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red and white polka dot jersey

The mountain classification of the Tour de France was first held at the Tour de France in 1933 under the name Grand Prix de la Montagne (French: Great Mountain Prize). The driver who collects the most points during all stages wins. The points are awarded for placement on classified climbs during the stage.

Dotted jersey

Sylvain Chavanel in the dotted jersey - on the 7th stage of the 2007 Tour de France on the climb to the Col de la Colombière .

Since the Tour de France 1975 , the leader of the mountain classification has been wearing the red-dotted classification jersey ( French: maillot à pois rouges ) after a stage the next day .

The distinctive design of the dotted jersey is said to go back to the French chocolate manufacturer "Chocolat Poulain", who sold their chocolate in white paper with red dots and originally sponsored the mountain classification. Although the sponsor has since changed, the point look has been retained. Other sources question this as there is no evidence of such packaging.


The mode of mountain scoring is similar to scoring . Points are awarded at the end of every slope classified by the organizer as a mountain classification. The category describes the difficulty of the ascent. The highest classification is the Hors Catégorie (HC), the lowest classification is the 4th category. The points are awarded depending on the placement in the mountain classification. The awarding of mountain points is not limited to the mountains, but can also take place on flat stages on smaller inclines (hills, e.g. of the 4th category).

At the Tour de France 2017 z. B. Scheme:

category Points are awarded according to placement
1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th
Hors Catégorie 20th 15th 12 10 8th 6th 4th 2
1st category 10 8th 6th 4th 2 1
2nd category 5 3 2 1
3rd category 2 1
4th category 1

Double the number of points is awarded for mountain arrivals in the Hors Catégorie.

The winner is the driver with the most points. In the event of a tie between two or more drivers, the decisive criterion is the number of first places in the Hors Catégorie mountain arrivals. If there is again a tie, the number of first places in the mountain ratings of the next category will decide. In the event of a tie, also based on the number of first places in all categories, the ranking of the drivers in the overall classification is decisive.

Mountain classification winner

Richardirusesque was able to win the dotted jersey a total of seven times, being the first racing driver four times in a row (1994–1997). In 1998 he was not able to continue the series due to his involvement in the Festina doping scandal . Federico Bahamontes and Lucien Van Impe have each won the classification of the best climber six times .

