Tour de France 1956

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43rd Tour de France 1956 - final result
Route length 22 stages, 4,527.1 km
Tour winner Roger Walkowiak 124: 01: 16 h
(36.503 km / h)
Second Gilbert Bauvin + 1:25 min
Third Jan Adriaensens + 3:44 min
Fourth Federico Bahamontes + 10:14 min
fifth Nino Defilippis + 10:25 min
Sixth Wout Wagtmans + 10:59 min
seventh Nello Lauredi + 14:01 min
Eighth Stan Ockers + 16:25 min
Ninth René private + 22:59 min
Tenth Antonio Barbosa + 26:03 min
Green jersey Stan Ockers 280 p.
Second Fernand Picot 464 P.
Third Gerrit Voorting 465 P.
Mountain scoring Charly Gaul 71 P.
Second Federico Bahamontes 67 P.
Third Valentin Huot 65 p.
Team evaluation Belgium

The 43rd Tour de France took place from July 5 to 28, 1956 and covered 22 stages over 4,498 km. The tour ended with the surprise victory of the Frenchman Roger Walkowiak from the regional team "Northeast France". Louison Bobet , who had previously won the tour for three years in a row, had not started, and Fausto Coppi and Ferdy Kübler were also absent . 120 racing drivers took part in the tour, 88 of which were classified.

Race course

The Frenchman André Darrigade won the first stage and then wore the yellow jersey on the flat stages . In the meantime, he only had to leave it to the Belgian Gilbert Desmet on two stages .

On the seventh stage to Angers , a breakaway group of 31 riders who were not rated as strong and who had a lead of around 19 minutes formed. Roger Walkowiak took the lead. However, the favorites around Charly Gaul underestimated the strength of the runaway riders in the mountains and could no longer catch up.

Walkowiak lost the lead on the stage to Bayonne and fought back in the Alps. In the meantime, Jan Adriaensens from Belgium and the Dutchman Wout Wagtmans , who were also represented in the large breakaway group of the seventh stages, took over the jersey. In the end, Adriaensens came in third. In front of him was the Frenchman Gilbert Bauvin , who had done a strong time trial on the penultimate stage and came within 1:25 of the leading Walkowiak. Bauvin had lost the crucial time on Walkowiak after a fall in the Pyrenees.

Charly Gaul , who was unable to intervene in the battle for overall victory, won two stages and the mountain classification. The green jersey won as in the previous year , the Belgian Stan Ockers . The Frenchman Roger Hassenforder was able to convince with four stage wins, including one victory after an 187 km solo escape on the stage from Lyon to Montluçon .

Walkowiak won the tour without a single stage win and set a new record for average speed with 36.268 km / h.

The stages

The Belgian team won this cup in the Nations Cup.
Stages Start finish km Stage winner Yellow jersey
1st stage Reims - Liège ( BEL ) 223 André Darrigade André Darrigade
2nd stage Liege (BEL) - Lille 217 Fred De Bruyne André Darrigade
3rd stage Lille - Rouen 225 Arrigo Padovan Gilbert Desmet
4th stage (a) Circuit des Essarts 15.1 ( EZF ) Charly Gaul Gilbert Desmet
4th stage (b) Rouen - Caen 125 Roger Hassenforder André Darrigade
5th stage Caen - Saint Malo 189 Joseph Morvan André Darrigade
6th stage Saint-Malo - Lorient 192 Fred De Bruyne André Darrigade
7th stage Lorient - Angers 244 Alessandro Fantini Roger Walkowiak
8th stage Angers - La Rochelle 180 Miguel Poblet Roger Walkowiak
9th stage La Rochelle - Bordeaux 219 Roger Hassenforder Roger Walkowiak
10th stage Bordeaux - Bayonne 201 Fred De Bruyne Gerrit Voorting
11th stage Bayonne - Pau 255 Nino Defilippis André Darrigade
12th stage Pau - Luchon 130 Jean-Pierre Schmitz Jan Adriaensens
13th stage Luchon - Toulouse 176 Nino Defilippis Jan Adriaensens
14th stage Toulouse - Montpellier 231 Roger Hassenforder Jan Adriaensens
15th stage Montpellier - Aix-en-Provence 204 Joseph Thornin Wout Wagtmans
16th stage Aix-en-Provence - Gap 203 Jean Forestier Wout Wagtmans
17th stage Gap - Turin ( ITA ) 234 Nino Defilippis Wout Wagtmans
18th stage Turin (ITA) - Grenoble 250 Charly Gaul Roger Walkowiak
19th stage Grenoble - Saint-Etienne 173 Stan Ockers Roger Walkowiak
20th stage Saint-Etienne - Lyon 73 (EZF) Miguel Bover Pons Roger Walkowiak
21st stage Lyon - Montluçon 237 Roger Hassenforder Roger Walkowiak
22nd stage Montluçon - Paris 331 Gastone Nencini Roger Walkowiak

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