Tour de France 1996

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83rd Tour de France 1996 - final result
Route length 21 stages, 3764.9 km
Tour winner Bjarne Riis 95:57:16 h
(39.236 km / h)
Second Jan Ullrich + 1:41 min
Third Richard virusesque + 4:37 min
Fourth Laurent Dufaux + 5:53 min
fifth Peter Luttenberger + 7:07 min
Sixth Luc Leblanc + 10:03 min
seventh Piotr Ugrumov + 10:04 min
Eighth Fernando Escartin + 10:26 min
Ninth Abraham Olano + 11:00 min
Tenth Tony Rominger + 11:53 min
Green jersey Erik Zabel 335 P.
Second Frédéric Moncassin 284 P.
Third Fabio Baldato 255 P.
Dotted jersey Richard virusesque 383 P.
Second Bjarne Riis 274 P.
Third Laurent Dufaux 176 p.
White jersey Jan Ullrich 95:58:57 h
Second Peter Luttenberger + 5:26 min
Third Manuel Fernández Ginés + 24:47 min
Team evaluation Festina Watches 287: 46: 20 h
Second Team Deutsche Telekom + 15:14 min
Third Mapei + 51:36 min
Route map of the Tour de France 1996

The 83rd Tour de France took place from June 29 to July 21, 1996. 198 drivers started, 129 drivers reached the finish in Paris .

The overall winner Bjarne Riis was initially deleted from the list of winners by the organizer in 2007 after his confession of doping. The organizers temporarily did not have an overall winner for the Tour de France 1996. However, the deletion was reversed and the offense is statute-barred according to the WADA regulations .


The tour with an original total length of 3,909 km and 21 stages began in 1996 in 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands and went clockwise after the prologue in the Netherlands, first through the Alps , there also through Italy , then through the Pyrenees with a detour to Spain . In the Alps, a mountain time trial led up to Val-d'Isère , the second long time trial over flat terrain from Bordeaux to Saint-Émilion . The total length was later reduced to 3765 km due to the shortened 9th stage.


In addition to Miguel Induráin , the winner from 1991 to 1995 , who could have celebrated his sixth tour win and thus set a new record, Alex Zülle and Bjarne Riis , who stood on the podium last year, were among the favorites . In addition, last year's fourth and 1995 winner of the Vuelta a España Laurent Jalabert , Induráin's long-term rival Tony Rominger (winner of the Giro d'Italia 1995) and Yevgeny Bersin were highly regarded.

Race course

Alex Zülle won the prologue in the rainy 's-Hertogenbosch. Usually, even with the relatively short time trial at the beginning, the shape of the driver becomes visible, even if it cannot be assumed that the time differences are large after a few kilometers. Zülle was considered an excellent time trialist, but most of the favorites didn't want to risk a fall during this prologue in the rain. This particularly affected Chris Boardman , the best time trial pilot at the time on such short distances , who had a hard crash last year - also in the rain - and was eliminated. So the moderate performance of Induráin was not an indication that he could lose the tour this time.

After a rainy first week, the 7th stage went into the high alpine mountains , which initially led over the Col de la Madeleine and the Cormet de Roselend . Jalabert had already been left behind there, and Zülle fell several times. Before the final ascent, the runaway Udo Bölts led the field and was only intercepted on the last mountain. On the way to the finish line in Les Arcs , Induráin, the only one of the favorites that no team-mate could support, was worn down by the co-favorites through constant attacks. The picture when he made a sign that he had run out of water was a symbol of his defeat. He suffered from hunger and thirst and even took a water bottle from a team car that was not owned by him, which resulted in a later time penalty. The tour was already lost for him, the time gap too great, at the finish it was over 4 minutes. Luc Leblanc won the stage , the co-favorites Rominger, Berzin and Riis lost little time, so Berzin could slip into the yellow jersey . Berzin also won the time trial the day after, who was now the most promising candidate for overall victory. Berzin was also able to beat Induráin at the Giro d'Italia 1994.

The 9th stage should lead over the 2,646 meter high Col du Galibier . It snowed on the pass , so the stage was shortened, and the actual queen stage (190 km) became a very short section of only 46 kilometers. On the last climb Bjarne Riis took advantage of the hour and attacked. His time advantage was enough to take the lead in the overall standings. He repeated this performance in the Pyrenees (16th stage) up to Hautacam and extended his lead.

