Giro d'Italia 2007

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Giro 2007: finish in Milan
Final result after the 21st stage
winner Danilo Di Luca 92:59:39 h
(37.488 km / h)
Second Andy Schleck + 1:55 min
Third Eddy Mazzoleni + 2:25 min
Fourth Gilberto Simoni + 3:15 min
fifth Damiano Cunego + 3:49 min
Sixth Riccardo Riccò + 7:00 min
seventh Yevgeny Petrov + 8:34 min
Eighth Marzio Bruseghin + 10:14 min
Ninth Franco Pellizotti + 10:44 min
Tenth David Arroyo + 11:58 min
Scoring Alessandro Petacchi 185 p.
Second Danilo Di Luca 130 p.
Third Paolo Bettini 120 p.
Mountain scoring Leonardo Piepoli 79 P.
Second Fortunato Baliani 46 P.
Third Danilo Di Luca 45 p.
Young talent evaluation Andy Schleck 93:01:34 h
Second Riccardo Riccò + 5:05 min
Third Domenico Pozzovivo + 22:00 min
Team evaluation Saunier Duval-Prodir 278: 11: 31 h
Second Liquigas + 3:53 min
Third Lampre-Fondital + 6:06 min
Giro d'Italia 2007, overview of the stages

The 90th Giro d'Italia took place from May 12th to June 3rd 2007 . The bike race consisted of 21 stages with a total distance of 3,486.2 kilometers. The winner was the Italian Danilo Di Luca .

Race course

The tour started on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia with a team time trial and traditionally ended in Milan after the decision on overall victory was made in an individual time trial on Lake Garda near Verona on the penultimate stage .

After three stages, there was already the first day of rest before the climbers and favorites in the overall classification exchanged blows for the first time on the fourth stage, when the stage ended with a final ascent of over 17 kilometers. The next mountain arrival was on the tenth stage with a nine-kilometer final ascent, and the 15th and 17th stages also ended at a height of over 1,000 meters.

In between, the drivers made a detour to Briançon in France and Lienz in Austria .

The highlight of the Tour of Italy was the 13th stage with a 12.6 kilometer mountain time trial from Biella to Oropa . It was added to the program in honor of the late Giro and Tour de France winner Marco Pantani , who won the pink jersey in Oropa in 1999 , according to the Tuttosport newspaper a few weeks before the official presentation.

A mountain time trial to the Madonna del Ghisallo chapel was actually planned in 2006 , but due to differences with the UCI , the world cycling association , it was removed from the route.

In addition, the combination classification, which was only introduced last year and the leader of which has previously been awarded the blue jersey , has been replaced by the junior competition , the leader of which receives a white jersey.

22 teams took part in the Giro d'Italia. With the exception of , all ProTour teams were invited. In protest against the UCI ProTour , the organizer RCS-Sport disregarded the rules of the racing series, which guaranteed all 20 teams with ProTour licenses to start, and disregarded the Belgian-Swedish team. Wildcards went to the second-rate teams Tinkoff Credit Systems , Ceramiche Panaria and Acqua & Sapone .


As most recently at the Tour de France 2006 and the Vuelta a España 2006 , there was also a doping case at the Giro with the Basque Aketza Peña . After a positive result at the Giro del Trentino in April, which was published in the course of the third Giro week, the Euskaltel-Euskadi team excluded its driver from the race before the 17th stage and suspended him until further notice.

On June 14, 2007 it was announced that there were anomalies in three other cases. However, in all three cases it was a question of regular medication intake or natural values:

The asthma drug salbutamol was detected in the blood of the winner of the mountain classification Leonardo Piepoli and the winner of the points classification Alessandro Petacchi . Both of them had approval for the use of the anabolic effects-inducing agent. In addition, the blood values ​​of Iban Mayo showed abnormal values. An excessive testosterone level in the blood was detected there. However, it turned out that this had come about naturally.

The Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) nevertheless started investigations against Alessandro Petacchi, because a control found a value of 1320 nanograms per milliliter, but a limit value of 1000 nanograms is set for an exemption for the use of the asthma drug.

