Giro d'Italia 2006

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Final result after the 21st stage
winner Ivan Basso 91:33:36 h
(38.294 km / h)
Second José Enrique Gutiérrez + 9:18 min
Third Gilberto Simoni + 11:59 min
Fourth Damiano Cunego + 18:16 min
fifth Paolo Savoldelli + 19:22 min
Sixth Sandy Casar + 23:53 min
seventh Juan Manuel Gárate + 24:26 min
Eighth Franco Pellizotti + 25:57 min
Ninth Víctor Hugo Peña + 26:27 min
Tenth Francisco Vila + 27:34 min
Scoring Paolo Bettini 169 P.
Second Ivan Basso 158 P.
Third José Enrique Gutiérrez 132 P.
Mountain scoring Juan Manuel Gárate 64 P.
Second Ivan Basso 56 P.
Third Fortunato Baliani 52 P.
Combination scoring Paolo Savoldelli 775 P.
Second José Enrique Gutiérrez 651 P.
Third Ivan Basso 595 P.
Team evaluation Phonak Hearing Systems 274: 21: 31 h
Second Lampre-Fondital + 7:36 min
Third Discovery Channel + 16:05 min
Giro d'Italia 2006, overview of the stages

The 89th Giro d'Italia took place from May 6th to 28th, 2006 . The bike race consisted of 21 stages with a total length of 3,506.2 kilometers (actually 3,524.2 kilometers); a total of 22,500 meters of altitude had to be overcome.


The 2006 Giro d'Italia paid at the beginning of the Belgian Walloon from a four-day visit before it on May 11 in Italy with a team time trial went over 38 kilometers. At the end of the first week there were the first larger time gaps at Passo Lanciano in the Apennines . After the second day of rest on May 17th, the second individual time trial over 50 kilometers was held in Pontedera .

On the 17th stage it was planned to cover the last five kilometers up to the Kronplatz ( Plan de Corones ) in South Tyrol over unpaved gravel roads with an incline of up to 24 percent, but this was canceled due to the adverse weather conditions (sometimes snowfall) and the stage ended three miles earlier. Two days later, on the way to the Passo di San Pellegrino, the Passo Fedaia had to be crossed as one of three mighty passes, which is considered to be one of the most difficult climbs in cycling.

The showdown took place on the closing weekend. On Saturday the Passo Gavia , which at 2,618 meters was the roof of the 89th edition, and the twelve kilometer long Mortirolo were passed. The final stage from Ghisallo to Milan followed on Sunday .

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stage Day Start finish km Stage winner shirt Maglia Rosa
1st stage May 6th Seraing ( BEL ) 6.2 ( EZF ) ItalyItaly Paolo Savoldelli ItalyItaly Paolo Savoldelli
2nd stage May 7th Mons (BEL) - Charleroi / Marcinelle (BEL) 200 AustraliaAustralia Robbie McEwen ItalyItaly Paolo Savoldelli
3rd stage 8th of May Perwez (BEL) - Namur (BEL) 205 GermanyGermany Stefan Schumacher GermanyGermany Stefan Schumacher
4th stage May 9 Bug (BEL) - Hotton (BEL) 193 AustraliaAustralia Robbie McEwen GermanyGermany Stefan Schumacher
Rest day
5th stage May 11th Piacenza - Cremona 35 ( MZF ) DenmarkDenmark Team CSC UkraineUkraine Serhiy Honchar
6th stage 12th of May Busseto - Forlì 231 AustraliaAustralia Robbie McEwen GermanyGermany Olaf Pollack
7th stage May 13th Cesena - Saltara 236 BelgiumBelgium Rik Verbrugghe UkraineUkraine Serhiy Honchar
8th stage May 14th Civitanova - Brands / Passo Lanciano 171 ItalyItaly Ivan Basso ItalyItaly Ivan Basso
9th stage May 15 Francavilla al Mare - Termoli 132 LithuaniaLithuania Tomas Vaitkus ItalyItaly Ivan Basso
10th stage May 16 Termoli - Peschici 190 ItalyItaly Franco Pellizotti ItalyItaly Ivan Basso
Rest day
11th stage May 18 Pontedera 50 (EZF) GermanyGermany Jan Ullrich ItalyItaly Ivan Basso
12th stage May 19th Livorno - Sestri Levante 169 SpainSpain Joan Horrach ItalyItaly Ivan Basso
13th stage May 20th Alessandria - La Thuile 216 ItalyItaly Leonardo Piepoli ItalyItaly Ivan Basso
14th stage May 21 Aosta - Domodossola 220 ColombiaColombia Luis Felipe Laverde ItalyItaly Ivan Basso
15th stage May 22 Mergozzo - Brescia 190 ItalyItaly Paolo Bettini ItalyItaly Ivan Basso
16th stage 23. May Rovato - Trenti / Monte Bondone 168 ItalyItaly Ivan Basso ItalyItaly Ivan Basso
17th stage May 24th Tramin - Kronplatz (Plan de Corones) 115 * ItalyItaly Leonardo Piepoli ItalyItaly Ivan Basso
18th stage 25. May Sillian ( AUT ) - Gemona del Friuli 207 GermanyGermany Stefan Schumacher ItalyItaly Ivan Basso
19th stage May 26 Pordenone - Passo di San Pellegrino 221 SpainSpain Juan Manuel Gárate ItalyItaly Ivan Basso
20th stage May 27th Trento - Aprica 211 ItalyItaly Ivan Basso ItalyItaly Ivan Basso
21st stage 28th of May Ghisallo - Milan 140 GermanyGermany Robert Forster ItalyItaly Ivan Basso

* Original length of 133 kilometers shortened due to snowfall on the Würzjoch and Kronplatz

Jerseys in the course of the tour

The table shows the wearer of the respective jersey during the individual stage or the leaders of the respective overall ranking on the evening of the previous day.

stage Pink jersey Purple leotard Green jersey Blue jersey Team evaluation
02nd stage Paolo Savoldelli Paolo Savoldelli Paolo Savoldelli Paolo Savoldelli Discovery Channel
03rd stage
04th stage Stefan Schumacher Stefan Schumacher Moisés Aldape
05th stage Robbie McEwen Sandy Casar
06th stage Serhiy Honchar T-Mobile team
07th stage Olaf Pollack
08th stage Serhiy Honchar Staf Scheirlinckx Discovery Channel
09th stage Ivan Basso Ivan Basso
10th stage
11th stage Liquigas-Bianchi
12th stage Discovery Channel
13th stage
14th stage Paolo Bettini
15th stage Fortunato Baliani Phonak Hearing Systems
16th stage
17th stage Ivan Basso
18th stage Ivan Basso
19th stage Paolo Bettini
20th stage Fortunato Baliani
21st stage Ivan Basso Juan Manuel Gárate
winner Paolo Bettini

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