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Fernando Escartin 2000

Fernando Escartín Coti (born January 24, 1968 in Biescas , Huesca province ) is a former Spanish cyclist . He is considered to be one of the best climbers of the 1990s . In total, he finished 13 major country tours in the top ten of the overall ranking. Escartin announced his resignation in late 2002.


Escartin began his career at CLAS and has been the captain of Kelme since 1996 ; in the last two years of his career he drove for the German Coast team .


In connection with the investigation against the doping doctor Michele Ferrari , Fernando Escartín, who was listed on Ferrari's customer list, was also investigated. Although Escartín was never tested positive and thus convicted of doping, the suspicion against him remains, especially since a test for the detection of EPO has only been available since 2000 . In the years 2000–2002, however, no positive doping samples were taken either.

Significant successes




  • 1 stage victory of the Tour de France
  • 3rd overall ranking of the Tour de France

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