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A team or team rating is a rating in individual sport , especially in cycling and in some disciplines of athletics and motorsport , which is calculated on the basis of the results of individual athletes in a team. The team scoring is to be distinguished from team sports and from team competitions in individual sports, in which only team results are determined from the outset, such as B. the team pursuit , the Madison and the team sprint in track cycling , the team time trial in road cycling or the relay competitions in athletics, swimming , Nordic skiing and equestrian sports .

Cycling stage race

Team rankings are particularly important in stage races in road cycling. International stage races are only contested in teams according to the regulations of the World Cycling Federation UCI . In the stage races of the UCI WorldTour and the UCI Continental Circuits , the team classification according to time is mandatory.

The team ranking based on time is determined as follows:

  • The stage team ranking is calculated based on the sum of the times of the three best drivers of the team in the stage ranking. In the event of a tie, the lowest sum, calculated from the stage placements of the three best drivers, counts. In the event of a tie, the placement of the best driver decides. The inclusion of the results of a team time trial is regulated by the organizer's special regulations.
  • The overall team rating is calculated on the basis of the added times of the stage team ratings. In the event of a tie, the number of first places in the daily team rankings, the number of second places, etc. is decisive. If the placements in the stage team rankings are equal, the ranking of the best driver in the overall rankings decides.

In addition to this obligatory team evaluation based on time, the organizers of stage races sometimes advertise other team evaluations, e.g. For example, at the Giro d'Italia, the team ranking based on points or the fair play price.

Further team ratings in cycling

In cycling, team ratings are often an integral part of racing series, such as B. the UCI WorldTour , the UCI Continental Circuits , the UCI World Cups and the UCI Nations Cups of the juniors and the U23 class . In one-day races , too, team winners are sometimes determined as part of a special ranking.

Team ratings in athletics

In addition to the relay competitions, in which only the team result is counted, there is also a team evaluation in some athletic disciplines in addition to the individual evaluation. The members of a team take part in the competition at the same time and not one after the other as in a relay. Afterwards, the performances or the placements of a predetermined number of athletes (usually three, sometimes five) are added to determine the team performance. These team ratings are given in road runs (e.g. marathon running ), walking on the street , in all-around competitions (e.g. heptathlon , decathlon ) and cross-country running . The competitions of the German team championship in the different age groups are also rated according to this principle.

Individual evidence

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