Tour de France 1963

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50th Tour de France 1963 - final result
Route length 21 stages, 4,140.6 km
Tour winner Jacques Anquetil 113: 30: 05 h
(36.481 km)
Second Federico Bahamontes + 3:35 min
Third José Perez-Frances + 10:14 min
Fourth Jean-Claude Lebaube + 11:55 min
fifth Armand Desmet + 15:00 min
Sixth Angelino Soler + 15:04 min
seventh Renzo Fontana + 15:27 min
Eighth Raymond Poulidor + 16:46 min
Ninth Hennes Junkermann + 18:53 min
Tenth Rik Van Looy + 19:24 min
Green jersey Rik Van Looy 275 p.
Second Jacques Anquetil 138 P.
Third Federico Bahamontes 123 P.
Mountain scoring Federico Bahamontes 147 P.
Second Raymond Poulidor 70 p.
Third Guy Ignolin 68 P.
Team evaluation Saint-Raphaël-Gitane

The 50th Tour de France took place from June 23 to July 14, 1963 and ran over 4,137 km over 21 stages. 130 racing drivers took part in the tour, 76 of which were classified.

Race course

Eddy Pauwels and Seamus Elliott can wear the yellow jersey for a few days after their stage victories on the first and third stages . After the first individual time trial, which Jacques Anquetil won, Gilbert Desmet took over the overall lead and was able to defend it during the Pyrenees.

On the Alpine stage to Grenoble , Federico Bahamontes won after a solo escape, the next day he took over the yellow jersey after making up time on Desmet again. Last year's winner Anquetil, who not only won the first time trial but also a stage in the Pyrenees, also won the 17th stage to Chamonix and thus won the yellow jersey. After a simulated technical defect, the Frenchman swapped his bike at the foot of the last climb for a lighter bike and was able to follow the otherwise superior mountain rider Bahamontes. With this move, Raphaël Géminiani , who had participated in the Tour de France himself in 1958 and raced against Bahamontes, proved his ability as Anquetil’s sporting director.

After his victory in the second individual time trial on the 19th stage, Anquetil's fourth Tour win was no longer to be taken. Although in 1963 only 79 km had to be covered in Anquetil's special discipline, the individual time trial (in 1962 it was 129.5 km), the Frenchman was able to win his third tour in a row. Federico Bahamontes finished second in the overall standings and also won the mountains classification by a clear margin from Frenchman Raymond Poulidor . At the finish in Paris, Poulidor was whistled more than 16 minutes behind after his eighth place, while Anquetil was greeted with much applause in the Parc des Princes .

The Belgian Rik Van Looy also won the green jersey after four stage wins .

The stages

Stages Day Start finish km Stage winner Yellow jersey
1st stage 23rd June Nogent-sur-Marne - Epernay 152.5 Eddy Pauwels Eddy Pauwels
2nd stage (a) June 24th Reims - Jambes ( BEL ) 185.5 Rik Van Looy Eddy Pauwels
2nd stage (b) June 24th Jambes (BEL) - Jambes (BEL) 21.6 ( MZF ) Pelforth-Sauvage Eddy Pauwels
3rd stage 25th June Jambes (BEL) - Roubaix 223.5 Seamus Elliott Seamus Elliott
4th stage June 26th Roubaix - Rouen 235.5 Frans Melckenbeeck Seamus Elliott
5th stage June 27th Rouen - Rennes 285 Antonio Bailetti Seamus Elliott
6th stage (a) June 28th Rennes - Angers 118.5 Roger De Breuker Seamus Elliott
6th stage (b) June 28th Angers - Angers 24.5 ( EZF ) Jacques Anquetil Gilbert Desmet
7th stage June 29th Angers - Limoges 236 Jan Janssen Gilbert Desmet
8th stage June 30th Limoges - Bordeaux 231.5 Rik Van Looy Gilbert Desmet
9th stage July 1 Bordeaux - Pau 202 Pino Cerami Gilbert Desmet
10th stage 2nd July Pau - Bagneres-de-Bigorre 148.5 Jacques Anquetil Gilbert Desmet
11th stage 3rd of July Bagneres-de-Bigorre - Luchon 131 Guy Ignolin Gilbert Desmet
12th stage July 4th Luchon - Toulouse 172.5 André Darrigade Gilbert Desmet
Rest day
13th stage July 6th Toulouse - Aurillac 234 Rik Van Looy Gilbert Desmet
14th stage 7th of July Aurillac - Saint-Etienne 236.5 Guy Ignolin Gilbert Desmet
15th stage 8th of July Saint-Etienne - Grenoble 174 Federico Bahamontes Gilbert Desmet
16th stage July 9 Grenoble - Val-d'Isère 202 Fernando Manzaneque Federico Bahamontes
17th stage 10th of July Val d'Isère - Chamonix 227.5 Jacques Anquetil Jacques Anquetil
18th stage July 11th Chamonix - Lons-le-Saunier 225 Frans Brands Jacques Anquetil
19th stage July 12 Arbois - Besançon 54.5 (EZF) Jacques Anquetil Jacques Anquetil
20th stage July 13th Besançon - Troyes 233.5 Roger De Breuker Jacques Anquetil
21st stage July 14th Troyes - Paris 185.5 Rik Van Looy Jacques Anquetil

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