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The team time trial (often MZF , English team time trial , short TTT , French contre la montre par équipes shortly CLM ) is a discipline of road cycling in the competing teams do not start together but separated "against the clock" ( contre la montre ) and the rankings of the teams result from the order of the lowest travel time.

Special cases of the team time trial are the pair time trial (PZF) and the mixed relay . In time trials , which are contested by individual drivers, one speaks against it of ITT . Drivers who are particularly suitable for time trial competitions are often referred to as time trial specialists .


Team time trials are held as one-day races or as part of stage races over a maximum distance of 100 kilometers for men and 50 kilometers for women. The time is not taken from the first driver, but depending on the number of drivers from one of the last drivers, e.g. B. in teams of four usually with the third driver. The drafting is allowed only within the same team. If a team overtakes the team started before it, the drivers from different teams are not allowed to support each other. A violation is punished with time penalties and can lead to disqualification .


The Phonak team during the Tour de France 2004 team time trial

The team time trial was first held in the Tour de France in 1935 . It was not included in the program for a long time because drivers with a weaker team are at a disadvantage. Since 1999, however, a team time trial has been held again because of the spectacular television pictures. The time of the fifth driver is counted for the team. The inclusion of the results in the overall ranking changed several times. The first five drivers are currently receiving their team's time; the other drivers receive the time they took to cross the finish line.

At the Olympic Games , a 100 km team time trial for amateur teams of four was held from 1960 to 1992 , with the time of the third driver counting for the team. In 1996 the competition was replaced by an individual time trial after professional athletes were admitted . At the UCI Road World Championships , a corresponding competition was held between 1962 and 1994. From 2005 to 2007, the Eindhoven team time trial was part of the UCI ProTour, which was held until 2010, on the official racing calendar. This tradition was resumed at the 2012 World Championships , where the race was held with commercial 6-man cycling teams. At the beginning of the 2019 World Championships, the competition was replaced by a mixed relay competition for national teams, the mixed relay , in which a three-man team is replaced by a three-man team.

Couple time trial

The couple time trial is a special form of team time trial. Here only two cyclists ride in a team. The most famous couple time trial was the Trofeo Baracchi , which was held from 1941 to 1991. The Duo Normand has been held since 1982 . In Germany, between 1993 and 2006, a couple time trial was also held in Bühl and Karlsruhe, most recently under the name LuK Challenge .

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