Chronological list of the mountain classification winners

Winner 1933–1959
1933 SpainSpain Vincente Trueba
1934 FranceFrance René Vietto
1935 BelgiumBelgium Félicien Vervaecke
1936 SpainSpain Julián Berrendero
1937 BelgiumBelgium Félicien Vervaecke
1938 ItalyItaly Gino Bartali
1939 BelgiumBelgium Sylvère Maes
1947 FranceFrance Pierre Brambilla
1948 ItalyItaly Gino Bartali
1949 ItalyItaly Fausto Coppi
1950 FranceFrance Louison Bobet
1951 FranceFrance Raphaël Géminiani
1952 ItalyItaly Fausto Coppi
1953 SpainSpain Jesús Lorono
1954 SpainSpain Federico Bahamontes
1955 LuxembourgLuxembourg Charly Gaul
1956 LuxembourgLuxembourg Charly Gaul
1957 ItalyItaly Gastone Nencini
1958 SpainSpain Federico Bahamontes
1959 SpainSpain Federico Bahamontes
Winner 1960–1979
1960 ItalyItaly Imerio Massignan
1961 ItalyItaly Imerio Massignan
1962 SpainSpain Federico Bahamontes
1963 SpainSpain Federico Bahamontes
1964 SpainSpain Federico Bahamontes
1965 SpainSpain Julio Jímenez
1966 SpainSpain Julio Jímenez
1967 SpainSpain Julio Jiménez
1968 SpainSpain Aurelio González Puente
1969 BelgiumBelgium Eddy Merckx
1970 BelgiumBelgium Eddy Merckx
1971 BelgiumBelgium Lucien Van Impe
1972 BelgiumBelgium Lucien Van Impe
1973 SpainSpain Pedro Torres
1974 SpainSpain Domingo Perurena
1975 BelgiumBelgium Lucien Van Impe
1976 ItalyItaly Giancarlo Bellini
1977 BelgiumBelgium Lucien Van Impe
1978 FranceFrance Mariano Martínez
1979 ItalyItaly Giovanni Battaglin
Winner 1980–1999
1980 FranceFrance Raymond Martin
1981 BelgiumBelgium Lucien van Impe
1982 FranceFrance Bernard Vallet
1983 BelgiumBelgium Lucien Van Impe
1984 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Robert Millar
1985 ColombiaColombia Luis Herrera
1986 FranceFrance Bernard Hinault
1987 ColombiaColombia Luis Herrera
1988 NetherlandsNetherlands Steven Rooks
1989 NetherlandsNetherlands Gert-Jan Theunisse
1990 FranceFrance Thierry claveyrolate
1991 ItalyItaly Claudio Chiappucci
1992 ItalyItaly Claudio Chiappucci
1993 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Tony Rominger
1994 FranceFrance Richard virusesque
1995 FranceFrance Richard virusesque
1996 FranceFrance Richard virusesque
1997 FranceFrance Richard virusesque
1998 FranceFrance Christophe Rinero
1999 FranceFrance Richard virusesque
Winner since 2000
2000 ColombiaColombia Santiago Botero
2001 FranceFrance Laurent Jalabert
2002 FranceFrance Laurent Jalabert
2003 FranceFrance Richard virusesque
2004 FranceFrance Richard virusesque
2005 DenmarkDenmark Michael Rasmussen
2006 DenmarkDenmark Michael Rasmussen
2007 ColombiaColombia Mauricio Soler
2008 AustriaAustria Bernhard Kohl 1
2009 ItalyItaly Franco Pellizotti 2
2010 FranceFrance Anthony Charteau
2011 SpainSpain Samuel Sánchez
2012 FranceFrance Thomas Voeckler
2013 ColombiaColombia Nairo Quintana
2014 PolandPoland Rafał Majka
2015 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Chris Froome
2016 PolandPoland Rafał Majka
2017 FranceFrance Warren Barguil
2018 FranceFrance Julian Alaphilippe
2019 FranceFrance Romain Bardet


1Kohl's results were deleted after he tested positive for the EPO doping agent CERA. The classification has not yet been renewed. Carlos Sastre was 2nd in the ranking.
2Pellizotti's results were deleted after he was diagnosed with abnormal blood tests. The classification has not yet been renewed. Egoi Martínez was 2nd in the ranking.

Victories by nation

rank nation Victories Most successful drivers Last winner
1 FranceFrance France 22nd Richard virusesque (7) Romain Bardet 2019
2 SpainSpain Spain 16 Federico Bahamontes (6) Samuel Sánchez 2011
3 ItalyItaly Italy 11 Gino Bartali , Fausto Coppi , Imerio Massignan and Claudio Chiappucci (2) Claudio Chiappucci 1992
  BelgiumBelgium Belgium 11 Lucien Van Impe (6) Lucien Van Impe 1983
5 ColombiaColombia Colombia 5 Luis Herrera (2) Nairo Quintana 2013
6th LuxembourgLuxembourg Luxembourg 2 Charly Gaul (2) Charly Gaul 1956
  NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 2 Steven Rooks and Gert-Jan Theunisse Gert-Jan Theunisse 1989
  DenmarkDenmark Denmark 2 Michael Rasmussen (2) Michael Rasmussen 2006
  United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom 2 Robert Millar and Chris Froome Chris Froome 2015
  PolandPoland Poland 2 Rafał Majka (2) Rafał Majka 2016
11 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland 1 Tony Rominger Tony Rominger 1993

"Hors Catégorie" climbs

As Hors Catégorie (French) abbreviated as HC , translated roughly outside of the categories or extraordinary category , in the German-speaking area also sometimes referred to as an honor category , the Tour de France organizer ASO , which also organizes other bike races, usually increases classified, which overcomes either more than 1500 meters or 1000 meters with an average gradient greater than 6.5%. In the Tour de France, however, there are also passes that do not meet these parameters and are still considered mountains of the Hors Catégorie . So has z. B. the ascent to Luz Ardiden only 870 meters. On the other hand, the Port d'Envalira overcomes 1685 meters of altitude, but is a mountain of the first category because of the relatively low gradient.

