Tour de France 1980

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67th Tour de France 1980 - final result
Route length 22 stages, 3,947.9 km
Tour winner Joop Zoetemelk 109: 19: 14 h
(36.113 km / h)
Second Hennie Kuiper + 6:55 min
Third Raymond Martin + 7:56 min
Fourth Johan De Muynck + 12:24 min
fifth Joaquim Agostinho + 15:37 min
Sixth Christian Seznec + 16:16 min
seventh Sven-Åke Nilsson + 16:33 min
Eighth Ludo Peeters + 20:45 min
Ninth Pierre Bazzo + 21:03 min
Tenth Henk Lubberding + 21:10 min
Green jersey Rudy Pevenage 194 P.
Second Sean Kelly 153 P.
Third Ludo Peeters 148 P.
Dotted jersey Raymond Martin 223 P.
Second Ludo Loos 162 P.
Third Ludo Peeters 147 P.
White jersey Johan van der Velde 109: 44: 42 h
Second Claude Criquielion + 6:55 min
Third Daniel Plummer + 33:18 min
Team evaluation Miko-Mercier

The 67th Tour de France took place from June 26th to July 20th, 1980. It led over 3945.5 km on 22 stages. After the Dutchman Joop Zoetemelk had already finished second five times (in the 1970 , 1971 , 1976 , 1978 and 1979 tours ), the now 33-year-old won the French tour in 1980 . 130 racers took part in the tour, of which 85 were classified.

Race course

The prologue of the tour took place in Germany for the second time, after Cologne in 1965 this time in Frankfurt am Main . Then two half-stages led to Wiesbaden and Frankfurt again.

Defending champion Bernard Hinault started the race as the clear favorite and won three stages early on. In the Pyrenees he took over the yellow jersey from the Belgian Rudy Pevenage , who had been leading for a long time , but had to give up the race as the leader due to illness.

This cleared the way for the "Tour of the Dutch": Joop Zoetemelk won the overall standings ahead of his compatriot Hennie Kuiper , there were a total of twelve Dutch stage wins by seven different drivers.

The stages

Stages Day Start finish km Stage winner Jersey yellow.svg Yellow jersey
prolog June 26th Frankfurt am Main ( DE ) 7.6 ( EZF ) Bernard Hinault Bernard Hinault
1st stage a June 27th Frankfurt am Main - Wiesbaden (DE) 133 Jan Raas
1st stage b June 27th Wiesbaden (DE) - Frankfurt am Main (DE) 45.8 ( MZF ) TI-Raleigh Gerrie Knetemann
2nd stage June 28th Frankfurt am Main (DE) - Metz 276 Rudy Pevenage Yvon Bertin
3rd stage June 29th Metz - Liège ( BEL ) 282.5 Henk Lubberding Rudy Pevenage
4th stage June 30th Liege (BEL) - Spa (BEL) 34.6 (EZF) Bernard Hinault
5th stage July 1 Liege (BEL) - Lille 249.6 Bernard Hinault
6th stage 2nd July Lille - Compiègne 215.8 Jean-Luis Gauthier
7th stage a 3rd of July Compiègne - Beauvais 65 (MZF) TI-Raleigh
7th stage b 3rd of July Beauvais - Rouen 92 Jan Raas
8th stage July 4th Flers - Saint Malo 164.2 Bert Oosterbosch
Rest day
9th stage July 6th Saint-Malo - Nantes 205.3 Jan Raas Rudy Pevenage
10th stage 7th of July Rochefort - Bordeaux 163 Cees Priem
11th stage 8th of July Damazan - Laplume 51.8 (EZF) Joop Zoetemelk Bernard Hinault
12th stage July 9 Agen - Pau 194.1 Gerrie Knetemann
13th stage 10th of July Pau - Luchon 200.4 Raymond Martin Joop Zoetemelk
14th stage July 11th Lézignan-Corbières - Montpellier 189.5 Ludo Peeters
15th stage July 12 Montpellier - Martigues 160 Bernard Vallet
16th stage July 13th Trets - Pra-Loup 208.6 Jos de Schoenmacker
17th stage July 14th Serre Chevalier - Morzine 242 Mariano Martinez
Rest day
18th stage 16th of July Morzine - Prapoutel 198.8 Ludo Loos Joop Zoetemelk
19th stage 17th July Voreppe - Saint-Étienne 139.7 Sean Kelly
20th stage July 18th Saint-Étienne - Saint-Étienne 34.5 (EZF) Joop Zoetemelk
21st stage July 19 Auxerre - Fontenay-sous-Bois 208 Sean Kelly
22nd stage 20th of July Fontenay-sous-Bois - Paris 186.1 Pol Verschuere

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