On the last stage of the Pyrenees, the overall ranking should be written: The stage first led through the high mountains and ended after a 100 km long flat section in the Basque Pamplona . The route to the Basque Country was intended to pay homage to Miguel Induráin, through whose birthplace the route passed. But nothing came of the triumphant journey; Induráin was in a detached group far behind the top. When Port de Larrau was crossed for the first time, the leading group shared with the favorites. While the first group (with Riis , Ullrich , Luttenberger , Dufaux , Virusque , Ugrumow , Leblanc , Escartin ) agreed on the flat and the drivers constantly took turns with the management work, in the second group only a few drivers showed interest had a persecution. Above all Rominger and Olano tried to keep the gap within limits, Induráin held back in the slipstream. The time gap at the exit of the mountains was about one and a half minutes, at the finish it had become more than eight minutes. Thus, all drivers in this first group took all of the top places in the overall standings.

The final time trial was won by Jan Ullrich , who drove so hard that he almost put his team leader Bjarne Riis into trouble. At the finish, the Dane was only 1:41 minutes ahead of the now second-placed German.

For the Telekom team , the tour was a complete triumph. The team, which was almost not allowed in the previous year and was only allowed to compete with a rump team together with the second-class team ZG-Mobili, took first and second place in the individual overall ranking, plus a total of five stage wins, the green jersey for Erik Zabel and the white Jersey for the best driver under 25 by Jan Ullrich.

The organizers of the Tour de France officially removed Riis from their own lists in June 2007 after his admission that he had resorted to doping methods during this tour and there is no winner for the 1996 Tour. The International Cycling Federation cannot officially revoke his title because the doping offense was statute-barred at the time of the admission. However, shortly after his doping confession, he asked Riis to return his yellow jersey .

The stages

Stages Day Start finish km Stage winner Yellow jersey
prolog June 29th 's-Hertogenbosch ( NL ) 009.4 ( EZF ) Alex Zülle Alex Zülle
1st stage June 30th 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) -' s-Hertogenbosch (NL) 209 Frédéric Moncassin
2nd stage July 1 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) - Wasquehal 247.5 Mario Cipollini
3rd stage 2nd July Wasquehal - Nogent-sur-Oise 195 Erik Zabel Frédéric Moncassin
4th stage 3rd of July Soissons - Lac de Madine 232 Cyril Saugrain Stéphane Heulot
5th stage July 4th Lac de Madine - Besançon 242 Jeroen Blijlevens
6th stage 5th July Arc-et-Senans - Aix-les-Bains 207 Michael Boogerd
7th stage July 6th Chambéry - Les Arcs 200 Luc Leblanc Yevgeny Bersin
8th stage 7th of July Bourg-Saint-Maurice - Val-d'Isère 030.5 (EZF) Yevgeny Bersin
9th stage 8th of July Le Monêtier-les-Bains - Sestrières ( ITA ) 046 Bjarne Riis Bjarne Riis
10th stage July 9 Torino (ITA) - Gap 208.5 Erik Zabel
Rest day
11th stage July 11th Gap - Valence 202 Chepe Gonzalez Pico Bjarne Riis
12th stage July 12 Valence - Le Puy-en-Velay 143.5 Pascal Richard
13th stage July 13th Le Puy-en-Velay - Super Besse 177 Rolf Sørensen
14th stage July 14th Besse - tulle 186.5 Jamolidin Abduschaparov
15th stage 15th of July Brive-la-Gaillarde - Villeneuve-sur-Lot 176 Massimo Podenzana
16th stage 16th of July Agen - Lourdes-Hautacam 199 Bjarne Riis
17th stage 17th July Argelès-Gazost - Pamplona ( ESP ) 262 Laurent Dufaux
18th stage July 18th Pamplona (ESP) - Hendaye 154.5 Bart Voskamp
19th stage July 19 Hendaye - Bordeaux 226.5 Frédéric Moncassin
20th stage 20th of July Bordeaux - Saint-Emilion 063.5 (EZF) Jan Ullrich
21st stage 21 July Palaiseau - Paris 147.5 Fabio Baldato

Jerseys in the course of the tour

The table shows the leader in the respective classification at the beginning of the respective stage.

