwen 04:59:50 41,423 Tom Boonen
5th stage Thursday, July 6th Beauvais - Caen 225 Óscar Freire 05:18:50 42,341 Tom Boonen
6th stage Fri, July 7th Lisieux - Vitré 189 Robbie McEwen 04:10:17 45,308 Tom Boonen
7th stage Sat, July 8th Saint-Grégoire - Rennes 52 ( EZF ) Serhiy Honchar 01:01:43 50,553 Serhiy Honchar
8th stage Sun July 9th Saint-Méen-le-Grand - Lorient 181 Sylvain Calzati 04:13:18 42.874 Serhiy Honchar
Rest day
9th stage Tue, July 11th Bordeaux - Dax 169.5 Óscar Freire 03:35:24 47.214 Serhiy Honchar
10th stage Wed, July 12th Cambo-les-Bains - Pau 190.5 Juan Miguel Mercado 04:49:10 39,527 Cyril Dessel
11th stage Thursday, July 13th Tarbes - Val d'Aran ( Pla-de-Beret )SpainSpain 206.5 Denis Menshov 06:06:25 33.813 Floyd Landis
12th stage Fri, July 14th Luchon - Carcassonne 211.5 Yaroslav Popovych 04:34:58 46,151 Floyd Landis
13th stage Sat, July 15th Béziers - Montélimar 230 Jens Voigt 05:24:36 42.513 Óscar Pereiro
14th stage Sun, July 16 Montélimar - Gap 180.5 Pierrick Fédrigo 04:14:23 42,573 Óscar Pereiro
Rest day
15th stage Tue 18th July Gap - L'Alpe d'Huez 187 Frank Schleck 04:52:22 38.376 Floyd Landis
16th stage Wed, July 19 Le Bourg-d'Oisans - La Toussuire 182 Michael Rasmussen 05:36:04 32,493 Óscar Pereiro
17th stage Thursday, July 20th Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne - Morzine 200.5 Floyd Landis 05:23:36 37.175 Óscar Pereiro
18th stage Fri, July 21 Morzine - Mâcon 197 Matteo Tosatto 04:16:15 46.126 Óscar Pereiro
19th stage Sat, July 22 Le Creusot - Montceau-les-Mines 57 (EZF) Serhiy Honchar 01:07:45 50.479 Floyd Landis
20th stage Sun 23 July Antony , Parc de Sceaux -
Paris , Champs-Élysées
154.5 Thor Hushovd 03:56:52 39.135 Floyd Landis

Overview of the individual ratings

Yellow jersey

space Surname country team time
DSQ Floyd Landis United StatesUnited States United States Phonak Cycling Team 89:39:30 h
1 Óscar Pereiro SpainSpain Spain Caisse d'Epargne-Illes Balears + 0:57 min
2 Andreas Klöden GermanyGermany Germany T-Mobile team + 1:29 min
3 Carlos Sastre SpainSpain Spain Team CSC + 3:13 min
4th Cadel Evans AustraliaAustralia Australia Davitamon Lotto + 5:08 min
5 Denis Menshov RussiaRussia Russia Rabobank + 7:06 min
6th Cyril Dessel FranceFrance France AG2R Prévoyance + 8:41 min
7th Christophe Moreau FranceFrance France AG2R Prévoyance + 9:37 min
8th Haimar Zubeldia SpainSpain Spain Euskaltel-Euskadi + 12:05 min
9 Michael Rogers AustraliaAustralia Australia T-Mobile team + 15:07 min
10 Frank Schleck LuxembourgLuxembourg Luxembourg Team CSC + 16:49 min
14th Markus Fothen GermanyGermany Germany Team Gerolsteiner + 19:57 min
22nd Patrik Sinkewitz GermanyGermany Germany T-Mobile team + 49:01 min
46 Georg Totschnig AustriaAustria Austria Team Gerolsteiner + 1:42:55 h
52 Jens Voigt GermanyGermany Germany Team CSC + 1:50:41 h
53 Matthias Kessler GermanyGermany Germany T-Mobile team + 1:52:03 h
65 Sebastian Lang GermanyGermany Germany Team Gerolsteiner + 2:25:15 h
67 Fabian Wegmann GermanyGermany Germany Team Gerolsteiner + 2:27:17 h
80 Björn Schröder GermanyGermany Germany Team Milram + 2:47:48 h
85 Erik Zabel GermanyGermany Germany Team Milram + 2:52:13 h
95 Ronny Scholz GermanyGermany Germany Team Gerolsteiner + 3:00:48 h
101 Ralf Grabsch GermanyGermany Germany Team Milram + 3:04:21 h
103 Christian Knees GermanyGermany Germany Team Milram + 3:05:58 h
106 Bert Grabsch GermanyGermany Germany Phonak Cycling Team + 3:08:23 h
107 Bernhard Eisel AustriaAustria Austria Française des Jeux + 3:08:59 h
134 Peter Wrolich AustriaAustria Austria Team Gerolsteiner + 3:39:20 h
138 Wim Vansevenant BelgiumBelgium Belgium Davitamon Lotto + 4: 02: 01h

