Tour de France 1955

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42nd Tour de France 1955 - final result
Route length 22 stages, 4,476.1 km
Tour winner Louison Bobet 130: 29: 26 h
(34.302 km / h)
Second Jean Brankart + 4:53 min
Third Charly Gaul + 11:30 min
Fourth Pasquale Fornara + 12:44 min
fifth Antonin Rolland + 13:18 min
Sixth Raphaël Géminiani + 15:01 min
seventh Giancarlo Astrua + 18:13 min
Eighth Stan Ockers + 27:13 min
Ninth Alexandre Close + 31:10 min
Tenth François Mahé + 36:27 min
Green jersey Stan Ockers 322 P.
Second Wout Wagtmans 399 P.
Third Miguel Poblet 409 P.
Mountain scoring Charly Gaul 84 P.
Second Louison Bobet 70 p.
Third Jean Brankart 44 P.
Team evaluation France

The 42nd Tour de France took place from July 7th to 30th, 1955 and covered 22 stages over 4,476 km. The tour ended with the third win in a row for Frenchman Louison Bobet . 130 racing drivers took part in the tour, 69 of which were classified.

Race course

On the second stage, Antonin Rolland won out of a leading group, which enabled him to take the lead in the overall standings. Before the mountains he was more than ten minutes ahead of the favorites, so he was allowed to wear the yellow jersey up to the 16th stage. He only had to hand it over to Wim van Est for one stage , who lost time on Rolland the next day.

On the first stages Louison Bobet, winner of 1953 and 1954 , gained a small lead over his fiercest competitors. Especially on the 11th stage to Avignon via Mont Ventoux , the Bobet, weakened by an injury in the seat area, left all competitors behind after a long solo escape and won the stage. Before that, Bobet had to watch how the 22-year-old Charly Gaul from Luxembourg won Bobet's favorite stage to Briançon , where he had laid the foundation for his tour victories in the previous two years.

Next to Gaul, the Frenchman Jean Brankart was Bobet's biggest competitor. After taking it off for almost two minutes in the last time trial, he came within less than five minutes of the eventual tour winner. In the end, Gaul was able to win the mountain classification ahead of Bobet , the Belgian Stan Ockers won the green jersey .

Photos of the finish line were taken for the first time in 1955 in order to be able to find the right stage winner in the event of tight decisions.

The stages

Stages Start finish km Stage winner Yellow jersey
1st stage (a) Le Havre - Dieppe 102 Miguel Poblet Miguel Poblet
1st stage (b) Dieppe - Dieppe 12.5 ( MZF ) Team Netherlands Miguel Poblet
2nd stage Dieppe - Roubaix 204 Antonin Rolland Wout Wagtmans
3rd stage Roubaix - Namur ( BEL ) 210 Louison Bobet Wout Wagtmans
4th stage Namur (BEL) - Metz 225 Willy Kemp Antonin Rolland
5th stage Metz - Colmar 229 Roger Hassenforder Antonin Rolland
6th stage Colmar - Zurich ( CH ) 195 André Darrigade Antonin Rolland
7th stage Zurich (CH) - Thonon-les-Bains 267 Jos Hinsen Wim van Est
8th stage Thonon-les-Bains - Briançon 253 Charly Gaul Antonin Rolland
9th stage Briançon - Monaco 275 Raphaël Géminiani Antonin Rolland
10th stage Monaco - Marseille 240 Lucien Lazarides Antonin Rolland
11th stage Marseille - Avignon 198 Louison Bobet Antonin Rolland
12th stage Avignon - Millau 240 Alessandro Fantini Antonin Rolland
13th stage Millau - Albi 205 Daan de Groot Antonin Rolland
14th stage Albi - Narbonne 156 Louis Caput Antonin Rolland
15th stage Narbonne - Ax-les-Thermes 151 Luciano Pezzi Antonin Rolland
16th stage Ax-les-Thermes - Toulouse 123 Rik Van Steenbergen Antonin Rolland
17th stage Toulouse - Saint-Gaudens 249 Charly Gaul Louison Bobet
18th stage Saint-Gaudens- Pau 206 Jean Brankart Louison Bobet
19th stage Pau - Bordeaux 195 Wout Wagtmans Louison Bobet
20th stage Bordeaux - Poitiers 243 Jean Forestier Louison Bobet
21st stage Châtellerault - Tours 68.6 ( EZF ) Jean Brankart Louison Bobet
22nd stage Tours - Paris 229 Miguel Poblet Louison Bobet

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