Tour de France 1979

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66th Tour de France 1979
Route length 24 stages, 3720.4 km
Tour winner Bernard Hinault 103: 06: 50 h
(36.080 km / h)
Second Joop Zoetemelk + 13:07 min
Third Joaquim Agostinho + 26:53 min
Fourth Hennie Kuiper + 28:02 min
fifth Jean-René Bernaudeau + 32:43 min
Sixth Giovanni Battaglin + 38:12 min
seventh Jo Maas + 38:38 min
Eighth Paul Wellens + 39:06 min
Ninth Claude Criquielion + 40:38 min
Tenth Dietrich Thurau + 44:35 min
Green jersey Bernard Hinault 253 p.
Second Dietrich Thurau 157 P.
Third Joop Zoetemelk 109 p.
Dotted jersey Giovanni Battaglin 239 P.
Second Bernard Hinault 196 p.
Third Mariano Martinez 158 P.
White jersey Jean-René Bernaudeau 103: 39: 33 h
Team evaluation Renault-Gitane

The 66th Tour de France took place from June 27 to July 22, 1979. It led over 3720 km in 24 stages. As in the previous year , Frenchman Bernard Hinault won after a duel with Dutchman Joop Zoetemelk . 150 racers took part in the tour , of which 89 were classified.

Race course

The unusual route of the 1979 tour provided for an early visit to the Pyrenees on the second and third stage. Hinault won on both days and took over the overall leader's yellow jersey early on . The cobblestone stage to Roubaix , however, brought a change in leadership after Zoetemelk attacked and benefited from a defect in Hinault. After his victory in the difficult mountain time trial in the Alps , the Breton took over the yellow jersey again and defended it in two mountain finishes in a row in L'Alpe d'Huez . Hinault countered a dramatic final attack by Zoetemelk on the final stage to Paris, and the two best in the overall standings then appropriately crossed the finish line on the Champs-Elysées first . After the last stage, Zoetemelk tested positive for nandrolone and was given a time penalty of 10 minutes.

The outstanding Hinault won three of the last four and a total of seven stages. Zoetemelk finished second overall for the fifth time. Since, as in 1978, the 36-year-old Joaquim Agostinho took third place, for the first time in the history of the Tour de France the same three drivers stood on the podium as in the previous year. The German Dietrich Thurau was tenth and won a stage.

The stages

Stages Day Start finish km Stage winner Jersey yellow.svg Yellow jersey
prolog June 27th Fleurance 5 ( EZF ) Gerrie Knetemann Gerrie Knetemann
1st stage June 28th Fleurance - Luchon 225 René Bittinger Jean-René Bernaudeau
2nd stage June 29th Luchon - Superbagnères 23.9 (EZF) Bernard Hinault Bernard Hinault
3rd stage June 30th Luchon - Pau 180.5 Bernard Hinault
4th stage July 1 Captieux - Bordeaux 86.6 ( MZF ) Ti-Raleigh
5th stage 2nd July Neuville-de-Poitou - Angers 145.5 Jan Raas
6th stage 3rd of July Angers - Saint-Brieuc 238.5 Josef Jacobs
7th stage July 4th Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët - Deauville 158.2 Leo van Vliet
8th stage 5th July Deauville - Le Havre 90.2 (MZF) Ti-Raleigh
9th stage July 6th Amiens - Roubaix 201.2 Ludo Delcroix Joop Zoetemelk
10th stage 7th of July Roubaix - Brussels ( BEL ) 124 Jo Maas
11th stage 8th of July Brussels (BEL) - Brussels (BEL) 33.4 (EZF) Bernard Hinault
12th stage July 9 Rochefort (BEL) - Metz 193 Christian Seznec
13th stage 10th of July Metz - Ballon d'Alsace 202 Pierre-Raymond Villemiane
14th stage July 11th Belfort - Evian-les-Bains 248.2 Marc Demeyer
Rest day
15th stage July 13th Evian-les-Bains - Morzine 54.2 (EZF) Bernard Hinault Bernard Hinault
16th stage July 14th Morzine - Les Menuires 201.3 Lucien Van Impe
17th stage 15th of July Les Menuires - L'Alpe d'Huez 166.5 Joaquim Agostinho
18th stage 16th of July L'Alpe d'Huez - L'Alpe d'Huez 118.5 Joop Zoetemelk
19th stage 17th July L'Alpe d'Huez - Saint-Priest 162 Dietrich Thurau
20th stage July 18th Saint-Priest - Dijon 239.6 Sergio Parsani
21st stage July 19 Dijon - Dijon 48.8 (EZF) Bernard Hinault
22nd stage 20th of July Dijon - Auxerre 189 Gerrie Knetemann
23rd stage 21 July Auxerre - Nogent-sur-Marne 205 Bernard Hinault
24th stage 22nd of July Le Perreux-sur-Marne - Paris 180.3 Bernard Hinault

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