Tour de France 1997

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Tour de France 1997
Racing series UCI world rankings
Host country FranceFrance France , Switzerland AndorraSwitzerlandSwitzerland 
Competition period July 5th to 27th, 1997
Stages 21st
overall length 3942 km
Starting field 198 from 25 nations in 22 teams
(of which 139 arrived at the finish)
Overall rating 1st Jan Ullrich 100: 30: 35 h 2nd Richard virusesque + 9:09 min 3rd Marco Pantani + 14:03 minGermanyGermany 
Team evaluation GermanyGermany Team Deutsche Telekom 301: 51: 30 h
Tour de France 1997 map
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84th Tour de France 1997 - final result
Route length 21 stages, 3,942.3 km
Tour winner Jan Ullrich 100: 30: 35 h
(39.223 km / h)
Second Richard virusesque + 9:09 min
Third Marco Pantani + 14:03 min
Fourth Abraham Olano + 15:55 min
fifth Fernando Escartín + 20:32 min
Sixth Francesco Casagrande + 22:47 min
seventh Bjarne Riis + 26:34 min
Eighth José María Jiménez + 31:17 min
Ninth Laurent Dufaux + 31:55 min
Tenth Roberto Conti + 32:26 min
Green jersey Erik Zabel 350 p.
Second Frédéric Moncassin 223 P.
Third Mario Traversoni 198 P.
Dotted jersey Richard virusesque 579 P.
Second Jan Ullrich 328 P.
Third Francesco Casagrande 309 P.
White jersey Jan Ullrich 100: 30: 35 h
Second Peter Luttenberger + 45:39 min
Third Michael Boogerd + 1:00:33 h
Team evaluation Team Deutsche Telekom 301: 51: 30 h
Second Mercatone Uno + 31:56 min
Third Festina Watches + 47:52 min

The 84th Tour de France took place from July 5th to 27th, 1997 and ran over 3942 km on 21 stages.

Teams / participants

In the 1997 Tour de France, 22 teams competed. 7 Germans , 8 Swiss and 2 Austrians were among the 198 drivers . 139 racing drivers reached the finish in Paris and were classified.

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This time the tour was counterclockwise; After a series of flat stages, it first went to the Pyrenees , then to the Alps . In addition, a mountain time trial in Saint-Étienne and a stage through the Vosges were on the program. The final time trial on a flat route had Disneyland just outside Paris as the start and finish point. There were stage locations outside France in Andorra and Switzerland .

Race course

Erik Zabel in particular shone on the flat stages with three stage wins and Mario Cipollini with two successes. In addition, the latter wore the yellow jersey for four days. A breakaway attempt succeeded on the fifth stage: stage winner Cédric Vasseur took the lead in the overall classification, which he was only to give up again in the Pyrenees.

The favorites were those who had already achieved top positions in previous years: The Swiss Alex Zülle , second from 1995 , who was handicapped by a broken collarbone in the Tour de Suisse ; Abraham Olano , last year's winner Bjarne Riis and his Telekom team colleague Jan Ullrich . Marco Pantani and Richard Virusque were considered good climbing specialists, but not as above-average time trialists, so that they were less likely to be considered for the overall victory. Tony Rominger , all-time favorite of the last few years, seemed to have passed his zenith at the age of 36. On one of the first flat stages he was involved in a mass fall and had to give up the race with a broken collarbone. Jan Ullrich was initially only intended as a helper for his team leader Bjarne Riis, but this classification was revised in the course of the tour, as Riis could not meet expectations and Ullrich, on the other hand, was in great shape. In addition, Riis, who wanted to attack again, had several problems with his racing bike during the last time trial, so he threw it into the ditch in a rage.

On the 10th stage to Arcalis ( Andorra ), the team management gave Ullrich a "free hand". At the beginning of the final climb he attacked from a leading group with all favorites, none of which could follow him. The German won the stage with 1:08 minutes ahead of Pantani and Virusque and was able to put on the yellow jersey. At the time trial in Saint-Étienne , Ullrich won with a fabulous advantage over the runner-up Virusque, who had started three minutes earlier, and which he even overtook. The following mountain stages were able to win Pantani and Virusque, but Ullrich was able to increase the time lead in the overall standings to both of them on the three stages.