Green jersey

space Surname country team Points
1 Robbie McEwen AustraliaAustralia Australia Davitamon Lotto 288
2 Erik Zabel GermanyGermany Germany Team Milram 199
3 Thor Hushovd NorwayNorway Norway Crédit Agricole 195
4th Bernhard Eisel AustriaAustria Austria Française des Jeux 176
5 Luca Paolini ItalyItaly Italy Liquigas 174
6th Iñaki Isasi SpainSpain Spain Euskaltel-Euskadi 130
7th Francisco José Ventoso SpainSpain Spain Saunier Duval-Prodir 128
8th Cristian Moreni ItalyItaly Italy Cofidis 116
9 Jimmy Casper FranceFrance France Cofidis 98
DSQ Floyd Landis United StatesUnited States United States Phonak Cycling Team 93
12 Andreas Klöden GermanyGermany Germany T-Mobile team 78
18th Jens Voigt GermanyGermany Germany Team CSC 59
23 Peter Wrolich AustriaAustria Austria Team Gerolsteiner 55
42 Björn Schröder GermanyGermany Germany Team Milram 34
49 Georg Totschnig AustriaAustria Austria Team Gerolsteiner 33
52 Fabian Wegmann GermanyGermany Germany Team Gerolsteiner 30th
56 Patrik Sinkewitz GermanyGermany Germany T-Mobile team 28
58 Sebastian Lang GermanyGermany Germany Team Gerolsteiner 27
61 Matthias Kessler GermanyGermany Germany T-Mobile team 25th
65 Markus Fothen GermanyGermany Germany Team Gerolsteiner 22nd
69 Ronny Scholz GermanyGermany Germany Team Gerolsteiner 20th
79 Christian Knees GermanyGermany Germany Team Milram 10
101 Bert Grabsch GermanyGermany Germany Phonak Cycling Team 2

Dotted jersey

space Surname country team Points
1 Michael Rasmussen DenmarkDenmark Denmark Rabobank 166
DSQ Floyd Landis United StatesUnited States United States Phonak Cycling Team 131
3 David de la Fuente SpainSpain Spain Saunier Duval-Prodir 113
4th Carlos Sastre SpainSpain Spain Team CSC 99
5 Frank Schleck LuxembourgLuxembourg Luxembourg Team CSC 96
6th Michael Boogerd NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands Rabobank 93
7th Damiano Cunego ItalyItaly Italy Lampre-Fondital 80
8th Cyril Dessel FranceFrance France AG2R Prévoyance 72
9 Levi Leipheimer United StatesUnited States United States Team Gerolsteiner 66
10 Andreas Klöden GermanyGermany Germany T-Mobile team 64
12 Fabian Wegmann GermanyGermany Germany Team Gerolsteiner 61
18th Patrik Sinkewitz GermanyGermany Germany T-Mobile team 41
28 Jens Voigt GermanyGermany Germany Team CSC 30th
48 Matthias Kessler GermanyGermany Germany T-Mobile team 14th
57 Ronny Scholz GermanyGermany Germany Team Gerolsteiner 10
60 Björn Schröder GermanyGermany Germany Team Milram 9
54 Georg Totschnig AustriaAustria Austria Team Gerolsteiner 7th
84 Bert Grabsch GermanyGermany Germany Phonak Cycling Team 1

