Tour de France 1962

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49th Tour de France 1962 - final result
Route length 22 stages, 4,273.5 km
Tour winner Jacques Anquetil 114: 31: 54 h
(37.313 km / h)
Second Joseph Planckaert + 4:59 min
Third Raymond Poulidor + 10:24 min
Fourth Gilbert Desmet + 13:01 min
fifth From Geldermans + 14:04 min
Sixth Tom Simpson + 17:09 min
seventh Imerio Massignan + 17:50 min
Eighth Ercole Baldini + 19:00 min
Ninth Charly Gaul + 19:11 min
Tenth Eddy Pauwels + 23:04 min
Green jersey Rudi Altig 173 P.
Second Emile Daems 144 P.
Third Jean Graczyk 140 p.
Mountain scoring Federico Bahamontes 137 P.
Second Imerio Massignan 77 P.
Third Raymond Poulidor 70 p.
Team evaluation Saint-Raphaël-Helyett

The 49th Tour de France took place from June 24th to July 15th, 1962 and ran over 4,274 km on 22 stages. For the first time since 1929 there were no national and regional teams , but cycling teams supported by companies. 150 racing drivers took part in the tour , 94 of which were classified.

Race course

The tour began with a German stage win, Rudi Altig won the first section and after another stage win on the third stage, he was able to ride in the yellow jersey for a few days . Altig achieved a total of three stage wins and won the green jersey .

Raymond Poulidor , who had won the French championship and Milan-San Remo before the start of the tour , was affected by a broken hand at the start and already lost eight minutes on the first stage. However, he was able to improve in the course of the tour and won the difficult mountain stage to Aix-les-Bains . In the end, he finished third in the overall ranking.

Last year's winner Jacques Anquetil from France won two time trials as he did in 1961 , but only with the second success he was able to take the lead three days before the end of the tour. Anquetil had previously ridden defensively against the better climbers like Federico Bahamontes , who won the mountain classification for the fourth time .

Anquetil's fiercest competitor for the overall victory, however, was the Belgian Joseph Planckaert , who had taken over the yellow jersey in the Pyrenees. It was only through his victory in the last time trial, in which he took Poulidor and Planckaert off by five minutes each, that Anquetil made his third tour victory perfect. The Frenchman also set a new speed record with his victory: he was on average 37.306 km / h.

The stages

Stages Day Start finish km Stage winner Yellow jersey
1st stage June 24th Nancy - Spa ( BEL ) 253 Rudi Altig Rudi Altig
2nd stage (a) 25th June Spa (BEL) - Herentals (BEL) 147 André Darrigade André Darrigade
2nd stage (b) 25th June Herentals (BEL) - Herentals (BEL) 23 ( MZF ) Flandria-Faema André Darrigade
3rd stage June 26th Brussels (BEL) - Amiens 210 Rudi Altig Rudi Altig
4th stage June 27th Amiens - Le Havre 196.5 Willy Vanden Berghen Rudi Altig
5th stage June 28th Pont-l'Évêque - Saint-Malo 215 Emile Daems Rudi Altig
6th stage June 29th Dinard - Brest 235.5 Robert Cazala From Geldermans
7th stage June 30th Quimper - Saint-Nazaire 201 Hubertus Zilverberg From Geldermans
8th stage (a) July 1 Saint-Nazaire - Luçon 155 Mario Minieri André Darrigade
8th stage (b) July 1 Luçon - La Rochelle 43 ( EZF ) Jacques Anquetil André Darrigade
9th stage 2nd July La Rochelle - Bordeaux 214 Antonio Bailetti Willy Schroeders
10th stage 3rd of July Bordeaux - Bayonne 184.5 Willy Vannitsen Willy Schroeders
11th stage July 4th Bayonne - Pau 155.5 Eddy Pauwels Willy Schroeders
12th stage 5th July Pau - Saint-Gaudens 207.5 Robert Cazala Tom Simpson
13th stage July 6th Luchon - Superbagnères 18.5 ( EZF ) Federico Bahamontes Jozef Planckaert
14th stage 7th of July Luchon - Carcassonne 215 Jean Stablinski Jozef Planckaert
15th stage 8th of July Carcassonne - Montpellier 196.5 Willy Vannitsen Jozef Planckaert
16th stage July 9 Montpellier - Aix-en-Provence 185 Emile Daems Jozef Planckaert
17th stage 10th of July Aix-en-Provence - Juan-les-Pins 201 Rudi Altig Jozef Planckaert
18th stage July 11th Juan-les-Pins - Briançon 241.5 Emile Daems Jozef Planckaert
19th stage July 12 Briançon - Aix-les-Bains 204.5 Raymond Poulidor Jozef Planckaert
20th stage July 13th Bourgoin - Lyon 68 (EZF) Jacques Anquetil Jacques Anquetil
21st stage July 14th Lyon - Pougues-les-Eaux 232 Dino Bruni Jacques Anquetil
22nd stage 15th of July Nevers - Paris 271 Rino Benedetti Jacques Anquetil

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