Tour de France 1959

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46th Tour de France 1959 - final result
Route length 22 stages, 4,358 km
Tour winner Federico Bahamontes 123: 46: 45 h
(35.208 km / h)
Second Henry Anglade + 4:01 min
Third Jacques Anquetil + 5:05 min
Fourth Roger Rivière + 5:17 min
fifth François Mahé + 8:22 min
Sixth Ercole Baldini + 10:18 min
seventh Jan Adriaensens + 10:18 min
Eighth Jos Hoevenaers + 11:02 min
Ninth Girard Saint + 17:40 min
Tenth Jean Brankart + 20:38 min
Green jersey André Darrigade 613 P.
Second Gérard Saint 524 P.
Third Jacques Anquetil 503 P.
Mountain scoring Federico Bahamontes 73 P.
Second Charly Gaul 68 P.
Third Gérard Saint 65 p.
Team evaluation Belgium
Map of the Tour de France 1959

The 46th Tour de France took place from June 25 to July 18, 1959 and ran over 22 stages with a total distance of 4,355 kilometers. 120 racing drivers took part in the tour, of which 65 were classified.

Race course

The French national team competed with a strong team and was considered a huge favorite: Jacques Anquetil , Roger Rivière , Louison Bobet and Raphaël Géminiani were supposed to fight for the victory. But the rivalry within the French team led Federico Bahamontes to secure the first Spanish tour victory.

The race for the tour victory was open for a long time, up to the 16th stage there were four drivers within a minute. On the 17th stage to Grenoble , Charly Gaul and Bahamontes broke away and reached the finish line with a lead of over three minutes. There they shared the wages of their work: Gaul was stage winner, Bahamontes got the yellow jersey , which he did not have to surrender until Paris. However, the Spaniard laid the foundation for his tour victory in the individual time trial on the Puy de Dôme , where he took off Gaul for almost a minute and a half. Bahamontes also won the mountain classification.

The French Henry Anglade , who started for the "Center-Midi" regional team, also profited from the rivalry in the French national team and came second in the overall standings, ahead of Anquetil. André Darrigade won the first stage for the fourth time in a row and at the end of the tour secured the green jersey after another stage victory .

Louison Bobet, winner of the Tour de France 1953 , gave up on his last participation on the roof of the tour, the 2764 m high Col de l'Iseran ; he was weakened by an illness. Jean Robic , tour winner in 1947 , was withdrawn from the race in Chalon-sur-Saône after he had exceeded the waiting period .

The stages

Stages Start finish km Stage winner Yellow jersey
1st stage Mulhouse - Metz 238 André Darrigade André Darrigade
2nd stage Metz - Namur ( BEL ) 240 Vito Favero André Darrigade
3rd stage Namur (BEL) - Roubaix 217 Robert Cazala Robert Cazala
4th stage Roubaix - Rouen 230 Dino Bruni Robert Cazala
5th stage Rouen - Rennes 286 Jean Graczyk Robert Cazala
6th stage Blain - Nantes 45.3 ( EZF ) Roger Rivière Robert Cazala
7th stage Nantes - La Rochelle 190 Roger Hassenforder Robert Cazala
8th stage La Rochelle - Bordeaux 201 Michel Dejouhannet Robert Cazala
9th stage Bordeaux - Bayonne 207 Marcel Queheille Eddy Pauwels
10th stage Bayonne - Bagneres-de-Bigorre 235 Marcel Janssens Michel Vermeulin
11th stage Bagnères-de-Bigorre - Saint-Gaudens 119 André Darrigade Michel Vermeulin
12th stage Saint-Gaudens- Albi 184 Rolf Graf Michel Vermeulin
13th stage Albi - Aurillac 219 Henry Anglade Jos Hoevenaers
14th stage Aurillac - Clermont-Ferrand 231 André Le Dissez Jos Hoevenaers
15th stage Clermont-Ferrand - Puy de Dôme 12.5 (EZF) Federico Bahamontes Jos Hoevenaers
16th stage Clermont-Ferrand - Saint-Etienne 210 Dino Bruni Eddy Pauwels
17th stage Saint-Etienne - Grenoble 197 Charly Gaul Federico Bahamontes
18th stage Col du Lautaret - Saint-Vincent ( ITA ) 243 Ercole Baldini Federico Bahamontes
19th stage Saint-Vincent (ITA) - Annecy 251 Rolf Graf Federico Bahamontes
20th stage Annecy - Chalon-sur-Saône 202 Brian Robinson Federico Bahamontes
21st stage Seurre - Dijon 69.2 (EZF) Roger Rivière Federico Bahamontes
22nd stage Dijon - Paris 331 Joseph Groussard Federico Bahamontes

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