Giro d'Italia 2005

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Final result after the 20th stage
winner Paolo Savoldelli 91:25:51 h
(37.855 km / h)
Second Gilberto Simoni + 0:28 min
Third José Rujano + 0:45 min
Fourth Danilo Di Luca + 2:42 min
fifth Juan Manuel Gárate + 3:11 min
Sixth Serhiy Honchar + 4:22 min
seventh Vladimir Karpez + 11:15 min
Eighth Pietro Caucchioli + 11:38 min
Ninth Marzio Bruseghin + 11:40 min
Tenth Emanuele Sella + 12:33 min
Scoring Paolo Bettini 162 P.
Second Alessandro Petacchi 154 P.
Third Danilo Di Luca 136 P.
Mountain scoring José Rujano 143 P.
Second Iván Parra 57 P.
Third Gilberto Simoni 45 p.
Team evaluation Liquigas-Bianchi 274: 42: 31 h
Second Crédit Agricole + 24:28 min
Third Lampre caffita + 28:21 min

The 88th Giro d'Italia took place from May 7th to 29th, 2005 . It consisted of a prologue and 20 stages with a total length of 3440 kilometers (3498 km were planned).

The prologue in Reggio Calabria was the shortest ever: it was only 1150 meters long and was won by Brett Lancaster with a margin of 29 hundredths of a second. The first half of the Giro was characterized by flat to slightly hilly stages. Paolo Bettini and Danilo di Luca fought an exciting duel for the Maglia Rosa ; only a few seconds separated the two.

After the 11th stage up to Zoldo Alto , Ivan Basso , the most-cited favorite for the Giro victory, was able to put himself at the top of the overall classification, but he was only 18 seconds ahead of Paolo Savoldelli . After the 13th stage, Savoldelli was back in front. Basso complained of a slight stomach ache and lost a little more than a minute. In the difficult 14th stage (including the Stilfser Joch ), Basso had a pitch-black day; the stomach ache had gotten worse. Basso lost no less than 42 minutes to the stage winner and fell far behind in the overall standings.

Due to bad weather in the Livigno region , the 15th stage had to be shortened from 205 to 147 kilometers. This also shortened the total distance from the originally planned 3498 kilometers to 3440 kilometers. In the meantime, Ivan Basso had recovered and won the mountain stage to Limone Piemonte and the individual time trial to Turin . Before the 19th stage everything seemed already decided: Savoldelli was 2:09 minutes ahead of Gilberto Simoni and 3:00 minutes ahead of José Rujano . On the climb up to Sestriere Savoldelli could not keep up with the two and fell back. In the end he saved a lead of 28 and 45 seconds respectively.


Giro d'Italia 2005
Overview of the stages
88th Giro d'Italia 2005: 10th stage, Ravenna - Rossano Veneto
stage Day Start finish km Stage winner shirt Maglia Rosa
prolog May 7th Reggio Calabria 1.15 ( EZF ) AustraliaAustralia Brett Lancaster AustraliaAustralia Brett Lancaster
1st stage 8th of May Reggio Calabria - Tropea 208 ItalyItaly Paolo Bettini ItalyItaly Paolo Bettini
2nd stage May 9 Catanzaro Lido - Santa Maria del Cedro 182 AustraliaAustralia Robbie McEwen AustraliaAustralia Robbie McEwen
3rd stage 10th of May Diamante - Giffoni Valle Piana 205 ItalyItaly Danilo di Luca ItalyItaly Paolo Bettini
4th stage May 11th Giffoni Valle Piana - Frosinone 211 ItalyItaly Luca Mazzanti ItalyItaly Paolo Bettini
5th stage 12th of May Celano - L'Aquila 223 ItalyItaly Danilo di Luca ItalyItaly Danilo di Luca
6th stage May 13th Viterbo - Marina di Grosseto 153 AustraliaAustralia Robbie McEwen ItalyItaly Paolo Bettini
7th stage May 14th Grosseto - Pistoia 211 SpainSpain Koldo Gil Perez ItalyItaly Danilo di Luca
8th stage May 15 Lamporecchio - Florence 45 (EZF) United StatesUnited States David Zabriskie ItalyItaly Danilo di Luca
9th stage May 16 Florence - Ravenna 139 ItalyItaly Alessandro Petacchi ItalyItaly Danilo di Luca
Rest day
10th stage May 18 Ravenna - Rossano Veneto 212 AustraliaAustralia Robbie McEwen ItalyItaly Danilo di Luca
11th stage May 19th Marostica - Zoldo Alto 150 ItalyItaly Paolo Savoldelli ItalyItaly Ivan Basso
12th stage May 20th Alleghe - Rovereto 178 ItalyItaly Alessandro Petacchi ItalyItaly Ivan Basso
13th stage May 21 Mezzocorona - Ortisei 218 ColombiaColombia Iván Parra ItalyItaly Paolo Savoldelli
14th stage May 22 Neumarkt - Livigno 210 ColombiaColombia Iván Parra ItalyItaly Paolo Savoldelli
15th stage 23. May Livigno - Lissone 147 * ItalyItaly Alessandro Petacchi ItalyItaly Paolo Savoldelli
Rest day
16th stage 25. May Lissone - Varazze 210 FranceFrance Christophe Le Mével ItalyItaly Paolo Savoldelli
17th stage May 26 Varazze - Limone Piemonte 194 ItalyItaly Ivan Basso ItalyItaly Paolo Savoldelli
18th stage May 27th Chieri - Turin 34 (EZF) ItalyItaly Ivan Basso ItalyItaly Paolo Savoldelli
19th stage 28th of May Savigliano - Sestriere 190 Venezuela 1954Venezuela José Rujano ItalyItaly Paolo Savoldelli
20th stage May 29th Albese con Cassano - Milan 119 ItalyItaly Alessandro Petacchi ItalyItaly Paolo Savoldelli

* Shortened due to bad weather, 205 kilometers were planned

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