Tour de France 1926

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20th Tour de France 1926 - final score
Route length 17 stages, 5745 km
Tour winner Lucien Buysse 238: 44: 25 h
(24.064 km / h)
Second Nicolas Frantz + 1:22:25 h
Third Bartolomeo Aimo + 1:22:51 h
Fourth Théophile Beeckman + 1:43:54 h
fifth Felix Sellier + 1:49:13 h
Sixth Albert Dejonghe + 1:56:15 h
seventh Lion Parmentier + 2:09:20 h
Eighth Georges Cuvelier + 2:28:32 h
Ninth Jules Buysse + 2:37:03 h
Tenth Marcel Bidot + 2:53:54 h
Route map of the Tour de France 1926

The 20th Tour de France took place from June 20 to July 18, 1926 and consisted of 17 stages. 126 drivers took part in the tour, 41 of which were classified at the end. With the starting number 138, a Japanese, Kisso Kawamuro, is at the start for the first time.


The start took place for the first time not in the French capital, but in Évian-les-Bains . From there, the large loop led counterclockwise through France and then reached Évian again, from where the drivers drove to Paris , the destination of the tour.

With a distance of 5745 km, the route was the longest in the history of the Tour de France.

Race course

The Belgian Lucien Buysse was able to gain a clear lead over the other favorites in the Pyrenees, winning the stage to Luchon by over 25 minutes. Buysse was in good shape the next day and was able to win the second Pyrenees stage of the tour. Nicolas Frantz from Luxembourg , at the end second in the overall standings, was able to look forward to four stage wins.

The stages

Stages Start finish km Stage winner Yellow jersey
1st stage Evian-les-Bains - Mulhouse 373 Jules Buysse Jules Buysse
2nd stage Mulhouse - Metz 334 Aimé Dossche Jules Buysse
3rd stage Metz - Dunkerque 433 Gustaaf Van Slembrouck Gustaaf Van Slembrouck
4th stage Dunkerque - Le Havre 361 Gustaaf Sellier Gustaaf Van Slembrouck
5th stage Le Havre - Cherbourg 357 Adelin Benoit Gustaaf Van Slembrouck
6th stage Cherbourg - Brest 405 Joseph Van Dam Gustaaf Van Slembrouck
7th stage Brest - Les Sables-d'Olonne 412 Nicolas Frantz Gustaaf Van Slembrouck
8th stage Les Sables-d'Olonne - Bordeaux 285 Joseph Van Dam Gustaaf Van Slembrouck
9th stage Bordeaux - Bayonne 189 Nicolas Frantz Gustaaf Van Slembrouck
10th stage Bayonne - Luchon 326 Lucien Buysse Lucien Buysse
11th stage Luchon - Perpignan 323 Lucien Buysse Lucien Buysse
12th stage Perpignan - Toulon 427 Nicolas Frantz Lucien Buysse
13th stage Toulon - Nice 280 Nicolas Frantz Lucien Buysse
14th stage Nice - Briançon 275 Bartolomeo Aimo Lucien Buysse
15th stage Briançon - Evian-les-Bains 303 Joseph Van Dam Lucien Buysse
16th stage Evian-les-Bains - Dijon 321 Camille Van De Casteele Lucien Buysse
17th stage Dijon - Paris 341 Camille Van De Casteele Lucien Buysse

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