During the tour, Ullrich faced a slightly threatening situation twice: once he lost touch on a downhill stage on an Alpine stage and then waited for Bjarne Riis to bring him back to the top group. He showed the second phase of weakness on a stage through the Vosges , from which the warning "Torment you, you pig" is handed down, which team colleague Udo Bölts is said to have called out to him.

Ullrich won the tour with the greatest advantage (9:09 minutes) since 1984 . He is the only German who could win this tour.

The stages

Jan Ullrich and Udo Bölts
Marco Pantani on the way to Alpe d'Huez
Stages Day Start finish km Stage winner Jersey yellow.svg Yellow jersey
prolog 5th July Rouen 7.3 ( EZF ) Chris Boardman Chris Boardman
1st stage July 6th Rouen - Forges-les-Eaux 192 Mario Cipollini Mario Cipollini
2nd stage 7th of July Saint-Valery-en-Caux - Vire 262 Mario Cipollini
3rd stage 8th of July Vire - Plumelec 224 Erik Zabel
4th stage July 9 Plumelec - Puy du Fou 223 Nicola Minali
5th stage 10th of July Chantonnay - La Châtre 261.5 Cédric Vasseur Cédric Vasseur
6th stage July 11th Le Blanc - Marennes 215.5 Jeroen Blijlevens
7th stage July 12 Marennes - Bordeaux 194 Erik Zabel
8th stage July 13th Sauternes - Pau 161.5 Erik Zabel
9th stage July 14th Pau - Loudenvielle 182 Laurent Brochard
10th stage 15th of July Luchon - Arcalis ( AND ) 252.5 Jan Ullrich Jan Ullrich
11th stage 16th of July Andorra-la-Vella (AND) - Perpignan 192 Laurent Desbiens
Rest day
12th stage July 18th Saint-Étienne - Saint-Étienne 55.5 (EZF) Jan Ullrich Jan Ullrich
13th stage July 19 Saint-Etienne - L'Alpe d'Huez 203.5 Marco Pantani
14th stage 20th of July Le Bourg-d'Oisans - Courchevel 148 Richard virusesque
15th stage 21 July Courchevel - Morzine 208.5 Marco Pantani
16th stage 22nd of July Morzine - Friborg ( CH ) 181 Christophe Mengin
17th stage July 23 Friborg (CH) - Colmar 218.5 Neil Stephens
18th stage 24th July Colmar - Montbeliard 175.5 Didier Rous
19th stage July 25th Montbeliard - Dijon 172 Mario Traversoni
20th stage July 26th Euro Disneyland - Euro Disneyland 63 (EZF) Abraham Olano
21st stage July 27th Euro Disneyland - Paris 149.5 Nicola Minali

Jerseys in the course of the tour

See: Final results in the individual ratings

The table shows the wearer of the respective jersey during the individual stage or the leaders of the respective overall ranking on the evening of the previous day.

stage Yellow jersey
Jersey yellow.svg
Green jersey
Jersey green.svg
Dotted jersey
Jersey polkadot.svg
White jersey
Jersey white.svg
Team evaluation
Jersey yellow number.svg
01st stage Chris Boardman Chris Boardman not forgiven Jan Ullrich Team Deutsche Telekom
02nd stage Mario Cipollini Mario Cipollini Artūras Kasputis
03rd stage Laurent Brochard
04th stage Erik Zabel
05th stage
06th stage Cédric Vasseur GAN
07th stage
08th stage
09th stage
10th stage Team Deutsche Telekom
11th stage Jan Ullrich Richard virusesque Festina Watches
12th stage
13th stage Team Deutsche Telekom
14th stage
15th stage
16th stage
17th stage
18th stage
19th stage
20th stage
winner Jan Ullrich Erik Zabel Richard virusesque Jan Ullrich Team Deutsche Telekom

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