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stage Day Start finish km Stage winner shirt Maglia Rosa
1st stage 12th of May Caprera - La Maddalena 25.6 ( MZF ) ItalyItaly Liquigas ItalyItaly Enrico Gasparotto
2nd stage May 13th Tempio Pausania - Bosa 205 AustraliaAustralia Robbie McEwen ItalyItaly Danilo Di Luca
3rd stage May 14th Barumini - Cagliari 181 ItalyItaly Alessandro Petacchi ItalyItaly Enrico Gasparotto
Rest day
4th stage May 16 Salerno - Montevergine di Mercogliano 153 ItalyItaly Danilo Di Luca ItalyItaly Danilo Di Luca
5th stage 17th of May Teano - Frascati 173 GermanyGermany Robert Forster ItalyItaly Danilo Di Luca
6th stage May 18 Tivoli - Spoleto 177 ColombiaColombia Luis Felipe Laverde ItalyItaly Marco Pinotti
7th stage May 19th Spoleto - Scarperia 254 ItalyItaly Alessandro Petacchi ItalyItaly Marco Pinotti
8th stage May 20th Barberino di Mugello - Fiorano Modenese 200 NorwayNorway Kurt Asle Arvesen ItalyItaly Marco Pinotti
9th stage May 21 Reggio nell'Emilia - Lido di Camaiore 177 ItalyItaly Danilo Napolitano ItalyItaly Marco Pinotti
10th stage May 22 Lido di Camaiore - Santuario Nostra Signora della Guardia 250 ItalyItaly Leonardo Piepoli ItalyItaly Andrea Noè
11th stage 23. May Serravalle Scrivia - Pinerolo 198 ItalyItaly Alessandro Petacchi ItalyItaly Andrea Noè
12th stage May 24th Scalenghe - Briançon ( FRA ) 163 ItalyItaly Danilo Di Luca ItalyItaly Danilo Di Luca
13th stage 25. May Biella - Oropa 12.6 ( BZF ) ItalyItaly Marzio Bruseghin ItalyItaly Danilo Di Luca
14th stage May 26 Cantù - Bergamo 192 ItalyItaly Stefano Garzelli ItalyItaly Danilo Di Luca
15th stage May 27th Trento - Three Peaks 184 ItalyItaly Riccardo Riccò ItalyItaly Danilo Di Luca
Rest day
16th stage May 29th Agordo - Lienz ( AUT ) 189 ItalyItaly Stefano Garzelli ItalyItaly Danilo Di Luca
17th stage 30th May Lienz (AUT) - Monte Zoncolan 142 ItalyItaly Gilberto Simoni ItalyItaly Danilo Di Luca
18th stage 31. May Udine - giant Pio X 203 ItalyItaly Alessandro Petacchi ItalyItaly Danilo Di Luca
19th stage June 1st Treviso - Comano Terme 179 SpainSpain Iban Mayo ItalyItaly Danilo Di Luca
20th stage 2th of June Bardolino - Verona 43 ( EZF ) ItalyItaly Paolo Savoldelli ItalyItaly Danilo Di Luca
21st stage 3rd of June Vestone - Milan 185 ItalyItaly Alessandro Petacchi ItalyItaly Danilo Di Luca

Jerseys in the course of the tour

The table shows the wearer of the respective jersey during the individual stage or the leaders of the respective overall ranking on the evening of the previous day.

stage Overall rating
pink jersey
Scoring of the
cyclamen red jersey
Mountain classification
green jersey
Junior competition
white jersey
TV Garibaldi -
Score 1
Team evaluation
02nd stage Enrico Gasparotto not forgiven not forgiven Enrico Gasparotto not forgiven Liquigas
03rd stage Danilo Di Luca Robbie McEwen Pawel Gross Arnaud Labbe
04th stage Enrico Gasparotto Alessandro Petacchi
05th stage Danilo Di Luca Robbie McEwen Danilo Di Luca Vincenzo Nibali
06th stage Alessandro Petacchi
07th stage Marco Pinotti Luis Felipe Laverde Hubert Schwab Ceramiche Panaria
08th stage
09th stage Alexander Arekeev Lampre-Fondital
10th stage
11th stage Andrea Noè Danilo Di Luca Andy Schleck Mikhail Ignatiev
12th stage Mickaël Buffaz
13th stage Danilo Di Luca
14th stage
15th stage
16th stage Leonardo Piepoli Saunier Duval-Prodir
17th stage Ceramiche Panaria
18th stage Saunier Duval-Prodir
19th stage
20th stage
21st stage
winner Mikhail Ignatiev

1 The leader of the classification is not marked with a jersey.

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