Tour de France 1914

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12th Tour de France 1914 - final result
Route length 15 stages, 5391 km
Tour winner Philippe Thys 200: 28: 48 h
(26.890 km / h)
Second Henri Pélissier + 1:50 min
Third Jean Alavoine + 36:53 min
Fourth Jean Rossius + 1:57:05 h
fifth Gustave Garrigou + 3:00:21 h
Sixth Alfons Spiessens + 3:20:59 h
seventh Émile Georget + 3:53:55 h
Eighth Firmin Lambot + 5:08:54 h
Ninth François Faber + 6:15:53 ​​h
Tenth Louis Heusghem + 7:49:02 h
Route map of the Tour de France 1914
Philippe Thys, winner of the Tour de France 1914

The twelfth Tour de France took place from June 28 to July 26, 1914. The drivers had to cover a total of 5405 km over 15 stages. The average speed was 27.028 km / h. The tour started in Saint-Cloud , the finish in Paris' Parc des Princes . Of the 145 riders who started, 54 reached the finish.

Race course

The Peugeot team dominated the tour: They dominated 11 of the 15 stages and placed three members on the final podium.

On the very first day the Belgian Philippe Thys was able to take over the overall lead and did not give it up until the finish. From the second to the sixth stage, however, he had to share the lead with his compatriot Jean Rossius . Thys won the first stage at the same time before Rossius. Rossius won the second stage, Thys finished second at the same time. Since they both had the same time and identical stage placements, they shared first place. During the sixth stage, Thys managed to break away from Rossius. Rossius finished the tour in fourth. In the end, Thys only had a lead of 1:50 minutes on Henri Pélissier because he had received a time penalty of 30 minutes. On the penultimate leg from Longwy to Dunkirk he had used an unauthorized road.

On the day of the first stage, Franz Ferdinand was murdered in Sarajevo , which sparked the First World War . Many participants were drafted into the military after the tour because of the general mobilization . There would be no Tour de France until 1919 .

The stages

Stages Start finish km Stage winner Overall first
1st stage Paris - Le Havre 388 Philippe Thys Philippe Thys
2nd stage Le Havre - Cherbourg 364 Jean Rossius Philippe Thys / Jean Rossius
3rd stage Cherbourg - Brest 405 Emile Engel Philippe Thys / Jean Rossius
4th stage Brest - La Rochelle 470 Oscar Egg Philippe Thys / Jean Rossius
5th stage La Rochelle - Bayonne 379 Oscar Egg Philippe Thys / Jean Rossius
6th stage Bayonne - Luchon 326 Firmin Lambot Philippe Thys
7th stage Luchon - Perpignan 323 Jean Alavoine Philippe Thys
8th stage Perpignan - Marseille 370 Octave Lapize Philippe Thys
9th stage Marseille - Nice 338 Jean Rossius Philippe Thys
10th stage Nice - Grenoble 323 Henri Pélissier Philippe Thys
11th stage Grenoble - Geneva ( CH ) 325 Gustave Garrigou Philippe Thys
12th stage Geneva (CH) - Belfort 325 Henri Pélissier Philippe Thys
13th stage Belfort - Longwy 325 François Faber Philippe Thys
14th stage Longwy - Dunkerque 390 François Faber Philippe Thys
15th stage Dunkerque - Paris 340 Henri Pélissier Philippe Thys

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