stage Yellow jersey
Jersey yellow.svg
Green jersey
Jersey green.svg
Dotted jersey
Jersey polkadot.svg
White jersey
Jersey white.svg
Team evaluation
Jersey yellow number.svg
01st stage Alex Zülle Alex Zülle not forgiven Paolo Savoldelli ONCE
02nd stage Ján Svorada
03rd stage Danny Nelissen
04th stage Frédéric Moncassin José Luis Arrieta
05th stage Stéphane Heulot Frédéric Moncassin Danny Nelissen Stéphane Heulot Gan
06th stage
07th stage Léon van Bon Rabobank
08th stage Yevgeny Bersin Richard virusesque Jan Ullrich
09th stage Mapei
010th stage Bjarne Riis Team Telekom
11th stage Erik Zabel
12th stage
13th stage Rabobank
14th stage
15th stage
16th stage
17th stage Mapei
18th stage
19th stage
20th stage Festina
21st stage
winner Bjarne Riis Erik Zabel Richard virusesque Jan Ullrich Festina

All teams and drivers

No. country Surname space
1 SpainSpain Miguel Indurain 11
2 SpainSpain Marino Alonso 66
3 SpainSpain Vicente Aparicio A 17.
4th SpainSpain José Luis Arrieta 32
5 SpainSpain Prudencio Indurain 58
6th SpainSpain José María Jiménez 57
7th SpainSpain Carmelo Miranda A 4.
8th PortugalPortugal Orlando Rodrigues 54
9 SpainSpain Jose-Ramon Uriate 92
No. country Surname space
11 FranceFrance Laurent Jalabert A 10.
12 SpainSpain Iñigo Cuesta A 13.
13 SpainSpain Herminio Díaz Zabala 53
14th SpainSpain Aitor Garmendia 35
15th AustraliaAustralia Patrick Jonker 12
16 SpainSpain Melchor Mauri 38
17th SpainSpain Roberto Sierra 41
18th AustraliaAustralia Neil Stephens 49
19th SwitzerlandSwitzerland Alex Zülle 26th
Team Deutsche Telekom
No. country Surname space
21st DenmarkDenmark Bjarne Riis 1
22nd GermanyGermany Rolf Aldag 83
23 GermanyGermany Udo Bölts 14th
24 GermanyGermany Christian Henn 76
25th GermanyGermany Jens Heppner 88
26th DenmarkDenmark Brian Holm 107
27 GermanyGermany Mario grief NA 2.
28 GermanyGermany Jan Ullrich 2
29 GermanyGermany Erik Zabel 82
Mapei GB
No. country Surname space
31 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Tony Rominger 10
32 SpainSpain Federico Echave 40
33 SpainSpain Manuel Fernández Ginés 16
34 SpainSpain Arsenio Gonzales 24
35 ItalyItaly Paolo Lanfranchi 59
36 BelgiumBelgium Johan Museeuw 95
37 SpainSpain Abraham Olano 9
38 BelgiumBelgium Wilfried Peeters 110
39 ItalyItaly Andrea Tafi 45
MG Maglificio-Technogym
No. country Surname space
41 ItalyItaly Fabio Baldato 63
42 ItalyItaly Michele Bartoli 19th
43 ItalyItaly Alberto Elli 15th
44 ItalyItaly Carlo Finco A 4.
45 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Rolf Järmann 90
46 ItalyItaly Marco Lietti A 17.
47 ItalyItaly Roberto Pistore NA 8.
48 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Pascal Richard 47
49 ItalyItaly Marco Saligari 72
Certainly Ballan
No. country Surname space
51 RussiaRussia Eugeni Berzin 20th
52 ItalyItaly Dario Bottaro 117
53 ItalyItaly Bruno Cenghialta 56
54 ItalyItaly Ivan Cerioli 121
55 ItalyItaly Francesco Frattini 100
56 ItalyItaly Ivan Gotti A 5.
57 ItalyItaly Nicola Minali A 11.
58 ItalyItaly Davide Perona 50
59 ItalyItaly Stefano Zanini A 4.
No. country Surname space
61 United StatesUnited States Lance Armstrong A 6.
62 United StatesUnited States Frankie Andreu 111
63 United StatesUnited States George Hincapie NA 15.
64 FranceFrance Laurent Madouas 23
65 SpainSpain Jesús Montoya A 17.
66 LatviaLatvia Kaspars Ozers A 6.
67 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Maximilian Sciandri A 11.
68 FranceFrance Bruno Thibout 55
69 ItalyItaly Flavio Vanzella 60
No. country Surname space
71 FranceFrance Richard virusesque 3
72 ItalyItaly Bruno Boscardin 80
73 FranceFrance Laurent Brochard 18th
74 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Laurent Dufaux 4th
75 SpainSpain Félix García Casas 48
76 FranceFrance Pascal Hervé 42
77 FranceFrance Emmanuel Magnien A 12.
78 FranceFrance Christophe Moreau 75
79 FranceFrance Jean-Cyril Robin A 6.
No. country Surname space
81 BelgiumBelgium Johan Bruyneel A 10.
82 NetherlandsNetherlands Michael Boogerd 31
83 NetherlandsNetherlands Erik Breukink 34
84 NetherlandsNetherlands Erik Dekker 74
85 RussiaRussia Vyacheslav Yekimov 21st
86 NetherlandsNetherlands Danny Nelissen 84
87 LatviaLatvia Arvis Piziks A 13.
88 DenmarkDenmark Rolf Sørensen 28
89 NetherlandsNetherlands Léon van Bon A 7.
No. country Surname space
91 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Chris Boardman 39
92 FranceFrance Stéphane Heulot A 7.
93 FranceFrance François Lemarchand 91
94 FranceFrance Frédéric Moncassin 106
95 FranceFrance Francis Moreau ZÜ 6.
96 FranceFrance Didier Rous A 17.
97 FranceFrance Eddy Seigneur A 6.
98 FranceFrance François Simon 86
99 FranceFrance Cédric Vasseur 69
Saeco-AS Juvenes San Marino
No. country Surname space
