Tour de France 1961

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48th Tour de France 1961 - final result
Route length 21 stages, 4,397.5 km
Tour winner Jacques Anquetil 122: 01: 33 h
(36.037 km / h)
Second Guido Carlesi + 12:14 min
Third Charly Gaul + 12:16 min
Fourth Imerio Massignan + 15:59 min
fifth Hennes Junkermann + 16:09 min
Sixth Fernando Manzaneque + 16:27 min
seventh Josi Perez-Frances + 20:41 min
Eighth Jean Dotto + 21:44 min
Ninth Eddy Pauwels + 26:57 min
Tenth Jan Adriaensens + 28:05 min
Green jersey André Darrigade 174 P.
Second Jean Gainche 169 P.
Third Guido Carlesi 148 P.
Mountain scoring Imerio Massignan 95 p.
Second Charly Gaul 61 P.
Third Hennes Junkermann 48 p.
Team evaluation France

The 48th Tour de France took place from June 25 to July 16, 1961 and ran over 4,398 km over 21 stages. 132 racers took part in the tour, of which 72 were classified.

Race course

Jacques Anquetil in the 1961 Tour de France

The Frenchman André Darrigade won the first stage, but in the afternoon of the same day Jacques Anquetil was able to take over the yellow jersey with a victory in the time trial and defend it all the way to Paris. After his victory in the second individual time trial, Anquetil made his second tour victory after 1957 perfect.

Anquetil also lost little time in the mountains on the strong climbers around Luxembourg's Charly Gaul , so that his tour victory was safe in the end. Gaul was able to win the stage to Grenoble , but had to be content with second place in the mountain classification behind Imerio Massignan . On the stage to Superbagnères , Massignan managed to win the first mountain finish of this Tour de France. In the overall standings, Gaul was in second place for a long time, but was ousted by the Italian Guido Carlesi by two seconds on the last stage to the Parisian Prinzenpark .

André Darrigade, was able to win four stages in addition to the green jersey . He managed to win the first stage for the fifth time. The German Hennes Junkermann took fifth place in the overall ranking and third place in the mountain ranking.

The stages

Stages Day Start finish km Stage winner Yellow jersey
1st stage (a) 25th June Rouen - Versailles 136.5 André Darrigade André Darrigade
1st stage (b) 25th June Versailles - Versailles 28.5 ( EZF ) Jacques Anquetil Jacques Anquetil
2nd stage June 26th Pontoise - Roubaix 230.5 André Darrigade Jacques Anquetil
3rd stage June 27th Roubaix - Charleroi ( BEL ) 197.5 Jean Emile Daems Jacques Anquetil
4th stage June 28th Charleroi (BEL) - Metz 237.5 Anatole Novak Jacques Anquetil
5th stage June 29th Metz - Strasbourg 221 Louis Bergaud Jacques Anquetil
6th stage June 30th Strasbourg - Belfort 180.5 Jef Planckaert Jacques Anquetil
7th stage July 1 Belfort - Chalon-sur-Saône 214.5 Jean Stablinski Jacques Anquetil
8th stage 2nd July Chalon-sur-Saône - Saint-Etienne 240.5 Jean Forestier Jacques Anquetil
9th stage 3rd of July Saint-Etienne - Grenoble 230 Charly Gaul Jacques Anquetil
10th stage July 4th Grenoble - Turin ( I ) 250.5 Guy Ignolin Jacques Anquetil
11th stage 5th July Turin (I) - Juan-les-Pins 225 Guido Carlesi Jacques Anquetil
12th stage July 6th Juan-les-Pins - Aix-en-Provence 199 Michel van Aerde Jacques Anquetil
13th stage 7th of July Aix-en-Provence - Montpellier 177.5 André Darrigade Jacques Anquetil
Rest day
14th stage July 9 Montpellier - Perpignan 174 Eddy Pauwels Jacques Anquetil
15th stage 10th of July Perpignan - Toulouse 206 Guido Carlesi Jacques Anquetil
16th stage July 11th Toulouse - Superbagnères 208 Imerio Massignan Jacques Anquetil
17th stage July 12 Luchon - Pau 197 Eddy Pauwels Jacques Anquetil
18th stage July 13th Pau - Bordeaux 207 Martin Van Geneugden Jacques Anquetil
19th stage July 14th Bergerac - Périgueux 74.5 (EZF) Jacques Anquetil Jacques Anquetil
20th stage 15th of July Périgueux - Tours 309.5 André Darrigade Jacques Anquetil
21st stage 16th of July Tours - Paris 252.5 Robert Cazala Jacques Anquetil

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