Tour de France 1907

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5th Tour de France 1907 - final result
Route length 14 stages, 4488 km
Tour winner Lucien Petit-Breton 47 P.
158: 45: 05 h
(28.271 km / h)
Second Gustave Garrigou 66 P.
Third Émile Georget 74 P.
Fourth Georges Passerieu 85 p.
fifth François Beaugendre 123 P.
Sixth Eberardo Pavesi 150 p.
seventh François Faber 156 P.
Eighth Augustin Ringeval 184 P.
Ninth Aloïs Catteau 196 p.
Tenth Ferdinand Payan 227 P.
Route map of the Tour de France 1907
The tour passes through Ville-d'Avray

The 1907 Tour de France took place between July 8th and August 4th 1907. The number of stages was increased by one to 14, the winner was determined by a points system, as in previous years. It was the first tour whose route led to other countries.

Race course

The second and third stages - Roubaix - Metz and Metz - Belfort - led through the then German city of Metz . The fourth stage from Belfort to Lyon led through Switzerland for the first time . Also for the first time, a car loaded with spare parts accompanied the driver; they still had to repair their bikes themselves. Of the 93 riders who started, 33 finished the tour.

The race was initially shaped by the French Émile Georget, who won five of the first eight stages. On the ninth stage between Toulouse and Bayonne , Georget borrowed a bike from a spectator because he didn't want to repair his own. Since the regulations expressly forbade this, he was penalized and downgraded by the race management. This cleared the way for Lucien Petit-Breton's first tour victory . Georget was able to win one more stage and finish the race in third place overall.

The stages

Stages Day Start finish km Stage winner Overall first
1st stage 8th of July Paris - Roubaix 272 Louis Trousselier Louis Trousselier
2nd stage 10th of July Roubaix - Metz (DR) 398 Émile Georget Louis Trousselier
3rd stage July 12 Metz (DR) - Belfort 259 Émile Georget Émile Georget
4th stage July 14th Belfort - Lyon 309 Marcel Cadolle Émile Georget
5th stage 16th of July Lyon - Grenoble 311 Émile Georget Émile Georget
6th stage July 18th Grenoble - Nice 345 Georges Passerieu Émile Georget
7th stage 20th of July Nice - Nîmes 345 Émile Georget Émile Georget
8th stage 22nd of July Nîmes - Toulouse 303 Émile Georget Émile Georget
9th stage 24th July Toulouse - Bayonne 299 Lucien Petit-Breton Émile Georget
10th stage July 26th Bayonne - Bordeaux 269 Gustave Garrigou Lucien Petit-Breton
11th stage July 28th Bordeaux - Nantes 391 Lucien Petit-Breton Lucien Petit-Breton
12th stage 30th July Nantes - Brest 321 Gustave Garrigou Lucien Petit-Breton
13th stage August 1st Brest - Caen 415 Émile Georget Lucien Petit-Breton
14th stage 4th of August Caen - Paris 251 Georges Passerieu Lucien Petit-Breton

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