101 ItalyItaly Mario Cipollini NA 5.
102 < ItalyItaly Simone Biasci 126
103 ItalyItaly Giuseppe Calcaterra A 6.
104 ItalyItaly Massimo Donati 70
105 ItalyItaly Gian Matteo Fagnini NA 6.
106 ItalyItaly Paolo Fornaciari 79
107 ItalyItaly Massimiliano Lelli 25th
108 ItalyItaly Eros Poli 127
109 ItalyItaly Mario Scirea A 6.
Team Polti
No. country Surname space
111 FranceFrance Luc Leblanc 6th
112 GermanyGermany Dirk Baldinger A 11.
113 ItalyItaly Rossano Brasi 97
114 NetherlandsNetherlands Gerrit de Vries 119
115 ItalyItaly Mirko Gualdi 43
116 ItalyItaly Giuseppe Guerini 27
117 FranceFrance Frédéric Guesdon 108
118 JapanJapan Daisuke Imanaka ZÜ 14.
119 UkraineUkraine Serguei Outschakov ZÜ 6.
Ceramiche Panaria-Vinavil
No. country Surname space
121 ItalyItaly Vladimir Belli 68
122 ItalyItaly Alessandro Baronti 112
123 ItalyItaly Davide Bramati A 6.
124 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Oscar Camenzind 36
125 ItalyItaly Roberto Conti NA Pr.
126 ItalyItaly Valentino Fois 52
127 ItalyItaly Sergio Previtali S 1.
128 PolandPoland Zbigniew saying A 11.
129 Czech RepublicCzech Republic Ján Svorada A 5.
Carrera Jeans-Tassoni
No. country Surname space
131 ItalyItaly Claudio Chiappucci 37
132 ItalyItaly Mario Chiesa 125
133 AustriaAustria Peter Luttenberger 5
134 ItalyItaly Oscar Pellicioli 85
135 ItalyItaly Massimo Podenzana 61
136 ItalyItaly Marcello Siboni 65
137 ItalyItaly Mario Traversoni A 10.
138 ItalyItaly Enrico Zaina A 3.
139 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Beat Zberg A 6.
Roslotto-ZG Mobili
No. country Surname space
141 LatviaLatvia Piotr Ugrumov 7th
142 ItalyItaly Stefano Cattai 22nd
143 ItalyItaly Andrea Ferrigato 46
144 ItalyItaly Marco Fincato 30th
145 ItalyItaly Maurizio Fondriest 51
146 RussiaRussia Alexander Gonchenkov NA 6.
147 FranceFrance Pascal Lino A 10.
148 ItalyItaly Paolo Savoldelli 33
149 ItalyItaly Marco Zen 73
No. country Surname space
151 NetherlandsNetherlands Maarten den Bakker 64
152 NetherlandsNetherlands Jeroen Blijlevens 128
153 DenmarkDenmark Bo hamburger 13
154 NetherlandsNetherlands Servais Knaven NA 5.
155 UkraineUkraine Vladimir Poulnikov ZÜ 14.
156 FranceFrance Laurent Roux 44
157 DenmarkDenmark Jesper Skibby 29
158 BelgiumBelgium Peter Van Petegem 116
159 NetherlandsNetherlands Bart Voskamp 99
Ceramiche Refin-Mobilvetta
No. country Surname space
161 UzbekistanUzbekistan Jamolidin Abduschaparov 78
162 ItalyItaly Mauro Bettin ZÜ 6.
163 ItalyItaly Stefano Colage A 7.
164 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Heinz Imboden A 6.
165 RussiaRussia Sergei Uslamine 87
166 ItalyItaly Leonardo Piepoli 17th
167 ItalyItaly Fabio Roscioli 98
168 ItalyItaly Cristian Salvato 94
169 GermanyGermany Tobias Steinhauser 113
Lotto Isoglass
No. country Surname space
171 RussiaRussia Andrej Tschmil 77
172 FranceFrance Gilles Bouvard A 8.
173 BelgiumBelgium Peter Farazijn 122
174 GermanyGermany Thomas Fleischer A 14.
175 KazakhstanKazakhstan Oleg Kozlitine A 11.
176 BelgiumBelgium Nico Mattan 123
177 AustraliaAustralia Scott Sunderland 101
178 BelgiumBelgium Paul Van Hyfte 120
179 BelgiumBelgium Marc Wauters 124
Kelme-Artiach-Costa Blanca
No. country Surname space
181 SpainSpain Fernando Escartín 8th
182 ColombiaColombia Julio César Aguirre 81
183 ColombiaColombia Hernán Buenahora A 1.
184 SpainSpain Francisco Cabello 102
185 ColombiaColombia José Castelblanco 71
186 SpainSpain Laudelino Cubino A 2.
187 ColombiaColombia José Jaime González 96
188 ColombiaColombia Federico Muñoz 89
189 SpainSpain José Angel Vidal 109
No. country Surname space
191 ItalyItaly Mariano Piccoli 93
192 ItalyItaly Alessandro Bertolini A 16.
193 ItalyItaly Claudio Camin A 7.
194 ItalyItaly Marco Della Vedova A 14.
195 ItalyItaly Cristiano Frattini 103
196 ItalyItaly Luca Gelfi A 2.
197 PolandPoland Zenon Jaskuła A 7.
198 Venezuela 1954Venezuela Omar Pumar 105
199 ItalyItaly Mauro Radaelli A 7.
Agrigel-La Creuse-Fenioux
No. country Surname space
201 FranceFrance Jacky Durand 115
202 FranceFrance Dominique Arnould A 10.
203 FranceFrance Jean-Pierre Bourgeot 67
204 FranceFrance Franck Bouyer A 14.
205 FranceFrance Jean-Claude Colotti A 17.
206 FranceFrance Thierry Laurent 104
207 FranceFrance Thierry Marie A 10.
208 FranceFrance Jean-Luc Masdupuy 129
209 BelgiumBelgium Michel Vermote A 5.
Aubervilliers 93-Peugeot
No. country Surname space
211 FranceFrance Christophe Capelle A 7.
212 FranceFrance Thierry Bourguignon 62
213 FranceFrance Laurent Genty A 15.
214 FranceFrance Thierry Gouvenou 114
215 PolandPoland Marek Leśniewski ZÜ 14.
216 FranceFrance Frédéric Pontier A 6.
217 FranceFrance Cyril Saugrain A 6.
218 FranceFrance Gilles Talmant 118
219 FranceFrance Francisque Teyssier A 6.