The following passes were classified as mountain ratings hors catégorie at the Tour de France :


  • The four mountains in bold are considered the most famous climbs of the Tour de France.
  • G. → Mountains (P = Pyrenees , A = Alps )
G. country Surname Pass height /
target height
climbed vertical meters average slope photo
page 1 Page 2 page 1 Page 2
P AndorraAndorra Arcalís 2,225 m 753 m 7.1% Arcalís
P FranceFrance Col d'Aubisque 1,709 m 1,190 m 7.2% Col d'Aubisque
A. FranceFrance Col de Granon 2,413 m 1,049 m 1,009 m 9.2% 6.6% Col de Granon
A. FranceFrance Col de Joux Plane 1,712 m 989 m 8.5% Col de Joux Plane
A. FranceFrance Col de la Bonette 2,715 m 1,502 m 1,565 m 6.8% 6.5% Col de la Bonette
A. FranceFrance Col de la Croix de Fer 2,067 m 1,545 m 1,356 m 5.2% 4.3% Col de la Croix de Fer
A. ItalyItaly / FranceFrance Col de la Lombarde 2,350 m 1,360 m 1,478 m 5.7% 7.4% Col de la Lombarde
A. FranceFrance Col de la Madeleine 1,993 m 1,465 m 1,547 m 5.4% 8.0% Col de la Madeleine
P FranceFrance Col de Soudet 1,540 m 1,090 m 7.3% Col de Soudet
A. FranceFrance Col d'Izoard 2,360 m 1,095 m 6.8% Col d'Izoard
A. FranceFrance Col du Galibier 2,645 m 1,226 m 587 m 7.7% 6.9% Col du Galibier
P FranceFrance Col du Tourmalet 2,115 m 1,405 m 1,270 m 7.6% 7.4% Col du Tourmalet
A. FranceFrance / ItalyItaly Col Agnel 2,744 m 1,475 m 1,571 m 6.7% 6.5% Col Agnel
A. SwitzerlandSwitzerland / ItalyItaly Great St. Bernhard 2,469 m 1,752 m 1,878 m 5.9% 6.2% Great Saint Bernard
P FranceFrance Hautacam 1,520 m 1,037 m 7.2% Hautacam
A. FranceFrance Alpe d'Huez 1,850 m 1,090 m 7.9% Alpe d'Huez
P FranceFrance Luz Ardiden 1,720 m 870 m 6.9% Luz Ardiden
A. ( )FranceFranceItalyItaly Col du Mont Cenis 2,083 m 1,581 m 5.2% Col du Mont Cenis
A. FranceFrance Mont Ventoux 1,912 m 1,535 m 1,622 m 7.2% 7.1% Mount Ventoux
P FranceFrance Plateau de Beille 1,780 m 1,248 m 7.9% Plateau de Beille
P FranceFrance Port de Balès 1,755 m 1,185 m 6.3% Port de Balès
P FranceFrance( )SpainSpain Port de Larrau 1,573 m 1,193 m 8.1% Port de Larrau
P FranceFrance Port de Pailhères 2,001 m 1,281 m 871 m 6.9% 8.2% Port de Pailhères
A. FranceFrance Val Thorens 2,275 m 1,794 m 5.2% Val Thorens

Wearers of the dotted jersey from German-speaking countries

Fabian Wegmann in the dotted jersey (2005)

So far (as of July 25, 2018) seven drivers from Germany, one from Switzerland and one from Austria wore the dotted jersey.

Jens Voigt : 1998 , 2014
Marcel Wüst : 2000
Rolf Aldag : 2003
Fabian Wegmann : 2005 , 2006
Sebastian Lang : 2008
Tony Martin : 2014
Paul Voss : 2016
Bernhard Kohl : 2008
Tony Rominger : 1993
Charly Gaul : 1955 , 1956 , 1957 and 1958

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