Best young driver

space Surname country team time
1 Damiano Cunego ItalyItaly Italy Lampre-Fondital 89:58:49 h
2 Markus Fothen GermanyGermany Germany Team Gerolsteiner + 0:38 min
3 Matthieu Sprick FranceFrance France Bouygues Telecom + 1:29:12 h
4th David de la Fuente SpainSpain Spain Saunier Duval-Prodir + 1:36:00 h
5 Moisés Dueñas SpainSpain Spain Agritubel + 1:48:40 h
6th Thomas Lövkvist SwedenSweden Sweden Française des Jeux + 1:52:54 h
7th Francisco José Ventoso SpainSpain Spain Saunier Duval-Prodir + 2:22:03 h
8th Joost Posthuma NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands Rabobank + 2:32:41 h
9 Benoît Vaugrenard FranceFrance France Française des Jeux + 2:33:12 h
10 Pieter Weening NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands Rabobank + 2:36:44 h
12 Christian Knees GermanyGermany Germany Team Milram + 2:46:39 h
13 Bernhard Eisel AustriaAustria Austria Française des Jeux + 2:49:40 h

Team evaluation

space team country time
1 T-Mobile team GermanyGermany Germany 269: 08: 46 h
2 Team CSC DenmarkDenmark Denmark + 17:04 min
3 Rabobank NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands + 23:26 min
4th AG2R Prévoyance FranceFrance France + 33:19 min
5 Caisse d'Epargne-Illes Balears SpainSpain Spain + 56:53 min
6th Lampre-Fondital ItalyItaly Italy + 57:37 min
7th Team Gerolsteiner GermanyGermany Germany + 1:45:25 h
8th Discovery Channel United StatesUnited States United States + 2:19:17 h
9 Euskaltel-Euskadi SpainSpain Spain + 2:26:38 h
10 Crédit Agricole FranceFrance France + 2:49:06 h

Jerseys in the course of the tour

The table shows the wearer of the respective jersey during the individual stage or the leader of the respective overall classification on the evening of the previous day.

stage Yellow jersey Green jersey Dotted jersey White jersey Team evaluation Most combative
0prolog Thor Hushovd Thor Hushovd not forgiven Joost Posthuma Discovery Channel not forgiven
01st stage George Hincapie Jimmy Casper Fabian Wegmann Benoît Vaugrenard Walter Bénéteau
02nd stage Thor Hushovd Robbie McEwen David de la Fuente David de la Fuente
03rd stage Tom Boonen Tom Boonen Jérôme Pineau Markus Fothen José Luis Arrieta
04th stage Robbie McEwen Egoi Martínez
05th stage Samuel Dumoulin
06th stage Benoît Vaugrenard Anthony Geslin
07th stage Serhiy Honchar Markus Fothen T-Mobile team David de la Fuente
08th stage Sylvain Calzati
9th stage Christian Knees
10th stage Cyril Dessel Cyril Dessel ag2r Prévoyance Juan Miguel Mercado
11th stage Floyd Landis David de la Fuente T-Mobile team David de la Fuente
12th stage Daniele Bennati
13th stage Óscar Pereiro Team CSC Jens Voigt
14th stage Salvatore Commesso
15th stage Floyd Landis Stefano Garzelli
16th stage Óscar Pereiro Michael Rasmussen Michael Rasmussen
17th stage Damiano Cunego T-Mobile team not forgiven
18th stage Levi Leipheimer
19th stage Floyd Landis not forgiven
20th stage Aitor Hernández
winner Óscar Pereiro Robbie McEwen Michael Rasmussen Damiano Cunego T-Mobile team David de la Fuente

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