A: abandonment during the stage, NA: not started for the stage, S: suspended / excluded, ZÜ: timeout


During a press conference in Copenhagen on May 25, 2007 , Riis confessed to taking the banned doping agent erythropoietin (EPO), growth hormone and cortisone to improve performance from 1993 to 1998 . He bought the EPO and claimed he took it himself. His victory in the 1996 Tour de France was also influenced by the doping agent EPO, cortisone and growth substances, as Riis publicly admitted: “I know that I won the Tour with illicit means. But I still worked for it. If you want to get the yellow jersey now, please, it means nothing to me. It's in the cardboard box. ”Since the eight-year limitation period for Riis' confession of doping had expired, the title could no longer be withdrawn retrospectively. Nevertheless, the UCI suggested to take Riis at his word and asked for the return of the "sign of victory", the yellow jersey. Before that, Rii's teammates Bert Dietz , Erik Zabel, Rolf Aldag , Brian Holm , Christian Henn and Udo Bölts from the Telekom team admitted to having doped on the 1996 tour. The team doctors at the time, Andreas Schmid and Lothar Heinrich, also confessed to having known about doping in the team. It was only in June 2013 that Jan Ullrich, Riis' former colleague in the Telekom team, also admitted autologous doping to "create equal opportunities". Ullrich continues to deny taking EPO or other doping substances. The telecommunications professionals at the time, Steffen Wesemann and Jens Heppner , maintain their innocence in matters of doping to this day.

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